First Time Sex With My Virgin Girlfriend

Hello friend this is jistes from Indore and i am a regular reader of IIS but this is for the first time i am submitting my story on this IIS, so plz forgive me if i done some mistake while writing. Let me describe about my self i am a good looking guy with good built and i am 6 fit tall so if any girl from Indore would like to do friendship with me or want to have fun plz mail me at [email protected]

I am narrating this story about my first time sex experience with my girlfriend in Hydrabad. i am a IT professional and used to work in a good company in Hyderabad and residing in one building, in my neighbour two girls were living with their parents. it took a year to do friendship with them as i used to work in night shift most of the time. i used to like the younger girl her name was joythi because she is very hot and has big boob both sisters was very fair because they belong to kasmir, joythi used to come to my place for using internet as there family did not allowed them to get internet connection at there place in some time we became very frank and she started sharing her personal thing with me, she was having one boyfriend that time and used to discussed about him with but i was very interested in her as she was very beautiful whenever she used to come to my home i used to see her cleavage standing back while surfing the internet and and did masturbate on her name many times, once i decided to express my love to her when i told her that i fall in love with her and want to be your boyfriend but she said no as she was very younger to me and already had a boyfriend but she said her sister can be my girlfriend if i want so is agreed to her, she told her sister that i like her but i never told her personally.

After 3 months i moved to some other location which was near to my office in a big flat because it was very convenient for me to travel from my flat to my office. one day i got a message from riya Joythi elder sister that she loves me too and and want to spend her entire life with me but i did not replied back to her message as i did not want to marry her and even dont want to Betrayed her after doing sex with her.

One day i was coming from my office party and was little drunk so i dont know how but i just messaged her that i want to make love with her she replied back shayed ha shayed na so i asked again yes or no so she said yes. after that that i started telling her that i am still virgin and never had sex and would like to have sex with her. after seeing this message she started should me saying what do i think about her and she is not that kind of a girl Actually she did not understand the first message when i typed her that i want to make love with her and started saying maine aapke bare me kabhi sapno me bhi nahis socha tha ki i can ask such kind of question so i told her that you already proposed me and i could have done this by accepting your proposal but dont want to do that and i dont want to betrayed you i can not marry you but i you want to make love with me i am ready then she said never call me again and stopped messaging me.

After one month she messaged me hi janu how are you, after seeing this message i was shocked what happen to her. she also used to message love you miss you a lot seeing all this i also stared flirting with her one day i told her i want to meet her so she said will go outside somewhere but i told her that will meet at my place so no one can disturb us and will can chat for some time and i will drop you again to your place first she said no but she got agreed and planned to meet on monday she called her office and said he is not well so will not be comming to the office.


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