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hi ISS readers , this is an story , intended to increase your heart beats and pounder your sex thoughts inside..

Its like a rainy day and moody climate.. fresh cold air making my hairs standing upright on my arms.. and cold breeze gushing towards my chest.. am small build and i could feel coldness almost every part inside my shorts..mmmm.. i have a very high sense of libido , which makes me to watch lot of porns and milk myself till the last drop.. i didn’t get a chance to fuck a girl so i pleasure myself.. tired of it , my eyes got stuck on a 20 year old hot girl, chinni in my apartment ,on the same floor.. and to describe her.. she has a hour glass body with juicy melons and round flabby ass.. her rose shiny lips and seductive eyes made me masturbate each time i saw her.. her walks made her boobs swing up and down in her tight eyes always googles her from top to bottom when she passes by and she too smiles at me.. mostly she wears a tight t-shirt which shows ample cleavage and tight jeans exposing her stats.. 36-28-32..

always i think of fucking that hottie one day of the other and its today she came running towards her house completely wet.. i cud see her bra through her shirt.. and drops of water entering into her cleavage.. her soaked skirt stuck to her hairless legs made me hottest ever..

my pants got tight , filling my 6″ cock in full form with veins running through on a hot banana.. my pre-cum oozing out i cud feel it..

she keyed her door and went inside and was out of sight.. she’s alone today..

my hard on needed a release and i ran to my room and unzipped and took hold my throbbing dripping dick and started milking..mmmm so hot and trembling in my warm hands and the door bell rang.. its the astonishing event i ever had.. i tot of finishing but a long ring.. mmmm i gonna cum anytime i could feel the pressure.. the bell rang and rang.. angrily i put my towel without inners and came right to the door and opened harshly.. their stood chinni.. i gave a biggg breathe and she stood right in front of me as i saw her wet.. oh baby i wanted you.. she came in and asked for a headache tablet.. i mumbled with words and i stood thier with my extremely visible hard on to her.. she was shocked to see it and this made me so hottt that i cummed in front of her , with the stuff leaking through my legs.. she saw it and asked whats it … i was afraid and to try my luck asked her ” wanna see ” she said ok and i opened my towel revealing my hot dick and it spurted cum and was looking at her…

her eyes stared at it and came near it and questioned ” mmmm this is big and hot can i touch ” i answered with joy ” go ahead “.. she kneeled down and slowly touched my tip and squeezed cum smearing her fingers.. she felt how slippery it was and smelled it.. i think she liked it..

slowly i touched her shoulders and made her stand and kissed on her rosy wet lips.. mmm she still touching my cock.. i sucked her lips and smelled her hot breathe and was soon tasting her hot tongue.. as kissing her i held her warm hips tightly and moved my warm hands on her back and to shoulders and to her neck and was rubbing her.. and slowly moved my hands towards her soft melons…she was moaning and was moving her body like a fish..

my warm hands shivering towards her wet globes.. It was a sexy view as I could see her boobs breathing heavily.. fingers touched her sides and I could not hold and covered her tits with my large hands and felt a bundle of flowers in my hands.. aaahh a small gasp from her lips and … felt every part of it with something like a peanut in middle.. wow her nipples were perking through her fabric waiting to be sucked.. i pinched it lightly she forced her melons towards me , meant to say its for you…

She was stroking my hot dick with my cum on her complete hands.. I pulled her shirt apart buttons fell off one by one.. I was in cloud nine seeing her thrusting tits through her tight bra , which needed a release.. I moved my hands behind her and un hooked her bra and it fell off.. her tits were perfectly round with brown nipples stiff enough to chew..

Couldn’t resist I pressed one of them and felt hot… she moaned.. spit on her nipple and rubbed with my fingers and slowly blew on it.. she shivered.. and opened my mouth and started sucking it hard.. she was mumbling with words.. “ come on , come on “.. her nipples in my mouth I felt I gonna fuck her hard today.. I bit her nipples in between and she squeezed my dick for it… i was pinching her other nipple.. she couldn’t hold and she too wanted to release her hot pussy juices.. she was trembling..

Then after 15 mins of sucking , moved to her belly button and licked it and she cried in pleasure… slowly I went further down and was next to her feet.. made her lie on my bed and licking her sole and sucking her toes moved to her hairless less and felt its smoothness .. revealed her legs a bit under her skirt till her knees it was fair and sexy.. kissed her knees and went on further.. revealed her hot flabby thighs.. damn it sexy legs ever I have seen.. she spread her legs wide for a lot of room.. I was waiting like a dog to fight with her pussy..

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