Incest Sex Stories

Stories involving bhabhi-devar, jiju-sali, brother-sister, mom-son etc. Tales of broken Indian Incest taboo..

Patience Is A Virtue – Part I HOT!

By varun On 2012-10-06 Tags: aunt, horny, hot

The early crushes all guys and girls develop and some maturing to physical relationships are common. What’s not common is the relationship of physical intimacy between family members.

Sex With Chithi In Summer HOT!

By pravin On 2012-10-06 Tags: cousin, horny, hot

I placed my hand over her belly and I found no reaction slowly and I moved my hands and felt her body over her saree den slowly placed my hand on her bood and started to feel in wen kept hand her belly hole she suddenly.

My Aunt My Dream

By manoj On 2012-10-03 Tags: aunt, incest, son

There was no one else there and I felt something fishy in her total behavior. She stood in front of him for the measurement. He asked her to remove the pallu of the saree.

Horny Sonam Aunty

By paapi On 2012-10-01 Tags: aunt, horny, hot

It's a tale of passionate sex between a matured Punjabi lady and young 20 year old lad on coming back to his hometown, he encounters a beautiful 45 year old lady and falls for her magic.

Day With My Horny Cousin

By sam On 2012-10-01 Tags: cousin, horny, hot

I was looking at it and she caught me by looking at me then I said sorry after eating ice cream she came near me and asked a big doubt which was too difficult.

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