Introduction To World Of Sex

Hello to every hot and sexy reader out there and I am a regular reader of this site and have read almost all the stories from here. This is Amit from Pune, a software Eng by profession and a 22 year average guy without wasting much time on boring stuff let me come to the story; truly speaking I was not aware of sex till the age of 20 and I thought it was not good thing; my friends teased me a lot about that.

Finally after talking to my teacher and also a friend and I decided that I should know everything about it. I began watching porn movies on a regular basis whenever I get the time. This incident happened to me between the period of my final year exams and results. There is a girl in my colony of age 29. Let’s call her Meghna.

The problem was her marriage was not getting arranged because of her kundali dosha astrological problem and her family members were very much worried about it at one day, in the afternoon, as usual I was alone at my home and I was watching some porn movies on my PC and I forgot to close the door of my room actually I forgot because I was in hurry to watch the movies after saying bye to my mom.

I was not aware when Meghna came and stand behind my chair. I was in full mood, and was on a verge to remove my shorts to masturbate there only while watching the movie but when I got up, suddenly I turned around and I saw her standing there, I went dead cold after seeing her. She caught me red handed, she asked me what are you doing? How do you know all this at this age? I said please didi don’t tell this to anyone and I will not see it again.

She said I will not tell this to anyone but let me see the complete movie first and then only I will decide. I will see if the movie is nice I will not tell anyone. I said Ok didi, you can see it and I will go outside and come after some time. She said don’t go anywhere. Just sit in the hall and when I call come in. I went to the hall and sat. My shirt was wet due to the sweating and I was completely tensed after 15 minutes she came outside in the hall.

I was not able to make eye contact. She asked me are you a virgin? I was shocked by the question, I was not expecting this type of question or behaviour from her as she behaved very well in the society and I never had any bad intentions towards her. I replied to her question yes I am. She said I am going and not telling this to anyone, you also need not tell anyone. I was relieved and said ok.

Next day she came to my house in the afternoon when no one was there and I was sleeping in my room and a friend was using my computer. She came in and my friend told her that his work is over and he is leaving. She asked him to leave and said she will inform me. My friend left and she closed the door and returned to my room and woke me up.

I was surprised and asked her where is the friend she said it’s only you and me now, as your friend just left. I was doubtful by her reply and said I am sorry for yesterday, if you want I can play the movie for you and I will sleep in the hall. She said I don’t want to watch movies she just came to chat with me. I sat and she asked from when did you start to watch such movies.

I replied for about a year now and she said with a naughty smile so you must be aware of everything by now. I said but do it actually happen in real or they are just faking it on video. She said that it is 100% real. I teased her by saying you seem to be quite experienced in this case. She said she saw her parents in action when she was younger.


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