Lust And Love

Hi my name is Leena Chookshi and I am from Bombay and this is my sex story. I am a college girl 21 Yrs old. 5.10″ tall, fair skin, black eyes and black hair and my stats 36 D 28 34. One morning Raj my class mate calls me and says he was sick and could not attend the class if I can give him my notes. He stays close to my house so I agreed and reached his place and spoke to him for a while and gave him my notes.

I got up to leave he held my hand and pulled me towards him I was not expecting this and totally lost my balance. I was on top of him in his bed and he turned around putting his body over mine and held my hands tight. I try to fight him and ask him to leave me but he does not listen instead he hardens his grip on my hands. He sits on my stomach and pulls my right hand and handcuffs it to the bed pole on the right and with all his power does the same to my left hand on the left.

I was handcuffed on either side of the bed and helpless on that bed. I start to scream for help and he slaps me hard on my face asking me to stop screaming. I continue to scream for help and he slaps me hard on my face again this time even harder and nonstop 5 – 6 slaps across my face. I get scared of him as he was hurting me so I ask him nicely please let me go don’t do this please but even that did not work on him. He removes hi s t shirt starts to remove his jeans and I continue to beg him to let me go.

His intentions were clear to me now and all I wanted to do his run away from his house but this was not possible has my hands were tied and he was home alone. He is in his underwear now and I turn my face away in disgust and continue to beg for his mercy and let me go. He goes for my jeans and start to unbutton it and I increase the pace of my rebel but with my hands were tied and Raj was applying all his power and he undoes my jeans zip too.

I start to cry but he was in no mood to let this chance slip and started to pull down my jeans from my waist slowly. He could see my milky white thighs and pulled my jeans down till my knees. I hold my knees closed to each other trying to grip m jeans between my leg but he pulls them off in 1 go and he could see my bare legs. He sits on my thighs this time so I can’t even move much and starts to pull my t shirt up and he could see my navel and he starts to lick my belly.

I continue to ask him to stop and let me go but he was not bothered at all. He lifts my t shirt more until he could see my bra and pulls my t shirt up and tucks it behind my neck. My breasts and cleavage is exposed over my bra. He gets excited looking at my breasts and pulls my bra towards him but it was hard to pull it off so he puts in extra effort and tears my bra from the front and pushes the bra cups on the side and start squeezing my breasts. I cry out again and tears start to roll down my cheeks.

He starts to lick my breasts and suck my nipples and leaves love bites on my breasts. Slowly he moves up and holds my face hard with one hand and squeezes my jaws to open my mouth and kisses my lips. I beg him to let me go and he continued to use me on his bed. He started to pinch my nipples till they were erect and red. He notices that my g strings were wet and pulls the strap of my g string from the front and starts to peel it off my body slowly.

He starts to go down and the gush oh air touches my wet pussy giving a cold feeling on my pussy slowly he peels off my g strings off me too. I was so embarrassed to be naked and wet in front of a stranger that I close my eyes in disgust. He brings something from his drawer and I notice it’s an injection. I start to scream for help again and shot don’t use that don’t drug me please don’t but he pokes the needle in my hand and inserts the liquid into my body.

I had no idea what that was it was a date drug it would arouse a woman and urge her to have sex with anyone around. The injection seemed a very strong dose as he un cuffed both my hands and I did not feel like putting on my clothes. Raj knew that the drug was working now and he did not have to do anything else now. He was just lying down on d bed. I get aroused looking at the bulge on his underwear and start to massage his dick over his underwear.

I could feel his hard and thick dick in my tiny soft hands and slowly start to pull down his underwear. The size of his dick kept growing more and more and then suddenly popped up out of his underwear and I pulled off his underwear completely from him. I grip his big dick in my soft and tiny hands and grip them and slowly stroke his dick in my hands. I see he was excited with the grip of his dick in my hands and I start to roll my tongue on his dick head, making it wet slowly.

I start taking his dick in my mouth and continued to put saliva on his dick. I turn around and lye on him in 69 position and place my pussy on his face. His dick was too big for my small mouth but I do my best to swallow as much as I could slowly go as deep as I could. My mouth was getting choked with his dick but I continue to go deeper until my lips touched his balls.

Saliva started to drip from my mouth and went rolling down on his balls and that started to tickle him. Raj starts to lick my pussy now and started to play with my clit and started to push his tongue deeper in my pussy. We were in a perfect 69 position now wanting to suck each other’s cum off. I was building an orgasm and the excitement was too much to hide off my feelings.

I start to moan as his tongue explored my virgin pussy aahhh ooohhh yeah go in even Raj was excited as I was sucking his dick in y mouth and even he started to moan loud ohh yeah do it Leena and I love this oh yeah and I wanted him to push his tongue deeper inside my pussy go in ooohhh yeah ooohhhh yeah deeper and I move my pussy closer to his mouth so he could go deeper. His warm breath on my wet pussy was also exciting me.

I shoot my juices at the same time. Raj licks every drop of my juices off my pussy and licks me dry. My pussy was begin to itch me now and really wanted his dick deep inside my pussy but I could not be a slut and ask for it. I was just beginning to take breath and lay down on d bed too and he pulled me by my hair pulled me off my sleeping position and got me off the bed and he sat on the couch and told me that he wanted some more licking form me until he cum too and tells me.

It’s my time to satisfy his hungry cock. He puts his fingers in my mouth and opens my mouth a little wide and spits inside my mouth and says make it wet again fast and pushes my head on his dick till his whole dick was in my mouth. My mouth had enclosed his whole dick now and he yet putting pressure on my head to go deeper on his dick. I start to stroke his dick slowly in my mouth and slowly I increase my pace and start to stroke his dick in my mouth faster and faster.

I play with his balls with my hands too while I am stroking his dick in my mouth. He puts me against the wall on my knees and places my head just in front of the wall and pushes his dick in my mouth and starts to mouth fuck me against the wall. I had nowhere to go as behind was the wall and in front was his gigantic dick fucking my mouth.

He slaps me again and yells at me asking me to maintain eye contact with him as he wanted to see the hunger and lust in my eyes for his dick. I could feel his dick deep in my throat now and tighten the grip of his dick in my mouth. He was about to cum and he pulls my hair in excitement I could feel his pre cum in my mouth and soon he shoots his cum load deep in my mouth. My mouth was full of his cum and soon it starts to drip out of my mouth

On my lips

On my chin

On my neck

On my breasts and then he shags his dick on my face to squeeze out the last load too and it goes all over my face





He started to roll his dick on every part of my body where his cum was collect it on his dick and made me suck it dry. He collected his cum on his dick from my cheeks first and made me suck his dick dry followed by my chin then neck, ears and breasts. I swallow his cum like a hungry slut. He pulls me by my hair again until I am standing and kisses me I kiss him back too and we smooch for a while, he started to play with my breasts at the same time and then pushed his tongue deep inside my mouth while kissing.

He pulls my hair again and drags me to the bathroom and says he wanted to bathe with me. He started the shower first and its really cold water and he made me stand under it and shiver under the cold water for a while. Then he pulled me towards him and hugged me tight so I could get his body warmth. He was in the tub and I pull of the shower gel. I start to splash water on his body and make his body wet. I take the gel in my hand and start with his legs and lather his legs with shower gel and rinse them.

I take more gel n put it on his chest and massage it slowly and spend some extra time massaging on his nipples. I shut the water from filling anymore just about 1 – 2 inches of water. I make him lye on his chest and start to soap his back now slowly and slowly my hands reach out on his ass and I massage his ass too. My fingers reach between his ass hole and his balls and start to tickle him there and slowly massage his balls in my soapy hands.

I get in the tub now and rest on his body and move my body sexily over his body massaging him. I rub all my soft body on his masculine back. I slowly turn him around and start to massage his legs and go higher on his thighs and then his stomach while my breasts touch his legs now. I take his dick and rub it against my breasts and then start to stroke his hard dick in my soft soapy hands and make it real hard again.

I sit on him slowly and rest my body on his and my soft big breasts were feeling his manly chest. I act as if I was fucking him from top by moving my body and rubbing my pussy on his body. Soon I leak my juices all over his dick. I wipe out the soap of our bodies and drain the water out from the tub. We play with each other’s private parts for a while and then I get a towel and wipe him dry.

He wore the towel and dragged me out without a towel naked from top to bottom. The ac was on and the room was so cold on my naked body and I was also drenched in that water. I start to shiver again in the cold and want to get off his grip so I can wipe myself dry. He asked me to make him a drink from the bar s I took small steps in that cold and shivering body and walked across the bar and made him a drink. I walk back again with his whisky and he looks at my body shivering in that cold.

He has his drink so slowly only to watch me shiver in that cold and asks me to go again and make another drink with full ice. I again go across the room and make his drink and walk back to him. Again he starts to sip his drink slowly and enjoys me standing naked in front of him shivering in cold and desperately wanting some warmth. He took some ice cubes in his hand from the glass and pushed it on my pussy I scream loudly but he continued to rub the ice against my pussy. I begin to moan louder than ever

No aaahhhhhh no please stop ouch stop no no stop and he pushes me against the wall so I have nowhere to go again and continued to rub the ice on my pussy. He forced an ice cube inside my pussy even the warmth of my pussy couldn’t melt d ice quickly as it was so cold with the ac on. He took the remaining ice cubes from the glass and put them in his hands and pressed them hard against my breasts. I started to moan again

He let the cubes on until they actually melted and then kissed and pushed the whisky form his mouth into mine so I get some warmth. I kissed him back hungrily as I wanted all that whisky in my mouth as that was the only thing giving me warmth. He pulled me by my hair again and dragged me to the pillar and handcuffed my hands around the pillar so that my back is facing him. He tied my left knee to the hook on the pillar so that I am on 1 leg facing my back to him and tied to the pillar.

He could easily see my pussy from the back exposed as 1 leg was up in the air. He spits on my pussy a little to make sure there is enough juice and he pushed his dick inside my pussy from the back. He pushed it deeper until his dick head starts to rub my g spot this was really arousing. He continued to stroke his dick inside my pussy and push my face against the pillar. He held me from my back for a grip and pushes his dick deeper n deeper my pussy became tight as g spot was being rubbed by his dick head again n again.

He took his middle finger and forced it in my mouth and made me suck his finger while he stroked my pussy from the rear. He slapped my ass cheeks hard and yelled at me asking me to suck his finger, suck it like a passionate slut. I obliged and started to suck his finger in my mouth like a hungry whore while he was fucking my pussy. He increased pace of stroking his dick in my pussy and then removed his finger from my mouth and slowly took it down between my ass cheeks and shaved it in my asshole and pushed it deep inside my asshole.

He continued to stroke his dick in my pussy and at the same time finger my ass I had nowhere to go apart from the pillar and he kept pushing inside me deeper n deeper. He continued to fuck my pussy harder n harder and finger my asshole at the same time the wall between my pussy and asshole was being rubbed simultaneously form both sides and I felt as if it was just one hole after that rigorous fucking in my pussy his dick shoots his cum load deep in my pussy.

I leaked my juices too at the same time and removed his dick from my pussy and saw the gush of his cum and my juices out of my pussy down on my inner thighs. He pushed me on the bed again and made me sit in doggy style and spit in my asshole a few times making it really wet and then use his middle finger to finger my virgin ass. It was really tight and he could feel it as even his finger couldn’t get through my asshole.

He pushed his finger slowly inside my asshole and then rub it a little inside, it was really paining suddenly he stops fingering and spits inside my pussy again. He licked my asshole for a while and I moaned at the licks like a slut. Suddenly he rammed his dick hard in my virgin asshole, I was in pain and I was screaming loud in pain fuck aahhh no aaahhhh fuck ouch

He pushed his thick dick inside my asshole deeper n deeper and griped my waist so I can’t go away and started to stroke his dick in my asshole, I continue to moan like a whore aaahh fuck fuck no no stop please. He continued to stroke harder n harder his dick kept penetrating deeper n deeper in my ass the grip of my ass was so tight on his dick but he used all power to ram his dick inside my asshole. He went harder n harder and faster n faster.

He was having a hard time pushing his dick inside my ass anymore and then he suddenly started to spank my ass cheeks with his hands. I knew that he was not gone give up until he cum inside my asshole and I start to push my ass towards him in great pain and slowly make way for his dick inside my ass but he continued to spank my ass and then he increased the pace of stroking his dick inside my ass.

I could almost feel his dick on my spine but he was not satisfied and kept pushing harder n harder, faster n faster, deeper n deeper. I wanted him to cum fast as the pain was unbearable to arouse him I also started to moan like a slut fuck me ooohh yeah go ohh yeah go in yes cum inside my ass ooohh come on aaah yeah push aaah yeah fuck me aaaa fuck my virgin ass cum inside my ass oohh yaaaaaa ohhhhh yaaaaaa yes aaaaahhh.

He spanked my ass again and pinched my ass cheeks again and again making them red. He shot his cum inside my asshole but he did not leave the grip of my waist and kept stroking deeper inside my asshole pushing the cum deeper inside my ass and so that his cum stays deep inside my asshole. I went flat out on my stomach and he pulled out his monster cock out of my ass and jerked off his dick and threw the cum again on my ass cheeks.

I was in pain as his monster cock had fucked my asshole so hard. I could barely feel my body below my waist. My pussy and asshole had both lost its virginity and were in deep pain. I wore back my g strings and pinned up my torn bra and wore them again and I cried out at him its burning me. He did not like that and he again handcuffed me on either side of the bed post. He got more ice and put it inside my g string and inside my bra.

I was tied again and the ice on my breast and pussy was killing me in pain again each time the ice would melt he would put more ice. This went on till late evening [email protected] I hope you guys like this story and you guys can let me know how you liked my story and how would you like to treat me if you were the guy. I would love to hear about it mail me ok. Thanks

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