Girl In The Bus

So are you excited to read about a new story? If yes then without wasting much time let’s let you know about this incidence. I’m of 22 yrs & from Punjab. This happened to me some time ago when I was coming from Chandigarh via bus. It was around 1:00 p.m. I get seated in the bus & there were just 2 more passengers at that time. Then a young girl ( let’s call her Pooja ) came & to my surprise she get seated with me when there were lot of other seats available too. I found her a bold type girl because she had no hesitation of touching her body with me.

Because that was the first incident with me so i get shocked with fear & joy. Pooja was in salwar kamiz with open hair & looks like an angel to me at that stage. It became my fantasy to feel her closeness.  I was waiting for the bus to start. When bus was about half filled then it starts & move to its way. Thank god to Indian roads as they are not so smooth & have “Khade” & I was waiting for the rough way first time. When the bus got out from the city then most of the passengers starts sleeping in the bus for rest.

But there was no sleep in my eyes but I was dreaming to smooch her. My tool was fully erected due to the thinking & touching of that sex bomb. Whenever the bus jerks on the road I try to touch the body of Pooja. She also put her head on the front seat handle and try to behave as restless & sleeping. Her “chunri pallu” slides from the neck & exposes a little of her white bra. That make me more exited. With excitation I put my hand on side of her left thigh. she didn’t wake & I started to rub my hand a little along the side of her soft thighs.

When there was no response from her the I lower my hand to the upper part of her thighs & starts rubbing there. She didn’t say anything but put the duppata on my hand & her legs to hide it from the passengers backside us. I set her duppata on my legs too. Then I caught her hand and pull it near my erected tool. Without wasting any time she starts massaging my tool above from the pant. The I also hide her hand (on my tool) with her duppata & slowly open the zip to get out the 7.5″ thick erected lund. Pooja starts pumping that with her fist slowly. I was enjoying the most in my life at that time.

Due to over excitement in the first time I was about to cum within 2 mins. Then I stopped her & control myself with very difficult as I don’t want to cum in the bus or her hands cause you know due to the foul smell of that sticky fluid. I was still in full excitement and want her to normalize me but that was not the right place. Then after a while the bus stops on the “Dhaba” for some food & refreshment. Neither me nor she eat anything. I was a lot hungry but don’t want to get away from her.

After 10 mins when the bus again starts after that there was no chance to retouch her beautiful body as all the passengers were now awake & aware. So I was waiting for ludhiana to come. When ludhiana came as i was going to get down from the bus i asked her with courage that where she has to go & she told that she is going to Moga ( a city in Punjab ) & also got up to change the bus for Moga. I again asked her that whether she would like to join my company for a while. I thought she would refuse but to my surprise she said yes, but not for much time as she will be late else.

Then I get my bike from the scooter stand & we both ride on the way towards my home. I live near octopi post ( on Moga road ). I told her that she need not come to bus stand again but will get bus from the bus stop near octroi post. She asked me with a smile that Why I need her company? I said that she too know about that why a young boy need a company of a young beautiful girl like that. She laughed at my answer & said that I seems interesting.

She put her hand around my waist & get closer to me. I was regularly thinking that what should I told to my family about this girl & i think that if somebody asks I will just say that she is my fast friend from school time and met me in the Bus. When we reached home then none was there I’m my house & the house was locked. I asked the neighbors & they give me the key and said that my mother went to market just 10 mins ago.

Now there was a big chance for some sexy stuff. I want to show Pooja my house but for shortage of time I don’t want to waste any time. I get her in the bedroom and hugged immediately. I want to taste her juicy lips so I kissed her on the lips. This was the first times i kissed a girl on lips. That made me a lot more horny & I put my tongue deep inside her mouth and start exploring it eagerly. She also hugged me tight in the neck & starts moaning with continuous fingering my hairs.

Then I kissed her on the pink soft cheeks & she closed eyes with sayings .. please don’t do anything .. ” Mujhe kush ho raha hai “. I don’t want to do anything in the bedroom as it may take some time for cleaning after the sex game, so I pull up her in my arms & went to the bathroom. There without wasting any more time I removed her clothes except the light pink panty. Then I removed my clothes & kept the underwear only. Then I start kissing her passionately & hungrily from top to bottom. She have an average breasts.

They were very soft & I sucked her light brown nipples by my mouth. she was moaning like “aaaaahhh… ummhhhhh…. do what u want early please I’m getting late ..ammmhhhhh .. please ….. i like this “. Then I kissed her on the waist & put down her panty with my tooth & kissed her inside the milky thighs. She smells wonderful & I use my fingers to explore her cunt which was wet at that time. I insert my finger in her cunt & it was very soft, lubricated & warm inside.

My tool was rock hard. I made a soft kiss on her cunt lips & stood up & asked her to suck my lund. She was confused first but without saying anything put the tip of my lund in her mouth & starts sucking like a straw. I held her face and want to put the whole length in her mouth & as i jerked forward it touched her throat & she pull out from her mouth. She said she won’t do it as it chocked her mouth. I again make her agree to suck by promising her that I will not force inside much.

Then she again starts sucking with to & fro movements. Oh friends that was the first most pleasurable moment I ever enjoyed. Due to her mouth work I was near to cum & want her to taste me. So after a few seconds i hold her face by both my hands & gave my lund 2-3 more strokes in her mouth & exploded deep in her throat. She starts struggling to get it out but I was so horny & held her face tight with the bathroom wall.

She gulped mouthful and then i release her & i was breathing heavily. Some more cum came out & i rubbed that on her cheeks & lips. I want to fuck her too with my cock but there was no time & also I didn’t have any condom at that moment. I got normalized & leave the plane of fucking her with cock in her soft warm cunt. She too agreed with this but I don’t want to leave her in the middles. so I start finger fucking her & she starts moaning again & I put a finger in her mouth to imagine her the experience of fucking & sucking at the same time.

After 2-3 minutes she discharged & get relaxed. then we wash the sticky fluid out & put our clothes & get out from the bathroom. She said me with a soft kiss that she didn’t ever enjoyed any cock yet & want to be like a virgin until marriage. She thanked me too for giving her the sex enjoyment without forcing her to intercourse or anal sex. Then we kissed last time & I went to drop her to the bus stop.

So friends, that was the starting of my sex life, After that I get expert in all this matter & have lot more indecent incidents which I will share with you later on. This was the first time i write this story so give your suggestions about it on my email : [email protected]
Any ladies/girls between 18-29 near or in ludhiana want to sex, friendship (cyber or real ) , clean chatting , hanging out etc. with me can contact me at : [email protected]

I like to have sex with only those who are free of mind and want to sex for their mutual enjoyment. I don’t like to use force etc. in sex as I don’t want to hurt anybody kill your lust & try to do sex to express your true love. Finally Please email me as i want to know your suggestions & then I will share my other incidences with all of you fans.

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