Ishita’s cousin’s wedding

Hi, guys, this is my first sex story. It’s a sex story about girl Ishita, from Mumbai. This sex story is about Ishita’s adventure during the wedding of her cousin sister in Bangalore. I will narrate this sex story from Ishita’s angle. So let’s start.

I was 20 Yrs old when this incident occurred which changed my whole attitude towards life. I was enjoying my FYBcom vacation when my cousin sister’s marriage was planned in Bangalore. The big and lavish wedding was planned right from DJ, mehendi, wedding and reception.

It was decided that during DJ, a special dance by cousins would also be arranged as a surprise package for guest, hence for the preparation and practice, I went to my cousin sister’s house 2 weeks before the beginning of various functions for rehearsal and also for wedding arrangements. I too was excited about dancing as I loved dancing and have also taken dancing lessons.

After arriving at Bangalore, I was very happy meeting my cousin and uncle, aunt. Also, a separate room was allocated to me for 11 days before any other guests would arrive. So immediately, my cousin told me about the surprise plan of dance and had invited her college friend who was part-time choreographer and photographer for teaching us the moves.

Next day, we went to his place which was around 20 minutes via car. Once we reached, choreographer took us to a spacious room where we were to learn dancing. Cousin introduced us, he was 26 years old, 5.9 inches tall, slim but very fit, his name was Sagar. In total, we were 7 cousins. After an introduction and casual chit chat, whole dance theme was discussed.

One duet song was also planned and he asked us whether anybody knew dancing and my cousin immediately pointed towards me and I was selected to dance opposite Sagar himself for this final duet song resembling sister and jiju. Other songs included group dance but since we were in odd numbers (7) it was decided that even Sagar will dance along with us to make count even. It was decided me and Sagar will be in pair and center so that we can cover the flaw of others. So after deciding the whole theme, practice session begins

First practice song was “Balam pichkari” which was a group dance in the pair, hence Sagar asked me to come forward and join him so that he can teach dance moves to us. Slowly we started steps and after a few steps, I suspected Sagar’s intention from the way he used to touch me, like in one step boys will stand behind girls holding their navel from behind but I felt Sagar was crushing himself in my ass.

I could feel his little tiger eager to pounce. In next step, Boys would lift the girl and slowly bring her down facing each other, in this step he wiped his whole face against my 28-inch firm breasts which looked even bigger thanks to the push up bra.

I got his intention but was helpless as he was my cousins friend and had a good reputation, so I thought to ignore him and occasionally stare him in anger but he never stopped and this continued due to replay of each steps couple of times, then everyone demanded break as they were exhausted but Sagar told them to have a break but insisted me to stay to discuss the duet dance which was to be performed by me and him exclusively.

I told cousins to drop the idea of that dance as I might confuse or mix up the steps and spoil the whole surprise, but my cousins forced me to do it and even Sagar told in a sarcastic voice “Don’t worry, we will practice much to ensure the execution is perfect”. I had no option but to agree but was also afraid at this time, we were exclusively dancing. So as soon as I nodded, cousin cheered for me and went to grab some fresh lime water and quick bites leaving me and Sagar alone.

Then, Sagar complained me that in spite of being a dancer why was I not able to develop the required chemistry, before I could speak anything he continued that the last song will explore every chemical required for best chemistry. There was something magnetic Aroma inside him which was attracting me in spite of knowing his true intentions but I convinced myself of not getting carried away and focus just on dancing.

Soon, the cousins came back and Sagar immediately declared that both of us have decided to give a final performance on “Aaj fir tumpe pyaar aya hai”. And I was like shocked and also a bit blushed by his words. Soon, we again began practicing with the earlier song and this time I gave my best without getting distracted.

Next few days he taught us a variety of dances and in total 7 dances were planned with 5 of which I was involved.
1- Padharo mare desh (4 girls)
2- Make some noise for desi boys (4B)
3) Afghan Jalebi (3G)
4) Balam Pichkari (3G 3B)
5) Tera hero idhar hai (4G 4B)
6) Aaj fir tumpe pyaar (me and Sagar)
7) Om Shanti Om ( full family)

Sagar finished with all six songs and still 2 days were remaining from Sangeet and hence now Sagar told that last 2 days will be just for the last song with me as it was our main performance of the evening specially dedicated to sister and jiju.

Since everyone was bored with daily rehearsal and since many works were needed to be done as guest started arriving, my cousin just told me and Sagar to concentrate on final dance while they will take care of other arrangements. This left me and Sagar alone for 3 hours for 2 days).

Next day, my cousin dropped me at Sagar’s dance room around 4 pm and told me that they will come at 7 pm to pick me. Sagar was standing in front wearing a white shirt, light blue denim and was smelling nice (courtesy deo). I was bit nervous, bit curious and a bit amazed something which is hard to explain in words.

Sagar stared at me for few seconds and said “Shall we”, that 2 words send a shivering in my whole body. I was wearing short kurta and leggings complementing perfectly with my figure. Then, Sagar told me that it was a contemporary dance and we started practicing and since it was an erotic and romantic song dance, moves had to be bold and as expected Sagar started teasing my body but I decided not to give him any notice but never knew when the sensation of the atmosphere took over me. I lost my control and submitted to him. We continued dancing and he explored every inch of my body until in one step.

I had to stand on one leg and lean forward with the second leg partially lifted by him and to balance me, he had to hold my hips but instead, he directly inserted his hand in my butt crack and sudden jerk brought me back to my conscious and I pushed him suddenly. But he then grabbed my hands and pulled me towards him and then pushed both of us towards the wall and lifted both my hands on the wall and we were so close that our chest touched each other and both could feel the breathing he stared me.

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I too started him and slowly he kissed me on my lips and after a few seconds, even I closed my eyes and responded back, this was the first kiss of my life, continued for almost 2 minutes then he slowly started to undress me, first he removed my kurta which was now full of sweat, then unhooked my push up bra and my breast were erected and firm and he madly started sucking them and even occasionally bitting it sometimes, even I shouted in pain to stop him.

Then, he unzipped his pants and asked me to give him a blowjob. Firstly, I was a bit hesitant but he guided me and for the first time when I touched that big black monster of almost 5.5 inches long and 2 inches thick, current flowed through my body.

As I started sucking, Sagar grabbed my hair and forced the whole rod inside my mouth in and out, after sucking for 5 minutes, he removed it and splashed it all over my face. I was taken by shock and immediately ran towards basin and washed my face and stopped him, he later apologized me and after a few tries, I forgive him but didn’t let him go any further as it was already 6.45 and my cousin could come to pick me anytime.

As soon as my cousin came, Sagar told that tomorrow is last day of practice hence we need to give all out and winked at me with a wicked smile. I realized tomorrow was going to be quite an exhaustive evening as we had to complete our dance rehearsal and fun finale within 3 hours. I was bit nervous and gave a blushing smile back.

That night, I was struggling for sleep as the mind was bombarded with many thoughts and heartbeat was rising like never before with occasional goosebumps.

Finally, the sun rises and I was unable to focus on anything and constantly checking the clock. 8 hours to go than 7,6,5… and finally it was around 3.45 my cousin started his Scotty and dropped me at Sagar’s house instead of dance room as Sagar was not feeling well but I knew the real disease and cure. I was extremely nervous, as soon as I rang the bell, some maid came to open the door and Sagar too followed her and welcomed me.

Sagar immediately started with rehearsal and this time, he was dancing normally without any mischief. Even I was surprised by his sudden behavior change. Maybe, I thought it’s because of the maid. We finished our practice around 5.30 pm and then Sagar told the maid that she can leave as today he will be ordering from the restaurant and then a lightning strike my mind that now something will happen.

As soon as maid left, Sagar checked door was properly locked then came towards me, grabbed my hair and pulled me towards him and smooched me to which even I responded. After some crazy kissing, he lifted me and took me to his bed and literally threw me. I was completely shocked and realized that today’s virgin ride would not only be just painful but quite rough and tough too.

Then, he unzipped his pants and undressed me completely and started kissing and biting my whole body like a hungry predator pouncing on prey. Then, started teasing my nipples by biting them and pulling them with his teeth and sound of ouch came out and I told him to be easy but he told me that I was under his command till 6.30.

Then, he started licking my pussy and my god, I feel like heaven and I started moaning in pleasure, as the time passed, the moans became more and louder and finally, I left it loose and climax ended with a big splash of squirt and I felt extremely weight less with mind getting extremely calm but before I could enjoy this feeling a bit more, something picked me and I saw Sagar was trying to insert his finger inside my vagina but I was feeling extreme pain as my pussy was very tight but Sagar pushed a bit hard and index finger went sliding in and a big scream along with blood came out of my mouth and pussy respectively.

I was in immense pain but Sagar told that it will be pleasuring soon and unzipped his pant and made me put chocolate flavoured condom and made me sit in doggy position and shouted get ready for our virgin ride which you will remember till your lifetime and pushed his dick into my tight pussy, in one stroke, half of the rod went in and and a big scream came from my mouth, he took out a bit but again pushed with force and whole went in and another big scream came out. Then, he started doing slowly and now even I enjoyed it.

Then, he jerked in a condom and I was no longer virgin now and both were exhausted, after a few minutes, he took me to bath and both of us bathed together with one more quick session and went back with my cousin pretending everything to be normal.

Next day, everything went as planned and guest loved and applauded our performance. Sagar left for Kolkata next morning for his photography project and could not attend the marriage function and my dream of “Once More” faded but the memories are still fresh in my mind and also the search for new experience began.

In next part, I will present my next experience. Please send your feedback and comments about my sex story on [email protected] and ladies in Mumbai can contact me too as secrecy guaranteed.

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