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Hi friends this is Rahul here again I hope you would have like my previous story which encourage me to tell the real incident which happened to me few months back. as I said the previous time that I work in a company in Bangalore as a wealth management advisor so I used to travel a lot once I got a call from a teacher of reputated school in the city for he had to do his investment I went to school to meet him and as I entered the school my veins started pumping hard as it was only girls school and there were around thousands of student as it was lunch time and all in small skirt revealing most part of there lower body I was not able to control my feelings but some how I controlled my self and went to meet the teacher. after some half hour meeting the teacher called a girl by name Bhanu as she entered my god I lost all my mind she was about 5 feet 5 tall fair color about 30 sized breast which was not usual at this age and which was moving up and down as she was coming in I think she had not word bra inside short skirt above her knee her thighs were amazing he asked her to get the cheque kept in the cup board as she did it he signed and gave it to me but I was busy in watching the girl. she noticed that and went out giving me a nice smile I was very much happy by that and next few days I went near her school during the time when school bell rang for the day stand near the gate on my bike she used to come out with her friends slowly hiding her eyes from her friends she used to give me a smile this went on for few days.

One day I just dropped a paper on her way which she noticed and picked it up there was my cell number written on that and I went back home for few days I did not go near her school but was eagerly waiting for her call one Saturday afternoon I received the msg saying hi this Bhanu this in my number you can msg me on this but please don’t call me I was really happy by this.

Slowly s started msg good night msg and we started chatting late nights which slowly turned in to got chats like what’s she is wearing and slowly sex chats began like let me kiss you she removing her dress and sleeping naked and me chatting and masturbating this continued for weeks . one fine Saturday she msg me that she wanted to meet me and said can I visit her house I was really happy as she said no one at house all have gone to attend marriage in Delhi I was very happy and bought some packets of condoms and went to her house I reached her house in 45 min time rang the bell she opened the door god she was looking gorgeous in white shirt and a very short skirt which was struggling to even cover her thighs.

I went inside and she locked the door I sat on sofa she got me a can of PEPSI and sat next to me we were silent for few min she broke the silence and said I want to show you something and took me to her room she opened her cupboard where she had hung her panties and slip which she wears and saying that this are my collections as she was doing that I slowly moved my hands beneath her skirt and pressed her ass she turned back and gave a nice smile.

I could not control my self and just turned her back and started kissing her lips and pressing her ass with both my hands after few min of kiss where we enjoyed exchanging our saliva’s she moved a bit and asked me to sit on bed I sat I pulled her near me raised her shirt a bit and started sucking her navel and rubbing her ass she was getting excited and rubbing my hairs. I slowly removed her skirts and now she was in pink panties I just kissed her lower part on her panties and smelled it god the smell was great now I removed her shirt she was in a slip and panty she removed my shirt and pant and made in only in jockey I pulled her on bed and made her to sleep as her back on bed and slowly started her kissing.

Now I removed her slips and god she had really nice pair of breast with pink nipples started sucking it she started moaning like ah s ah and I moved my one hand in her panties and started rubbing it was wet as she had already cum now I removed her panties and started sucking it separated her vagina and sucking it she started pressing my head. and moaning like yes ah suck it ah s so oh ah now I took out the condom she was surprised and asked her to put it on my penis she did it and slept back spreading her legs she just put some newspaper I asked why she said this her first time and there might be some blood I just inserted my tool a bit she screamed ah slowly its paining I just waited for min and inserted slowly she just jerked her body up and fell down I slept on her she gently said that common baby show me you are animal fuck me .

I gently started pushing in and out she was moaning ah common ah yes s ah god fuck me harder ah god common I was increasing my speed and after few min I gave a hard short she screamed ah mummy ah and for few min it was silence all around I slept on her with my took inside her pussy. After few min we started again that day we had sex for 4 times any girls or aunt in the city wanting hard sex or pleasure please mail me on [email protected]

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