First Time In Devi Virgin Ass

Hi, friends I am back with the new incident with Devi.Read my previous stories to know about Devi.I am Vignesh from hosur completed engineering and currently working in Bangalore.After spending a lot of time with devi when her hubby gone to work. I thought to give a new try to her. She declined first after my compulsion finally she agreed to do with me.

The adventure started at a fine Tuesday morning when I applied to leave for my office work due to heavy rain in Bangalore cause of vardah cyclone in Tamilnadu. I messaged devi the same and told her about the chill climate. She replied with a naughty message like “Then you wont allow me to wear any dress today “. I replied her that I will come your home after your hubby leaves the home. She said ok. I got ready, ate my breakfast and saw the time on my phone. It was already crossed 10 a.M messaged her that I am coming. She replied come soon.
I went to her home and rang the bell of the back side door, there my angel Devi opened the door wearing blue color salwar and told me to get inside before someone could see me. I walked inside the home and she bolted the door. As soon as she did it I hugged her from behind and kissed her in the neck and found that she have already finished her bathing. I took her in my arms and started to walk inside her bedroom. We both fell on the bed and our lips meet again, her tongue drove into my mouth and her hand went instantly to my cock. As we kissed her hands roamed my body, feeling me, exploring me and taking off my dress.And I was feeling really good. My mind was racing and still kissing her took off her salwar and started undoing her all dress one by one.
I removed her blue bra and started to suck her right nipple I first just licked her nipple, without touching my lips to her her nipple.

Then finally put my lips and tongue on her nipple and took them in my mouth. I just can’t explain the feeling of sucking her milky soft boobs. I kept sucking on her boobs one after other. And after 10 mins I went down to her things when I pulled her panty down. It was clean shaved and I looked up into her eyes and smiled, then I kissed her pussy. With her hands on the back of my head, she slowly eased her pussy into my mouth. She was delicious! I kissed and sucked and fondled her for a few minutes and as I heard her moaning, I said quietly not to get too far ahead cause I wanted to show her more. She gently took me under arms and we both kissed. I laid down on the bed with my penis hard, she pulled my dick skin down.

I was now partially on and off the bed, my legs dangling to the floor. Her hand slowly went up to my chest and with the slightest squeeze, she asked if I was ready. I took a breath and heard myself say that I was her and in my mind, I already knew I was her for the taking. Then she spread her wide-open putting her legs over the bed exposing me to her wishes.I told her to be in a doggy pose so that I can fuck her from back. She rotated herself and came in doggy pose.Her ass was so sexy.Omg, I could not believe what I was thinking but I wanted it bad. I wanted her ass bad. I told her that today I will fuck you in ass. At first, she got afraid and after my request, she told me to be gentle.I applied some oil on her ass and too in my dick.I thrust my hips forward but she just moved back saying we will go slowly. As I looked into her eyes she just smiled at me, I leaned over her and gave her a kiss on the lips.
I said once I start I am going to stretch you, a lot, and you will eventually shrink back to size but she will always remember being stretched and filled. She accepts that cause I really did want to do that with her. Then without warning her slowly drove into her, just the head at first. As I did this her groin area and bottom started to tingle and spread through out her body. I said I would take care of her and inch by inch I moved further inside her. Ohhhh, the pain! She began to cry. I kissed her tears and asked if I wanted to stop. She murmured nooooo and kissed her some more. As I worked myself inside her, I think she said once more that it hurts. I said relax and enjoy the moment I was extremely turned on and I felt so dirty, but I loved it. I finally asked her if I could come inside her ass and she let me. It was great. I fucked her in the ass for more than 20 mins.I fell on her back and I was on top of her back for 5 mins. She pushed me away and she ran straight inside the bathroom to clean herself. I followed her and went inside the bathroom. There we had a shower together in the shower and I fucked her pussy under the shower and came inside her mouth.

We came outside after taking shower. She told me to take some rest so that she can prepare lunch for me. I sat nude on the sofa and started to watch tv for more than hour.She told that she finished cooking.We sat nude in the sofa and had our lunch together. After finishing lunch I fucked once again on her ass.I think now I am addicted to assfucking.We had a good time and fucked till evening. I left her home before her hubby could reach home. Please leave your valuable feedback on my email id [email protected]

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