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You might have read my first experience ‘My Bully Girl’. It was not only my introduction to sex but also to masturbation. The Punjabi girl had shown me the pleasures of self help and I have dedicated each masturbation to her name, ever since. My earlier story (experience rather) will not be explicit in terms of female anatomy or the act in itself, since my knowledge on both were limited or lack of it at that point of time. Everything was done in a hushed manner with the fear of getting caught.

Now I share with you my next experience which made me feel grown up. Till that time, I used to worry about my physical growth, no hairs on the lions and mustache. The boys of my age had started growing and they have shared their secrets about masturbation. The climax with fluid secretion was the one thing which worried me. I use to get jolts of pleasure and throbbing of penis, but the fluid never came out. I had dark fears in the corner of my mind and was worried that I cannot satisfy a girl.

My next few years passed without any encounters with girls, but I was missing the Punjabi lass. I used to jerk off thinking of her and other females (teachers, class mates, friends, aunts etc.). I had a crush on one of my neighbor who volunteered to teach me math. I used to stare at her breasts visible through the cleavage of the nighty. I wanted to touch them and feel them but did not have courage to proceed. I used to wonder how her milk will taste (remember my knowledge was very weak and I was under the impression that all breasts will produce milk)

During the vacation, I was sent off to my aunt’s place. My uncle was in air force and he was put up in a huge quarters. There I met my cousin’s cousin, Pushpa (not her real name). She was in to college and was not beautiful but had very good figure. She was a little on the fatter side. She was fair. She was conscious of her figure. She used to spend time in front of the mirror and wear fancy clothes. She used to wear low skirts, chudidars, jeans and t-shirts sometimes. These were considered mod in those days.

My aunt entrusted her the task of taking me to the club, library and to introduce me to her friends. I easily passed for their younger brother and they mingled with me well. I was given an independent room in a portion which is separated from the main house. I never slept alone and I was afraid. The room had many windows and the breeze used to make them flutter and this terrified me. Once, I ran to the main portion and straight in to Pushpa’s room. She used to sleep with her grandmother.

She saw my plight and asked me what happened. I told her and she laughed at me. She came to my room, tugged herself in to my bed and started telling weird stories, and soon I was asleep. This continued for some days and one night Pushpa had some homework and she was at the study table. She had the table light on and switched off the main lights. She was wearing a skirt and a shirt. The top button was open and from the angle she was seated, I could see her right breast. It was visible almost to the nipple. The rising and falling due to her breathing made it even more sexy.

The lamp light was illuminating it. I got excited and started squeezing my crotch over the knickers. It started to grow and I unbuttoned it and slid the knickers down my knees. The sheets were over it. I started masturbating. As the heat built up, I increased the rhythm and this became noticeable. I could not hold on and disregarding her presence, I started shaking, throbbing and moaning with pleasure. She looked at me puzzled and realized what I am up to and suddenly pulled up the sheets.

I was naked from my waist down and my t-shirt pulled up. My stick was throbbing and was there for her to see. She asked me since when I am in to this. I told her and begged her not to tell anyone. She said ok but on one condition, I have to do it once more in front of her. I said I am tired. She did not listen to that and sat next to me she took my limp penis in her hand and pulled down the foreskin.

She studied the head for a while and started pulling it up and down in a slow motion. Strange feelings passed through me and the dick started growing again. I was surprised, since this never happened to me before, that is I will always end up finished after the first jerk. After a while, I started shaking and my tool throbbed once again. I felt tired. She asked me is that all, why there is no fluid? I told her it is like that.

From that day, she started getting close to me and asking questions about herself. ‘Am I beautiful?’ ‘How do I look now’ etc… One night she asked me to undress completely. I did so. She ran her hand over my soft body and my dick started to grow. She masturbated me and watched me throb in her hands. She then removed her shirt and took my hand and placed it on her breast. The breast was big and hard. She had hard black nipples. I squeezed them with my nimble fingers and she sighed.

She took my other hand and placed it on the other breast. I took the cue and started pressing both of them. She started moaning and removed her skirt and revealing her thighs. She was not wearing anything down. She took my hand and placed it on her pussy. I felt a jolt when I touched her pubic hair. She had a thick patch, whereas my lions were smooth as a marble. I started rubbing that mound and loved it. She was moaning and asked me to insert my finger in it. I wanted to see her pussy in details.

I said this to her. She came to the edge of the bed and spread her legs in a V shape. I took the table lamp and directed it on her pussy. She spread her pussy lips. It was red in color and shiny with fuids. I put a finger in and it was hot and wet. I stroked in and out with a slurp sound. I removed the finger and put it in my mouth. The taste was good. I moved over to her top while continuing the stroking with my finger and started to suck the breast. I was surprised to find no milk and asked her. She laughed and explained it to me that only new mothers have milk. It was a reality that struck me.

My eyes fell on her arm pits and a few strands of hair jutting out. This aroused me and I started kissing and licking with my saliva. From that day I developed a special kink for that, I did the same on the other side. She was in to frenzy and asked me not to stop. I wet kissed her breasts and down to her navel and wishing to kiss her pubic hair, I went further south. I said I wanted to see her cunt. She went to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide in a V shape. I took the table light and focused it on her cunt. I knelt on the floor, between her legs.

She spread the lips for me and I could see her cunt, red in color and was oozing with liquid with a nice smell. I planted a kiss there and she raised her hips in pleasure and shouting at me not to stop. The musky smell with sweat and essence was too good to come out of that. I buried my mouth in it and started slurping it like an ice cream.

She started fingering on the top portion of her cunt and shake it vigorously. She started gyrating. The wet sound, her moaning and wriggling was too much for me. She asked me to put my mouth where her finger was. She parted the lips further, to help me and told me about clitoris. I lick it and then nibbled it. She was violent in motion and screams and all the while pushing and pulling my head to control the rhythm.

She asked me to put my dick on to hers because she cannot stand any longer. I went on top of her, between her spread legs and inserted my dick in to her. It went like a knife in the butter. Her lubricated cunt just glided my tool and it felt like heaven. She also expressed her pleasure by raising her hips to accommodate more of my dick. She took the initiative of the motion since I was in an elated state of bliss.

Everything happened like a fairy tale and it was sheer pleasure everywhere. My dick throbbed and I shuddered she went ahead with her motion with more vigor and I could not take it any longer. Although it was painful, I slowly went in to a second pulsating climax. But the sight of her climax, shouts, moans and violent wriggling made me excited. She panted and gasped. She hugged me and kissed me as if to pull the life out of my mouth.

We continued this for many days but still my pleasure was limited to throbs and shudders. She too was confident that she will never get pregnant. One day, she was giving me a jerk off and suddenly put it in her mouth. She licked the tip and started sucking my thing and at the same time moving the fore skin up and down. She licked the tip with her tongue. I was on heaven as this was the first blowjob. She continued doing that and asked me how I felt. I said it feels good and asked her not to stop.

She continued and suddenly she placed a hand on my balls and started fondling them. This was not anticipated and was too much for me and I immediately shouted and shuddered and to my surprise a tiny drop of transparent liquid oozed out of the tip. I was elated and felt like a man. But since then she was careful with me and we never had direct sex. She played with my dick and I sucked her breasts and licked her armpits and cunt, till she climaxed. She used to rub her pelvis against my crotch, with clothes on and climax. This continued till I returned back to mysore.

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