Lost Virginity To A Junior Boy

By: Superhothd

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Hi! Friends I am a regular reader of Indian Sex Stories and developed the courage of sharing the real incident that happened to me. I have lost my virginity just 5 days back. For a girl loosing virgin is a great thing and everyone remembers this throughout her life. Friends, it is not any story but the real thing happened. Now I am going to share with you what has happened. I am 21 years old, 5’5 height with almost fair complexioned female.

With 34 28 32 I look too sexy and horny as boys discuss about me. To me perhaps this is due to my well developed boobs which is heavy and projected and catch attention to everybody intentionally or unintentionally whichever dress I wear. I am in graduation final year in a co-ed college and the boy to whom I lost my virginity is Deep a first year student at the same college and 3 years junior to me.

There is ragging culture in our college and every new comer particularly boys has to face ragging by the senior boys and girls separately. Deep was ragged excessively by my group where I had the lead role. Because of my leadership skill I have many fan followers. In last college fest which we had only 20 days back, deep was in my volunteer group and worked sincerely under my guidance and instructions. Since then he became much closed to me.

Last week, my parents with my younger sister went to my maternal uncle’s house to attend a family function for three days. I stayed back to take care of my old grandma at home. On the second day, at around 5.45 pm the door bell rang and when I opened I saw Deep there where is mam? He asked. By the way I forgot to tell that my mother teaches mathematics at the same college and Deep has mathematics as an honours subject.

He has come to collect a book which my mom has promised to give.

I replied she is away and will be available day after tomorrow, Come on, please have water I said. He came inside and sat on a sofa. I served a glass of water and some light snacks. I invited him to my bed room so that we can talk and watch TV there. He followed and occupied a chair at my bed side. By mistake there was a porn magazine on the bed side table which I forgot to put inside the cupboard. He picked it up and turned over the pages.

It contained sex stories, nude photos and fucking in different poses. I was totally at lost and did not have any words to say. He asked do you enjoy sex? I replied “yes don’t you like to have sex like this? He told showing the magazine. I kept mum he went on telling I can assure you total secrecy if I were there with you. He asked are you virgin? I replied yes. Wow! Sexy, attractive, smart and heart throb of so many boys in our college and still remained virgin.

I was feeling some excitement and was sweating. He came forward and in no time kissed me deep in my mouth. His warm breath and touch excited me a lot. I also replied with a warm kiss. He kissed my lips, face, cheeks and forehead. He then started licking my earlobes. My excitement mounted as I am getting experience of a new thing. He asked me to lock the door. I said “don’t worry grandma is sick and cannot climb to the first floor.

I was wearing a top and skirt. He put his hands inside my top and started fondling my stomach and back with his fingers. I was getting mad and raised my arms. Deep got the signal and immediately removed my top. I kissed his mouth and this time we exchanged a long lasting passionate kiss and our tongues were touching each other. I got down from my bed and he pulled down my Denim skirt made me only in bra and panty.

Deep removed his jeans, T-shirt and underwear one by one and became complete nude. I smiled at him and told “now you are looking like a complete man I started squeezing his black 6” already erect cock. He was getting pleasure and started telling Sona, for so many months, since I got ragged by you and your team which made me so sexually demoralized that I feel shame going in front of the girls,

I am really hungry for your sexy boobs and wide ass in fact, many times I musterbated in your name. Then he put his hands in my back and unhooked my bra. My boobs came out swinging in the open air as if enjoying freedom wow that is here! This is the thing boys look at your body. So juicy and projected he started licking, sucking, biting and kissing my private treasure. I went mad and pressed his head into my boobs.

I was feeling his warm breath.

I became too excited and released my cum. He pulled down my panty to make me full nude. I was thrilled and nervous as well, as that was the first time I was exposed naked to someone. He lifted me to the bed and started licking my lower stomach and gradually went down to my pussy and started licking the pussy lips. I have a hairy pussy as I believe pubic hair makes the pussy sexy and attractive. Deep then parted my legs and inserted his tongue into my pussy to find my clitoris my love button a shock wave ran through

My body and on excitement I jerked and raised my heap and pressed his head into my pussy. Ooohh mumu iiihh! I released my organism for the second time which he licked and ate completely. He then went down to lick my feet, sucked my all leg fingers one by one and came up sucking legs, thighs and inner thighs that made me, moaning continuously in pleasure aaaaahh sshhii ummm. Now he sat down in between my legs, raised them high to open my pussy as far as possible and set his hard cock in between my pussy lips and pressed inside.

It was terrible pain I experienced, I screamed out and begged him not to go further. He realized that I was a virgin he bent down on me and kissed my lips, cheeks and forehead and promised me to do slowly. He then put a pillow under my heap to make the pussy more open and to have clear passage. He then prepared for the final assult and pushed his half cock inside my vagina. Again I was having huge pain and expressed my fear. He brought my attention to the door as somebody was there.

As I looked he made a huge hard stroke that made the cock pierced through my virgin pussy and the entire cock was within me. I screamed loudly, tears came out of my eyes and I started crying. Then he waited for a while and started his movement up and down. I felt some liquid dripping down my ass cheek which he told as my blood and normal to every virgin girl. My pain had gradually removed and I was enjoying a great pleasure. With each thrust it sounded puchh puchh pok puck pakath pakth.

After that he discharged his semen inside my vagina. After 15 min. or so he lifted me to the bathroom and cleaned his penis and my pussy and we dressed up. I kissed him with full passion. Please mail your comment to [email protected]

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