Fucked My Neighbour’s Hot Daughter!

Hy guys this is Vishal 20 years old young and an energetic handsome guy. If any woman is interested then you can contact me on this id [email protected]

I used to fantasize every beauty I saw but only some of them have come true. Till now I had made love with two girls who are damn sexy. I am narrating my first experience which has happened with my first love 1 year back. I would like to enjoy more with many girls and aunties too who are starving of sex and lust of having a strong dick in their pussies.

For your info, I have a 5.7 inch with 2. Inch width dick which is waiting for many pussies and can satisfy any lust. I have been reading little of your experiences so thought of posting my experience too to make you know how I have been enjoyed with my first love that is ex now forgot to say about my sexy and sweet babe she was megha a Hindu girl.

She was two elder to me and she maintains her figure like an actress that is her boobs is of 34 and butt is 36 her figure is 34, 28, 36 wow seeing her little raise our dicks to 90. the story starts with my house shifting to my luck we have shifted to a house where my house is in between the two houses where in one and I found this beauty and her sis and in the other there was a girl who used to fantasize about me but I did not care about her cause she was not that damn sexy to impress me

Coming to my love they were two sisters living with their parents in that home they have two more bros which I got to know later after seeing her and I got a thought of seducing that beauty megha and used to watch her little activities daily as this was continuing. One fine day I saw her while coming out of bathroom after her bath in a towel exposing her bra and she won’t wear panty. I was amazed at that structure she was maintained and masturbated for a week thinking of that seen.

This was continued for almost one month after a month I was lucky that my mom has introduced me to them. they were two sisters both are elder than me in them to elder was a fatty I call her motti initially I did not spoke to them but slowly we became good friends in very few days. to my luck one fine day her family had left her alone and gone to their relative’s home which was far away from the place we were.

She was so innocent and coward after they left she started crying alone by fearing that something may happen to her which my mom saw and asked me to console her. So I had gone to her and teased her for some time and played with her touching her delicious body everywhere by which she enjoyed a lot my presence and started liking me from that day but the secret which she not knows was that I used to peep when she was bathing and used to masturbate and fantasize about her.

One day her sister called me and told someone is peeping into their home from another side of their building for megha so I went and warned them after this incident her sister told her that he did this because he loves you this made her strong in proposing me after this she used to look at me with so much of lust that she was waiting to fulfill.

I planned to use this feeling to fuck her. I asked her to meet sexually to which she asked everything what it meant and got interest in the things I told her how to make love between a couple then she asked me to meet in the night cause in the morning anyone can see us doing those things the first day we met in the night as we were neighbours we are living in individual homes we have a wall in between every house.

We were standing at both sides of the wall and taking then first she started to kiss my hand. So that I got the green signal and kissed her cheek but at the next moment her mother has come out with her motti sis and saw us holding hand in hand and talking. She got angry and called her and took her inside with that incident I was feared whether her mom is going to tell little this things to my mom but somehow my sexy love has convinced her mom saying some lies.

The next morning her sis motti asked me what we were doing that night I just answered nothing, but she has a doubt on us but we never cared her. We met the next night too but this time we have done something more than that of the previous day. I told that something was on her cheek when she turned I kissed her which she liked then I have proceeded to kiss her on face except lips. that night has ended with that short kisses the next night I started to teach her how to suck each other’s lips.

We kissed for 15 minutes and I saw her boobs oozing out from her shalwar shirt it made me mad. I cupped her boobs, wow how soft and big they were my god that was my first time cupping really some girls boobs but with that act she feared and ran away inside with that I got disappointed and went to sleep while sleeping my mob has ringed I have answered that was her. She said sorry to me for that and told the reason why she ran away was because she feared of pregnancy this shows how innocent she was!

I explained her everything how the pregnancy little come with that she got an idea of it and said I little permit you everything except fucking. I said ok to her at that time cause I know if a girl comes into mood then she herself ask us to ride her. the next night I continued further like pressing and sucking her boobs but doing little this with the clothes. I asked her to show her in nude then she asked me to come inside her home.

I obeyed her and went inside but I sad thing was we did only some oral sex that night and I went away. the next night I directly went inside her home and started to undress her and saw her semi-nude and was gone mad seeing a mature girl with little the perfects curves nude and I stared at it for some time. I started sucking her boobs like a hungry baby by this she got in the full mood and started moaning ahhhh in a low voice.

I kissed little her top and licked little the body we again lip locked and I have been sucked her boobs for almost an hour and asked to remove her kameez pants for which she hesitated but I forced to do it she then shy fully loosened her kameez lays within seconds and I have pulled it down to my surprise. I came to know that she won’t wear panty and went to it and planted a kiss on it. She was already wet there I was shocked seeing her pussy.

It was cleanly shaven there were no hairs at any part of her body I liked it very much and started to finger her pussy she again started to moan this time somewhat loudly Vishal aahhh speed up my love speed up by which her mother got woke up and searched for her on the bed. All four of them sleep on the same bed. So she pleased me to leave that night but I didn’t leave her in that position but she forced me then I kissed her again and left from there very quickly.

Te next day was the weekend so their bros and relatives had visited their home to my surprise I had found a more gorgeous girl in their relatives who was younger to me and fantasized about her too and thought to get her on my bed. She was likhitha with the figure 35, 25, 36 and with a nice height too. I little narrate how I had got her in my bed into next part of this story coming to the current one that day in the morning.

I asked megha that how we can meet today in their presence then she told me we can’t meet for which I was disappointed seeing me she felt bad and told me that if possible she little call in the night but I had no hope about it. to my surprise, she had called me at 8 pm itself and told that little are busy in chit chatting no one little come out so we can have fun in the gully to which I accepted and hurriedly jumped into her home she came there and hugged me and started kissing me

I was pressing her boobs we did that for some time then she told me it’s enough for today r else they little get doubt on me I said ok and left her when she was about to leave again. I grabbed her boobs from behind and started kissing her back and pressing her boobs and drew her close to me Suddenly the motti has appeared there we two were shocked seeing her and she too was shocked seeing me in their home in the night.

She asked me what are you doing with my sis here I told that she was requesting me to talk to you and cause in that morning itself me and motti fought and were not speaking to each other so we covered for that reason. She acted like she had believed us and asked me to go to my home I went off after my leaving she said to her sis that there was something going in between you both and I little catch you directly some day.

We took light that incident and for the next one week, we did not meet and after their relatives had left that night we again met this time after going inside her home we in a routine way carried our fun but the new thing was. I asked her to suck my cock she hesitated initially when I kept my cock in front of her mouth and forced it into her mouth she slowly obeyed me and I taught how to suck a man’s cock.

She learned very quickly and done it in an awesome way by this I did not control myself and I came in her mouth and she drank full of it and said it’s awesome to taste my cum and licked and cleaned my dick and then we kissed for some time and did some more oral sex. I felt like my mom calling me so went to my home and masturbated thinking of that incident and the next week my mom had gone to visit a marriage in my native place.

I was alone for almost a week so there was no one to call me in the night while enjoying with my sexy babe. She called me at 1 am that day and I went to her home as soon as I entered we hugged very tightly and kissed for almost 10 minutes swallowing each others saliva. I started undoing her salwar and bra both at a time and sucked those awesome boobs and she was shaking my dick we both we moaning like ahhhhhhhh.

Megha with to feeling we were getting after sucking her boobs each one for almost 20 minutes and now started removing her kameez too and fingered her pussy to which she had reached her first orgasm with a loud moan Vishal coming after that and I tried to insert my cock into her in a standing position I have separated her legs far and pushed my cock she was a virgin so that my tool has entered just an inch into her pussy with she shouted loudly with pain and some blood had oozed out.

Some were on my dick with that her father has woke up suddenly and I then disappeared from there with my pants in my hands and wore it out of her home and went to my home. Masturbated thinking of it and did not sleep that night and then the next morning and I spoke to her sis and asked did anything abnormal have happened in your home then she told nothing had happened after hearing this my tension had gone and time passed with her the whole morning.

I was eagerly waiting for the night after 12 megha gave a call and I went hurriedly this time and I had made her semi-nude and pressing sucking her boobs suddenly her father has woke up and come to the gully where we were and I just ran away from there and she felt unconscious so she was taken to the doctor, he asked her to take rest and advised not to panic for anything. We did not meet in the nights for a week then I got irritation for those disturbances.

I asked her to mix a sleeping pill in everyone’s milk glass as they drink milk every night before sleeping. I gave my mom also a sleeping pill and she was so starving of fucking so she obeyed me that night I went to her home at 11 itself and saw everyone were in deep sleep I was happy that am going to fuck my fantasized girl for the whole night and she came out of her bed room I took her to their hall and hugged very tightly that air was also not entering us.

I started kissing to which she immediately responded. We sucked our lips that were sounding like slurp for almost an hour I pressing her boobs and she was stroking my tool then after I hurriedly removed her nighty she did not wear her bra that day so she was standing nude in front of me that was feeling me damn hot inside and my tool has already risen to its extent waiting for jumping out of my pants.

I started pressing her right boob and took her left boob almost half into my mouth. I was sucking madly she got into full mood and was pressing me to her breast I was sucking her both boobs exchanging one by one she started moaning ahhhhhh haroon suck me hard harder this made me so mad I started licking her nipples and played with my tongue on her nipples and kissed little her body and bit some parts of the body too.

Now she took lead on me removed my shirt and pulled down my pants and undy and took my dick in her hand started stroking it. I was feeling so good she lick my head of the dick and saw me with those lust looks at me I was going mad with her licking she now started to suck slowly increased her speed now I caught her head and started to mouth fuck her and I have almost entered her throat with my jerks after some time of those jerks she again took hold of my dick and sucked very fast which made me cum in her mouth after 20 minutes of her sucking.

She had swallowed every drop of my cum cause she feels my cum so tasty. I enjoyed that session. We took some rest sleeping on the sofa she slept on it then I slept on her again playing with her boobs and ass made my dick strong she was also in mood and asked me to ride her and I had started kissing her pussy and inserted my two fingers into it. It was already so wet that slipped my fingers so easily now.

I had separated her legs and entered her with just two jerks she has screamed in pain and requested me to take my tool out and I was mad about her pussy and that was my first fuck so I was not willing to lose this chance so I convinced her that it would be nice after three to four jerks she bear it for some time after some jerks she was moaning like come on Vishal ride me ride me like a horse am your bitch whole night tear my pussy totally to your wish mhhh come on Vishal.

This words made me go mad I increased my speed more and more she had reached her orgasms twice and asking me to ride more I was fucking her with full force and speed and entered totally in her for my first and feeling so good like heaven that was an awesome feeling which I won’t be getting with anything but only by fucking a women after some time I too indicated to cum so I took out my tool and kept in front of her mouth.

I started jerking and had cum on her boobs and in her mouth. She licked my dick after that and went to clean herself to the bathroom. I took rest on the sofa there after some time she had come with some milk glass which we shared like on our first night this I had to ride her in doggy style and her on different positions and we have fucked till morning 6 am and I went to my home and slept.

We have enjoyed every day after this she had became a bitch who can satisfy any guy and after a year they had shifted from that place in the same month but we were in contact and this I had fucked her again after two months of the gap that I little narrate to you guys next time. Please kindly post your feedback and encourage me in writing the other parts of my mail address okay? Thanks

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