A Gradual Affair With Soniya

It was a late summer evening and I had been busy trying to wrap up work at office. The eagerness was more with the anticipation of catching a glance of our new neighbor Soniya. They had moved recently to the same building and shared the same floor so but natural that my wife and I would extend a warm welcome to them and offer any help or support they need to settle in. Soniya (33) and Vivek (37 ish) had one daughter and were from Delhi, having recently moved to Mumbai for Vivek’s new job.

Soniya who was my primary focus looked petite and can pass for someone in her mid-twenties. She had a fulsome figure with well rounded ass and breasts worth drooling and staring at whole day long. She had this searching look and did not waver or feel shy in front of me which to me is a good sign. She spoke good Hindi and English and we all met the second evening at my place as they were invited over dinner.

While Vivek and I waited for dinner to be served, I came to know that he was in a big consulting firm that required significant travel overseas as well as in big cities in India. I on the other hand work with a multinational that would never send me anywhere.

Soon dinner was served and we all sat together. The conversation drifted to work and occupation and I told Soniya how I envied her husband who got see lot of cities and travel all over the world. It was a dream profession for someone like me who admired nature and new locales. She smiled and politely said that travel and all is fun for Vivek but not for her who has to manage everything and sit at home waiting for hubby dear to get back. My wife quickly joked that its good her husband travels as she can get peace of mind to which we all burst out laughing.

Well I did notice a tinge of loneliness with the travel topic and Vivek was uncomfortable speaking around that further so spoke about interests and movies and how I loved to go to the theatre for plays and stand-ups etc. Seems Soniya always wanted to watch plays but Vivek was least interested. Anyways cut a long story short, we mingled well and it was a nice evening that ended with a couple of nice drinks.

A few weeks later Vivek popped by and said he would be travelling to Germany and requested if we can help out Soniya in anything since this was a new place. I told him not to worry and we would keep an eye and heart out ensure Soniya is doing fine. The trip was for 2 weeks and Soniya met us couple of times.

She was coping well and asked if we are going for a play or anything in the weekend. I told her it was just me since my wife was not keen on an English play and looking at my wife she asked if she can come. Of course my wife said please go and I was smiling a yes. So off we went and saw a nice comedy that had Soniya laughing and having a fun time with me. I suggested we go get a quick drink before we head back home and surprisingly she agreed.

I took her to this lounge bar that played good music in Andheri and then after a few drinks suggested we head back. She kept insisting we have a one last one for the road and I reluctantly agreed. Well finally we left around midnight and I had to almost support her from falling while getting her into my car.

My driver enquired if I needed to pick up any food on the since he knew most drinking nights I ate at my favorite food rekdi.

On our way back, I had to fend off my wife calling me saying we were stuck in traffic. On my side Soniya was falling all over me saying I like you, I need you an all kinds of drunken mumbles. I asked my driver to head home quickly and made sure Soniya is comfortable without me getting comfortable as its just not my style to take advantage of someone who is drunk.


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