Sex In My Paying Guest

hello friends this is a real story i am going to tel u about my first sex with pg aunty’s grand daughter.Before entering the main content i would like to introduce myself,my name is manoj i am an engineering student and have completed my studies this year ..i am 22yrs old..when i first came to Bangalore i was searching for a room but could not find a room so one of my fathers friend in bang gave us the address of a paying guest…the paying guest had already 5 members and i was the last member to join… for two years our pg was owned by an old man later he left.. and our pg was continued by an aunty who was 56yrs old…she was a good women always busy with catering…. A month after joining our pg..her daughter divorced her husband,her daughter along with her husband was staying in Hassan its a place in karnataka..then after their divorce our aunt’s daughter got a job in mumbai she moved to that place.. her daughter sandya was left alone in hassan along with her our aunty brought(grand daughter) her to our pg ..she was in 7th std and had matured a week ago.. when for the first time i saw her ..i was just excited she was beautiful with dark black hairs,small nose,sexy back,and tiny boobs in all i can say that she was a hot gal..i used to always stare at her when she came from the school.. she also stared at me.but when her granna was around she used to behave like a very decent girl.

one day i had work at my college so i could not come for the lunch at 1pm,that day no one was at home…only the servant women who only washes clothes and leaves home, was present i went and asked that women about aunty ..she told me that she had gone out for an catering…and all other guys in pg had gone to the class..i helped myself to hav my afternoon lunch the time was exactly 3pm. when i was washing my plate i heard some sound from our pg aunty room.. i new sandya(grand daughter) must be at home as she don’t have classes in the afternoon.i was close to her door.. the door was slightly my surprise i saw that sandya was with a girl ,who was her classmate and stays in a nearby colony. sandya was telling her to kiss her pussy.. i could see her pussy clearly with very few hairs on it.. the girl was licking her pussy and sandya was in a great pleasure..suddenly i heard sound from inside so i ran to the main door .aunty had returned…i went to my room and shagged..i could not get away with this incident..for a week i tried to forget it but could not as it was my first live show..

Two weeks later in the afternoon i was in my room ..sleeping after finishing my class..suddenly pg aunty called me and told me to stay in hall as she was going out and shall return at 5 .the time was 2.30.i was watching tv some cricket match.. sandya came out from her room ..and sat beside me she was far away.. she spoke to me and said that she wanted my laptop..for playing games.. i agreed to her.. at that time there was no one in the pg..i told her to sit in the room just beside the hall,as there was no slot for my laptop adapter she agreed..after a minute she called me and said that she don’t know to play the that moment i was paused i recalled the previous incident..then i went to her said that i will open and give another game ,she agreed for that i purposely opened a blue film.. she just closed her eyes. and told me close it.. i asked why ,don’t you want to know how children are born…she said ya but this was something else..i told her she shall feel good after some time ,i again started that xxx movie.. she was quietly watching.. i slowly put my hands on her thigh,she looked at me and with a smile on her face watched the movie…then slowly she took my hand towards her pussy..i felt the warmth.. she slowly gathered momentum and started to feel the heat..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh..then i told her to remove her pant.. she was virgin,with very small lower lips… it was clean but smelling like anything .. at that moment i was completely out of control licked her pussy she was just enjoying and producing sounds like aaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr jjjjjjjjjj oooooooooo rrrrrrrreeee about 5 minutes she had an orgasm.. now it was my turn to relax i told her to suck my 15cm long and 14.5cm diameter dick ..i keep it clean and shaved .. i placed it on her hand she told that i smells can she take it in her mouth ..i told her that once u start u will feel no smell..she took my fat dick in her mouth and started sucking it like in porn movie which was running in my laptop.. then i cummed in her mouth after 10 min . she spitted that cum and ran to wash her mouth..she was not yet satisfied.. she returned and told that lets try something else and have pleasure.. i showed her the fucking scene.. she agreed..but we both were i slowly put my dick in her vagina. it was not going in. only 2cm of it was inside her pussy..she told to push it further in but,it was painful for me as my skin was not moving back…i just closed my eye and pushed it hard into her pussy ..she was bleeding.. but after that the excitement started..the blood helped as a lubricator and i fucked her for about 10 min.. then i finally cummed…it was enough for both of us.. then she cleaned herself before her granny comes to pg.. after that i didn’t get any chance to fuck her i have completed my BE ,so i left that pg in my native… always recalling my first sex.. any girl eager for sex can mail me at [email protected] can call u and have great enjoyment..hope everyone enjoyed my real life story..

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