I was married to a rich Gujarati businessman in Pune. I wont describe more about him.

During the monsoons i used to stay indoors and watch tv. The two servants used to cook and do other works. Today my husband got a phone call that his friend is dead under mysterious circumstances. He told me ‘i am going to Mumbai and back tomorrow’.

I took bath and came out to see that outside there was heavy rainfall and those two idiots were nowhere nearby.I went upstairs and saw that both of them were dancing on the roof naked along with our maid. They were having fun in the rain.

When they saw me all of them shouted ‘malkin join us, we will have fun’. I got angry” you badtameez people ,dont talk nonsense with me ” .The maid said ” maybe your body is ugly inside, so you are embarrassed that we will find out the truth ” .i replied ” i have much better body than you dark poor villagers ”

“If that’s the case malikn let us see whether your insides are as beautiful as your face, i mean whether your boobs are fair and beautiful like your face ” i didn’t know what to say.I looked nearby. Our building was tallest in the locality and only birds can view the roof from outside. i stepped into the rain.I was wearing only a yellow sleeveless blouse and a yellow saree.In the rain they sticked to my body.They asked me to take off my clothes. I dropped my anchal and exposed my boobs covered by wet blouse.

The nipples and my breast was clearly visible as the blouse cloth was thin.” come on malkin take off your blouse ” .i opened my blouse buttons one by one and my boobs were visible just above my nipples. I was feeling ashamed and stopped lowering my head.But my maid puled my blouse away from my body and didn’t allow me to cover my breasts with my hands. She was stronger than me and held my hands behind me.

The 25 two naked servants came forward. There dick erected seeing my naked boobs.” wow malkin your breasts are so round and fair lets enjoy your breasts ” then they massaged my breasts and sucked my nipples. they sucked at the same time. I was unable to stop my ugly servants from kissing my breasts. Then i lost control and allowed them to suck my nipples holding their head.

Then they pushed me to the wall and pulled my saree away making me completely naked.He held one of my legs upward.I balanced myself with only one leg and the maid supported me. My pussy was widened as my leg was raised above his shoulder.Then he put his erect penis inside my pussy.holding my waist he went on pumping till his juice went inside my pussy.

I raised the other leg this time. One leg was held by the servant and the other by the maid. I was thin but they were strong. I kept my hand around their shoulders and they held me raised straight by keeping their hands behind my thigh and under my knee. This time my pussy was more widened. They rain water was falling over my naked breasts and pussy. The second servants penis was much bigger. He held my boobs and inserted his dick completely in one push.I screamed in pain and asked him to stop for the moment. He didn’t take his organ out and kept it inside for one minute.

Instead of bringing out he started to rotate it inside. My pussy was now adjusted for his size and the pain reduced. Then he moved in and out.As his size was bigger than my opening the movement was slow even though he tried to make it fast.As my pussy filled with my cum juice he gained speed and ejaculated his semen inside. I felt his sperms flowing inside my body. I hope i don’t get pregnant with my servants’ babies .
After one and half year I came along with my husband and one year old son in a rented apartment in ghaziabad. His business in Pune was bit down.We had no servants and I had to work for myself. Our landlord is very rich. He has two cars. They have a full time servant and a part time maid. The servant rampratap is of my age.

As I faced problems in managing work he helped me for free.He used to come to our house occasionally to give sweets from his owner during pujas or to invite us on behalf of his masters for social gatherings. Sometimes our landlady would send him to ask for sugar or spices. I developed a relationship with him. One day i found out even though nobody send :he used to manage an excuse to enter my room when my husband used to be out for duty.

I used to breast feed my son in front of him as i considered him a close person. he used to stare at my naked breasts when my baby sucked milk from my breasts. Today he came too close and peaked inside my blouse. i asked him whats the matter baby; he replied ” your doodh filled boobs are so fair and he pressed my right breast inserting his hands inside my blouse. I was not surprised as i was expecting him to do this type of shameless act.

I wanted him to bring out his animal instincts. He said holding my breast ” your boob is so soft” .my baby finished drinking milk from my left breast. i got up and slowly removed my blouse from my body and took off my saree.i was standing only in my petticoat. He gazed at my mammary glands with big eyes. i cupped my breasts with my hands and asked him to suck my right breast. Then he started to drink milk from the soft muscular milk secreting round organ on my chest. He sucked my right breast dry.

He went upstairs satisfied. This type of breastfeeding continued for several months. My baby would suck one breast and the servant would suck another breast. i felt as if i had another grown up baby.

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