Facebook To Friends With Benefit

The story begins as always with me being horny and having a hard on. So to calm or enjoy myself I would go and watch some porn videos (mostly Japanese or Indian). While watching few videos and having my hard on dick in my hand and masturbating, I went into my facebook account and starting looking around at few unknown girls, so that I would imagine having sex with them. As I was looking around I noticed a girl who had many mutual friends. She looked really cute and I realized that she was from my school. So I decided to send a friend request to her knowing perfectly well that she won’t accept from a total stranger to my surprise, she accepted it the next day.
Oh ya, and about me masturbating, I let out a huge load of cum.
Anyways, I was really excited that she had accepted my friend request so I immediately send a “Hi” to her message.

After few hours, as I was working, I got a reply back from her saying “Hello”. And ya, her name was Sarah (not her real name). I got excited that she replied which I didn’t expected, so I asked Sarah if she was studying in my old school to which she said yes.

Like this days went by and we started getting closer and closer. Eventually, we exchanged our cell numbers and started chatting through Whatsapp. We got so close that our main topic of conversation was sex and parts of the body, which obviously made me really hard and horny, but I never had any feeling towards her, though, well not yet anyways.

So one day as we were talking, she told me that she went to her cousin sister’s place (who just got recently married) and she was talking to Sarah about her first night experiences. Sarah told me that the way her sister described it was awesome and it made her really horny.
“If your feeling that horny, why don’t you start fingering yourself now,” I told her and started laughing.

“If you are ok with it then ya sure,” she replied with a giggle.
This made me really hot and I could feel my dick getting hard and popping out of my boxers.
“Sure,” I said.

“Ok, my finger is inside my pussy. What should I do?” she said and I could imagine her having a naughty smile on her face.
I told her to finger yourself and she started fingering. I could hear her breathing heavily and making sexy sounds. My dick got so hard and started pressing against my jeans. I told her to press her boobs as she was wearing her headphones. She replied with a sexy “Sure” and started moaning louder and louder. Then after about 20 mins she said that she was done as she cummed. It was and awesome experience, having to hear her make those horny sounds. After a while, we said our good byes and cut the calls. After cutting I noticed that my dick so hard and it made a wet stain on my jeans. I immediately went to the bathroom and masturbated imagining her as she was fingering herself.

This went on for a couple of months, we would have sex chats over the phone and we would start masturbating has we were chatting. Our relationship grows stronger and stronger that we started sending nude pictures of our private parts to each other. She would send photos of her stomach, lips and pussy with her underwear but never her boobs. I would send photos of my hard on dick and sometimes videos of me stroking my dick.

Days went past of us talking and sending photos to each other, so one day she said that she wanted to come over to my place because she wanted to learn a computer software from me. I was ok with this and gave my address to her and told to come over the next day around 1 pm. We both were excited but before cutting the call we discussed to masturbated again.

Next day I was excited, excited has she was coming over. I don’t know whats going to happen, I wanted to touch her but I don’t want to give her a wrong impression about me, so I was kinda confused and excited at the same time. It was 1:15 pm when she called me and said that she was standing next to my gate. I went out and saw her standing (this made me really hard) and called her and welcomed her into my house. We both were excited to finally see each other face to face. We chatted for a while and later decided to go to the computer room (remember she came over to learn a computer software). I switched to the system and started teaching her but most of the time we were chatting around and she would playfully slap me. Later I noticed that she was looking at me and later would look down and back to me and back to looking down. I wondered at what she was seeing so I looked at that direction and noticed that my little brother (the dick) was standing up like a tree and had made a wet stain made on my track shots. This made me really embarrassed, so I stood up quickly and turned around and told her that I am going to the toilet. I noticed her smile as she said ok. Inside the toilet, I adjusted my dick and placed it properly inside my boxers.

“All done?” she asked me with a smile, as I came out of the toilet.
I gave an embarrassing smile and I went back to teaching her.
We were chatting for a while and started having small naughty conversations. I really wanted to touch her and I do not know how. I had millions of idea in my head as to how to touch her. But without releasing it I slowly went and touched her stomach. She gave me a shocked look which went back to a smiling face. She slowly held my hand and gently moved it aside. For a moment I was worried but later realized that she had no problem with this, so I again moved my hand back to her stomach, which felt really nice. She again slowly held my hand but this time she didn’t move it aside but instead gave me a smile. Then and there I lost my control and moved my hand to her breast and pressed it for which she gave a very sexy look. She had a small nice pair of round breast. I continued pressing her breasts and started pressing it harder.

“Ohhhh, ouch not so hard,” she moaned.

I didn’t listen to her, I pressed it, even more, harder with both hands to which she moaned louder and started biting her lips. She looked at me with those sexy look in her eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her on her lips. My hands on her boobs and my lips on her lips. It felt awesome. I continued kissing her, our mouth started getting wet, saliva dripping from our corners. I inserted my tongues inside her mouth, she started licking and sucking on it. My one hand was holding her head has I was kissing her and biting her soft lips and my other hand was down over pants rubbing her pussy. She was moaning on and on even though we were kissing. I inserted my hand inside her pants and underwear and my gosh, her pussy was drench and felt very slimy. This made me even more excited, I inserted my middle finger into her wet pussy, like how they showed in porn videos, and her pussy started injected out the wet juice. I started moving my hand with my middle finger inside her pussy. She started moaning and moving her hips sidewards.

Her wet pussy juice started flowing out making my fingers all wet. I removed my hand from of her pants and started unbuttoning her t-shirt. I removed her t-shirt and there staring back at me were her two cute round boobs with her white bra covering it. I could hear my heart pounding fast in my chest.
“Hehe”, Sarah giggled.

“What?” I asked her, looking back at her.
“Your expression on your face”, she replied, now her hand rubbing my hair and the other pressing my cheeks. “The way you are staring at my boobs, very cute it looks.”
I smiled back at her and kissed her on her lips then on her cheeks and then down to her neck. I removed her bra and saw her white fair boobs with pink pointed nipples.
“Treat them well”, she said.

I nodded and moved forward towards her boobs, first smelling it and then sucking on one of her nipples and pressing the other with my hand. I started sucking, licking and biting her nipples. She was moving all around her chair. I even tried squeezing one of her boobs with both my hands tried to fit it inside my mouth.

“It’s not going to fit idiot”, she said, realizing what I was trying to do.
“Let’s see,” I replied, knowing full well that it won’t fit (but what’s the harm in trying :p). I tried my best to fit it inside my mouth. She was moaning and was holding my head, but eventually I gave up :p
I went back to sucking both her nipples by pressing her boobs together and went down and starting kissing her stomach and gave her a sweet love bite on it.

I sat up and took her hand and placed it on my hard dick. She started stroking my dick. I stood up removed my pants and underwear, sat down and placed her hands on my dick. This time she was having loads of fun with it. She started playing with it, stroking it up and down, playing with my balls. At this time my dick started getting bigger which was when I asked her to suck it, which she gladly did. She started sucking on, which let out lots of sounds, it was amazing, though her teeth were hurting my dick, which I didn’t care. She played on my tip and started licking the juice which I was let out. Sometimes I would purposely let out the juice and ask her to lick it. Then later I went down and removed her pants and underwear and stared at her sweet, wet, less hairy, pink pussy. I went forward and started licking and fingering it at the same time.

She started moving her hips and held my head and pushed it even closer to her pussy. I started licking it moved and inserted two of my fingers in her pussy which went she climaxed and let out a flow of her sweet juice. She pulled my head up and kissed me on my lips really hard and started her tongue inside her mouth and biting lips. She went down and started sucking on my dick. She sucked it so hard and licking it with her tongue at the same time, it was awesome and she was my first. I finally cummed inside her mouth which she sucking and swallowed it. It was amazing.

We did this for over a year or two, every time when my parents are not at home she would come over. We would first start watching a movie on a couch which we would, later on, end up naked lying on the couch. We would even go to theaters and while watching I would take her hand and would start playing with it and would start sucking and biting her fingers. I would even go close to her and would slowly start pressing on of her boobs. She would breathe heavily, which would make me press her boob even harder. I would insert my hand inside her sleeves and would start playing and pinching her nipple.

These were my experiences with my sweet lovely Sarah for over the pass 4 years. We never fucked as we thought it was better to not lose our virginity. We tried anal but my dick was too big to fit inside her tiny asshole or maybe I do not know how to do it properly :p
I hope you all loved it. Please do contact me through [email protected] (ladies, I talking to you :*)
Thank you all,
Have a good fucking day.

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