First Sex With Aunty In Train

My Self Pradip, 24 Male. This is my first real story, which I am going to write before u. The story starts when my journey started from Bhubaneswar to New Delhi on this Jun end. I was virgin till that day.  As of I am 24 years old, so I am very eager to indulge in sex encounter. On that day, my train (Rajdhani) started on correct time as per schedule. I had taken my seat and gave a eye view all over my surrounding and got a beautiful lady in between 33 to 34 years having a kid, who is around 5 or 6 years old.

My seat and aunt seat are just in front of each other. When train got her speed after Cuttack, I used to see deeply over Aunt and it is going on somehow for half an hour. Then, suddenly aunt asked me a question that where were u going. On reply I said aunty I was going to Delhi and I also enquired same from aunty and she replied that I was also going to Delhi. Then I asked for why and she said my hobby is there and doing job in Delhi.

This type of conversation were going on each other for some hour. During conversation I used to take a view of auntie’s body, which was also aunty feel. some time I intentionally touched auntie’s foot and keep my foot on aunt’s foot. I saw that there was no objection from aunty and aunty give me no response, then, my courage grew up and these activities were going on. Sometimes I intentionally touched their knee and palm by bending my head. In these activities also aunty did not give any negative response and I got more courage.

Then, suddenly aunty asked in a slow voice that have u any girl friend, on which I surprised and said no. Then she said it can’t be possible like you guy. On return, I said aunty it is true and u have to believe.. then she said it is ok. After these question aunty looked upon me very sexily.  Now the time to explain about aunty.. aunty was very beautiful having 36-34-36 size and on that he was in sarre and blouse. The red saree with red blouse and a pick color bindi on her forehead brighten her beauty.

I was totally hot by seeing her beauty and imagining how I can enjoyed her and prayed God, please God make me one chance to enjoy the beauty of heaven. After that question I saw also aunty in a different manner to explore her body, and in return, aunty also feel my sense and laugh sexily and knowing caressed her thigh and neck. These way our train crossed Kharagpur and we all took our dinner. After dinner we all ready for sleep, and all side and middle screen got down, but I did not down my screen and slept openly. I felt sad when aunty had got down their screen.

Time passed, after fifteen minutes I saw that aunt had fold their screen and took it on one side. Then i knowingly saw towards aunt and aunt told that you did not sleep till now? On reply I said no aunt.. and I asked u did not also sleep aunty. Aunty said that I was getting bored … in a sexy way. I feel that something can happened. Then I said also aunty I was also got bored.. then I used to saw aunty in a very closed way by taking my head towards her, dear friend our seats were lower side.

Then aunty said what u were seeing. I said no aunty.. nothing, nothing. Then aunty said don’t be a childish, I was seeing right from Bhubaneswar that you were seeing very naughtily, On reply I said aunty, really you are very beautiful. By listening this, aunty got very openly and sided her pallu and explore her boobs. Oh god the vision of her boobs with red blouse in dim light made me mand and I got erected in my dick.

Then my eyes were tack with her boobs and aunty said hai what were u seeing. I said aunty call me Pradip and again my eyes were stitched on her boobs and I caressed my dick over pant with one of my hand. Then aunty said Pradip really u want these. By listening these words I exclaimed and said aunty really I want when I saw you in Bhubaneswar, u can feel that and I again caressed my penis.

Aunty said Pradip what u are doing.. I said aunty by seeing your boobs I can’t control, then she said if u saw in this way u can’t control then what will be you when u saw a naked women. Then I said I don’t know aunty what will be happen. Then aunty got closed my side and said in my ear do u want to fuck me, I said really aunty, I want to enjoy with u. Then she said come to Latrine, I will wait for u and she got to latrine side.  After five minutes, I went to Latrine side and wait but no response coming from any side and I was offset and can’t do anything because both side Latrine were closed.

Suddenly, from Westernized Latrine side, Aunty picked me inside and closed the Latrine door and hugged me tightly. I also hugged her tightly and feel her smooth boobs in my chest. This happened almost two minutes, then aunty relaxed me and I kissed her lips, aunty gave me response in a stylish way and take my tongue in her mouth and we exchanged both of our saliva.. I was in heaven on that time, as, it was my first experience, I can’t feel what was going on with me and in my mind.

My 8 inch dick was on full erect position, then aunty relaxed and taken my dick on her hand and gave a hand blow and I opened her blouse and bra, Oh god,, What boobs were.. the pick color nipple made me mad and one of I took in my mouth and sucked and pressed other one. This time i got fully aroused and said aunty I will be ejaculated on few second, then she said ok, it was your first time so it will be done very soon and I have ejaculated over their boobs.

I said aunty what will be happen next.. then aunty said there have to be done many more and gave a flow of my sperm over their body and hugged me once and gave me a kiss, in alter i kissed very tightly and this time i pressed her boobs and nipple sucked her nipple, ear and pressed boobs very hardly. Aunty said do it hardly and i pressed again very hardly and one of my hand went down towards her navel and ultimately I opened her saya and made her totally naked. Aunty also made me totally naked and sat down over Western Latrine by exploring their love hole.

I exclaimed by seeing her vagina. She was not shaved but had taken cut their pubic hairs. I kissed her navel and give a glimpse of her vagina and kissed and rub my hand over there, she said ah.. ah… and then I rub my tongue in her vagina and in clitoris she enjoyed me and then I saw some juice comes from inside and I drunk all. I feel good and inserted my tongue on her hole and slowly touch every bits of her love hole.

She gave unsound and I said don’t do that otherwise we will be fall in problem, and i removed my tongue from her vagina and enter in her mouth and pressed her boobs. She said do it very hardly and I kissed all over her body. Seat in between two thigh and kissed her boobs and nipple. Pressed very hard and I got down and insert my tongue again in her vagina and caressed her clitoris.

This time, I got again erect in my dick and not want to waste my time and very speedily I fucked her in my tongue. Aunty said please now u insert ur dick and i stand up. Aunty took my penis in her hand and guided me. I bend some and give a thrust over their vagina and my dick entered 3inch in her love hole and aunty said slowly insert, then i calm for few second and again gave a force, this time, my 8 inch dick got insert fully and I used to give force from my back slowly and slowly.

On return aunty also gave force from her side. Oh God, what a fell I get on that time.. I was on heaven… then I speed my motion and she also. Then I got calmed and looked her boobs and I pressed her two boobs and insert my tongue in her mouth and again start my motion, This time I fucked her about 10 minutes.. and then aunty said i was coming then i speed up my motion and also ejaculated in her love hole. Then my dick was inside her and i sucked her boobs and sometimes her lips.

Then aunty said now get up and dressed, we have to go. I said ok, I get up and dressed up aunty also got ready. We again hugged very hardly and took kissed each other and I came first and after some time aunty also come to her seat. In our journey, we fucked for three times. In next time I will narrate how I fucked her in her home. mail me at [email protected]

Dear friends, this is my true story which I encountered in my journey. I narrated for first time so if, is there any mistake please forgive me. What you feel after reading my story please mail me at [email protected] After then I narrate my second journey, “how I fucked aunty in her Home”.

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