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Hi, guys n gals m Ravi Pamar 4m Mumbai direct to story which doesn’t has end-Ma Parents n we both siblings (me24yrs n ma sis Anju now 19yrs[32.26.30]) it was the 31.12.005 n next day was new year me as a friend ask ma sis do you’ve BF she said yes , is he loving truly she said yes. n next day early morning she was going to go with him to temple so she said m going to sleep.

I said u go then when I came in bed room I saw she was in deep sleep n ma parents too at moment I thought y should I leave a virgin too other. so at mid night I again checked that she is in deep sleep(as she was tiered ) as a wild wolf I sprang on her waist pulled her 3/4 till knee and started licking her cunt it smell so nice and ma luck it was wet that day I did finger fucking n after 3 months ma parents got to know about her

Boyfriend they scolded her an that guy as an innocent gal she left all dat. after her SSC she secured admission in Jr college again 1 afternoon when she slept I took chance and made naked from waist n started licking her cunt n pressing boobs she was giving response 2 it so I took 2 test tube [as a sci student we need it 4 practical’s]and inserted in her ass hole as well as cunt hole at a same time has she was wet from down it both went half of last finger know

I saw expression which I think she didn’t like so i removed it n went back to sleep last year 5th may ma parents went on job early morning n we both were at home I said Anju for bath n I did cleaning of house after her bath she said to close inter connecting door of bed room n hall has she said I closed the door n hide myself behind washing machine. Anju thought that m in hall so she came out with watering body wrap towel to her waist her back was awesome I say.

I took off ma Bermuda n underwear n started pumping then I saw she was taking panty from cupboard I saw her cunt as soon as she put off towel to wear panty I saw her naked which made me wild n sprang on her she screamed in slow voice n smiled by ma expressions of fear then I said m not going to rape you she said then y r u naked what r u planning with me etc, I said dear u r too cute sexy awesome n want to see u naked n lick your watering body.

She denied 1st after much explanation she agreed. I said her to join me in bath room she said ill get cold if I bath again I said dear please do it 1st and last time she agreed n joined me in bathroom I applied soap all over her body n made her to do same with me she did as I said then made her sleep facing her boobs to me and started rubbing hard to her cunt now she started screaming stop pls

I saw her cunt was red n without letting her know I kept ma dick on her cunt n kissed her lips and gave a strong jerk as soon as i gave jerk her tears came out but she was speechless coz I locked her lips she tried to pull me off but she didn’t able to do so [here v both lost virginity] we were bleeding from down n cum in her cunt. She said how can u do so with your sis. I said u dear I was out of control n e1 u too. she cried a lot and for ma luck ma parents called and said they went to ma relative home at virar n said they r coming 2days later. so that

I made her calm washed her n dried her by towel i saw her hymen was bold I just rubbed a towel over it she denied. I said her pls let me rub it or it will hurt u more she agreed’ while rubbing i inserted middle finger in her pussy her eye pop out again an said no but a wild wolf can’t leave any 1 like that so started inserting faster she got hot in 5 min; n started screaming ha ah ahhhhh oooo hhuuuu as soon she got wet

I kept her 1 leg on kitchen Ota{were burner is kept] hold her neck by 1 hand and her pulled her two hands back n stared licking pussy n as ma dick got hard i fucked her ass hole n pussy that day from morning 10am to 5.30pm I was fucking her she was tiered by long fucking course i gave her tea and something to eat and said her i ill be back till dinner coming i ll bring Chinese to eat she said ok as i said

I brought Chinese she was sitting no sofa watching TV in hall. I gave her 1 plate full rice n took other and gave her limca [which was 55% vodka] she ate as she was hungry from 1 week n drank whole 500ml limca. i went too wash plates which v used n coming back i saw she saw slept. I placed her on sofa n started Watching TV at 1am i took ma cloths off an of Anju and spread her legs wide n slept on her that night i fucked her again.

Next morning she said Ravi m having pain down here. I said her to show me as she showed i licked her again she said at least stop 2day’ I said I can’t control. I started my house cleaning n she went for bath but this time she called me in bathroom and said did u fuck me at night as honest guy I said yes n sorry she said don’t look like n said that today m not letting u out without fucking me till m satisfied I was shocked 1st then ma heart started dancing – now ma little sis

Anju was like Rand bathing I started fucking her till evening. I gave her pleasure of 7th heaven. than at night again v had something. Next day ma parents [n asked us did u both fought]came v smiled at other and said nothing .E1 now ma sis get mood of getting fucked she sleeps beside me at night an

I put ma dick in her cunt n fuck her hard n cum too in it n keep ma dick as it is.

at raksha bandhan n bhaiduj v smile n murmur that meri randi sis kon teri chot ko chodta hey mere alava wo dekta hu aur wo [mere bhai ki umar lambi rako aur har rat humari raat kushi se ajye] ab muje tension reheta hey ki aur 4 saal baad uski shadi hogi tab mera kya ho ga. ye baat mene use kaha bhi to boli tab ki tab dekenge ab hun must chodai karenge aur tab bhi kabi kabi hum karenge sex.

I said Ok Anju meri Randi Bhehen today 3.6.10 she went to 1of ma relatives home with my parents for god’s Puja while going she said when v come back v three ll be tired n sleep as soon as v reach. so u be ready for sex at midnight you’ve to be awake till I’m awaked kkkkk I said ok Sis apki chut ka hukum mere lund par

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