I am an 18 old midget boy but looking like a four old baby
due to health problems I went to school at age of 11.

My name is Clint. My parents decided to put me in tuition so I come up
with education standards with my age. I was in fourth class when I turned 18 my
teacher was a 28 old woman and had a two old baby boy. Her name was ushering.
She ran a babysitter during day time and in evening she took classes from LKG
to fifth standard. After schooling I went to teacher’s house and
she wore a sari sometimes her pall came off from its place I saw her boobs.

I decided to act like a baby and I used to shave face and penis area every day.

One day I went to Usha’s play home which ran by her. I was playing
with boy babies at her play house and one of boy babies peed in his
pants. Usha noticed it and she took that baby to bath room I also accompanied
her. She removed baby’s pants and diaper. She kissed baby’s penis and cleaned
it she applied baby powder on baby’s penis and put a new diaper on baby. She
told that diapers comes in many sizes and she showed me one diaper for me
in case you needed. I said no On that day I planned to act like
that baby.
Next day usha asked me to come to her play house. Just before reaching the play
house and I put some water on my shorts so usha thinks I peed.

On that day she
wore a red sari and red blouse. When I reached the house play and usha was
teaching babies. Usha saw wetness on my short and she said “ did you pee in
your shorts baby” I started to cry. Usha said “ today I will change your pants
and put a new diaper on you.” I said please don’t tell my parents about
it. Usha said “ok” she bend down and her milky boobs exposed to my view.
Usha carried me by her arm while my body was touching her silky smooth skin. I
was in heaven but I decided to control. Usha put me on bed in bathroom and
closed the door.

She took diaper and came closer to me. I said “I will
change”. Usha said “you are not a big man still you are a small baby”. Usha
removed shorts and underwear. She gave a kiss on my penis. Usha said “ you are
really baby because your penis size is like baby’s penis. Usha took baby powder
and applied on my penis. Usha took a diaper and put on me. I was in heaven
while usha was doing all those things. I asked usha for a pant to wear.
Usha said “ you are a small baby and baby boys can be without pants”

After that Usha carried me to main room and put me down and usha said “play and
enjoy”. In the evening usha got a call from my father and asking her to drop me
at my house. Usha accepted the request. Usha said ‘ today I will drop you at
your house”. After shutting her play house and Usha carried me and put on a
bike. I said “ I have a big problem” usha asked “what” I said “ I need
something to hold on bike as support.” Usha said “ you can hold my stomach as
you are not a big man. I was sitting on a bike and usha sat on the bike and
took my hands and place them on her stomach. Usha said “please held my stomach.
I placed my hands on her bare navel. I enjoyed it. Soon my house came and Usha
helped me to get down from the bike and she gave a kiss on my face. I enjoyed

Next day my parents wanted to go to native village and they decided that I
would be staying at USHA house. Next day my mother and I went to Usha’s house
and my mom asked Usha to take care of me for a week. Usha said I will take
care of him no problems he is like a

Next week my parents left for village and I went to usha house. Usha said my
husband and baby went to village so you and I would be staying at this place.
Usha asked me about my waist size. I asked her why. Usha said “ I can buy
diapers for you” I said ‘no need of it I can control” Usha said “ on that day
you have peed” Usha took my waist size and went to baby store to buy diapers
for me. She came back with diapers. Usha called me for checking diapers. She
carried me to bed room and closed door of bed room. She put me down on
the bed. She took a diaper and she came close to me. Usha saw my penis and gave
a kiss on my penis. She said “ you are not a man.” As night came on that day I
asked usha I wanted to sleep. Usha said you will sleep with me”

What did you think of this story??


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