Incest Sex Stories

Stories involving bhabhi-devar, jiju-sali, brother-sister, mom-son etc. Tales of broken Indian Incest taboo..

My MIL – My Wife – Part II HOT!

By david On 2013-07-11 Tags: incest, MIL

I withdrew the hand from her panty and started cupping and squeezing both her boobs, it was firm for her age and had a lovely shape. It was a little saggy but that sag was simply too good, it only was even sexier. I removed her bra and felt the nacked boobs and started nibbling her tits, piched and turned them like radio nobs and she all the time was moaning

MIL In Daughter’s Shoe HOT!

By prakash patel On 2013-07-10 Tags: MIL, secretary

Prakash married to his teen secretary. Her beautiful mother who takes care of the house and man of the house after departure of her daughter falls in real love with Prakash, who was missing his beloved life. Read, how GOD make a perfect new family.

Bonded My Intoxicated Aunty And Went Wild

By soberaswan On 2013-07-08 Tags: aunty

I just got hold of her from behind and pressed my hard dick int her asscrack. She was shocked and said, Dinesh what are you doing leave me alone.I picked her up and took her to the room.All the while she was struggling to get out of my hands.

My Wierd Experience

By riasharma On 2013-07-08 Tags:

After hearing this I thought that I could feed Aravindo as he was dying soon and was all alone throughout his life. But later i thought that it was not right to feed anyone like that. So I said no. later Aravindo also started to plead me to feed him.

My Best Experience HOT!

By riasharma On 2013-07-08 Tags:

Vinod said for your age you are tight, he started pumping me for quite some time after a few minutes I stopped sucking Anand, Vinod and Anand were on a high, they said they have never seen a lady of my age who had a well mainted figure and a tight pussy.

Bang With My Cousin Suganya

By vinoth On 2013-07-06 Tags:

I got aroused. We went in. She gave tea. She felt really shy. She dint face my face. She didnt even utter a word. Suddenly i gotup and hold her hand. Went inside their bedroom

Aunt Wants Anal Sex

By dipu On 2013-07-05 Tags: anal, choot

Then I took courage and asked her would you like to have them both ? She told me that she is starving for sex and that she noticed me when we had gone outing that I was staring at her waist and how i tried touching her boobs and ass and without any hesitant she told me fuck me just the way that guy fucked her in that porn movie that you have in your mobile

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