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By : Sachin

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Hi iss readers this is my 1st time writing this story my self Sachin from Goa I am 5ft tall with 6 Inch cock this a story about breaking the seal of my 18Yrs cousin sister who stays in flat her name is Sneha ,she is small in figure and is going to school this incident Happened when Snehas exams were over & she came to our place to use computer and sometimes i used to watch her because she was not good in operating pc and sometimes

I was watching tv which was in other room (i was thinking about her and masturbating past 2 yrs at wanted to Fuck her hard) this was the time to plan something to seduce her one day every one had gone out at i was alone at home waiting for sneha to come i had stored blue films in my pc and cell and watching tv and the door bell rang at 3:30pm it was sneha and she came in and switch on the pc and i was sleeping on bed behind her -just acting like i was asleep and watching her while

Browsing some folders she came across this XXX Folder and she opened one of the movie & she was shocked to see the film her heart was beating faster and she looked behind whether i was watching her & she continued to watch because nobody was there to stop her after few minutes i got up & she asked me about this movie because she didnt know anything about sex

I told her that it can be filled and cannot be explaine and i went inside and took small amount of vodka and mixed with water and gave sneha and told her to drink and i will show some more good porn and she drank vodka for the 1st time -she rejected to drink but i forced her after that she was filling dizzy and wanted to urinate and i took her in my arms and kept her on bed (she was not in a codition to know what i was doing)

I removed her pant slowly her thighs were pink and i removed her white colour panty and i was mad looking her small virgin pusy than i took a bottle and told her to pee in the bottle she set on bed to do & i holded the bottle for her she threw some urine on my hand because she was not concious after that i removed my clothes and got necked in front of her and made her necked also and told her to suck my cock she was not willing to do so i licked her vagina and made her to suck my cock i made my cock in and out of her mouth and

After 5min i cummed in her mouth and she was forced to drank the whole sperm and after that i spreaded her legs i inserted my cock in her pusy and at the same time i kissed her mouth her pusy was tight so my cock got stuck at the entrance i kissed and locked her mouth because she will scream and i forced my cock and it went in and her pusy was tight and tears came from her eyes i removed my cock and it was covere with blood and blood was flowing out from her vagina to

Bed i was wanting to fuck her hard so i inserted mycock inside her immediatly she started screaming but i didnt stop and increased my speed of fucking  and she was crying but after many stocks she stopped crying and started enjoying the Fuck after 10min i loaded big loads of sperm into her pusy and removed my cock she told me she want water so i gave her the bottle of urine to drink (Her own urine) and forced her to empty the bottle in her stomach after that i wanted to Fuck her ass so i kept her in doggy style her asshole was too small for my thick cock so

I inserted the bottle in her ass to widen it than i tried to insert my cock but it was too hard to go in i applied more force than finally it was in and Sneha was crying very badly because of pain the blood drops falled on bed and was all over my down part of body the blood was flowing heavily because her ass was ripped and torned i started enjoying and cummed in her ass in 2min because it was tight i was not satisfied fucking her but

I was tired because of small ass and pusy hole and wanted to fuck her some other time so i dressed her and made her sleep and cleaned the place after she got up at 9:00Pm she was unable to walk so i took her to lady doctor who is good friend of mind because i fucked her in her clinic 1yr before(i will tell this story in my next session) she examined snehas pusy and ass and applied some medicine on it and gave some tablets and we went home and now she is my secret Fucking machine because i fuck her wen we get chance so send me your views regarding this story on [email protected]

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