“If that’s the case malikn let us see whether your insides are as beautiful as your face, i mean whether your boobs are fair and beautiful like your face ” i didn’t know what to say.I looked nearby. Our building was tallest in the locality and only birds can view the roof from outside. i stepped into the rain.I was wearing only a yellow sleeveless blouse and a yellow saree.In the rain they sticked to my body.They asked me to take off my clothes. I dropped my anchal and exposed my boobs covered by wet blouse.

After one and half year I came along with my husband and one year old son in a rented apartment in ghaziabad. His business in Pune was bit down.We had no servants and I had to work for myself. Our landlord is very rich. He has two cars. They have a full time servant and a part time maid. The servant rampratap is of my age.

He went upstairs satisfied. This type of breastfeeding continued for several months. My baby would suck one breast and the servant would suck another breast. i felt as if i had another grown up baby.


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