A Camping Night Turned Into First Night For Komal

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Rohit here from mumbai.  This is gonna be my 3rd story on ISS. I also had many encounters with an ISS reader which I will describe in next story.


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The previous stories were totally based on fiction but this proceeding story that I am gonna share is totally based on real incidences and every word happened just as it will be described.


Every one has a fantasy of having sex with their best friend deep inside even I had such a fantasy but never took a step so as not to make things awkward ahead.


Komal, 22-year-old and me, 22 year old as well had been best friends for around 9 years and we used to hangout more than what a typical gf-bf would hang out.Now to tell you about Komal, she was 36-28-34. Her boobs were 34b just perfectly shaped round and she used to wear push up bra due to which her cleavage would be visible she was too fair and had long and silky hairs which had slight golden tint.


We knew each other’s darkest secrets and I also knew komal’s wild fantasy about how she wanted to have sex in the open in the dark below the moonlight and besides a lake- a fantasy enough to send a chill down the spine.


Imagine how it would be in the real. And also she knew about my dark fantasy of having sex in a light house with the view of the entire sea.

We shared a very deep bond that some people would think are in a relationship but we never cared what people thought about us.


It was just recently in the mid of December 2016. There was cold everywhere in Pune. I have a home in Pune as well and I had come on a vacation to my parent’s house.


This is where Komal also had her parents house and we had come here together and then went seperately to our homes.


It was a vacation and after 3-4 days, as usual, we started getting bored. We decided to meet outside at a coffee shop and talked and laughed on everything we could. Suddenly Komal looked at me and said

” rohit, lets go for a bike ride!!!!”.


I was surprised as I always kept asking her about the ride and she would not come ever.


I said “Let’s go camping as well !!!, I have a tent and we ll do camping”.

So finally we made a plan and us along with 3 other bikers ( friends) we decided to take a bike ride to lonavla.  It was just a 1.5-hour bike ride from Pune.


I pinned all the necessary stuff to the bike( royal Enfield) and also the tent in which we were gonna stay. We started our ride along with our friends and then every one kept speeding fast. We were going slower than everyone else. The other 2 bike had 2 girls and 2 boys.

We were enjoying our bike ride and it was already getting dark. We decided to take an off route and got down took a less known and less frequent road. After driving for around 20 kms we realized there was no one on the road. The road that we were driving had a beautiful scenery even during the night time. There was a backwater of some dam to the right and beautiful mountains beyond the water. The moon was full lit and the road was visible even without the headlights. We stopped by at a place to admire the beauty of nature and we just choose to get lost in it.


After feeling the nature for a moment we decided to go just as we were about to get onto the bike, I realized that the chain had broken and was not able to rotate. I tried starting my bike but nothing worked. It was 9 in the night and we could see no one to help us. No other car or bike stopped.


“Oh shit !!!” she frowned ” couldn’t you get your bike properly made before coming???”  I said ” now I didn’t knew this was gonna happen!!”.


” what do we do now???”. I said ” let’s call others and ask for help “.

None of our phones had network .

Everything was fucked up.


We decided to spend a night somewhere nearby.  We already had the tents. ” follow me lets find some place nearby and just spend the night here, we ll find some help in the morning “.

She said ” okay fine, and I hate you”


I said ” yah you have all the right to hate me now!!”


We just started walking down the slope until we found we found a little plain and open ground and guys you won’t believe me the view of the place was too awesome. There was the water in front of us. The lining of far located mountains was clearly visible which were surrounded by dense fog. ” woohoo, this view is worth spending a night at,” she said. There was a smile again on both of our faces and we began talking all the normal bullshit talks that we usually keep talking.


She said she was feeling cold, I bought some wood from nearby and piled it up and lit it with my lighter. Our faces were glowing and she looked too pretty. I kept looking at her and her body was getting too much highlighted in the light. ” what you looking at,rohit??”.


” someone I would wanna make love with right now. ” I replied.

She got shocked with my reply and I said ” I always imagined making love to you and touching your body as no one would have touched.”


” rohit, be within your limits, we are friends!!!”

” but things between friends can also go ahead ,” I said

There was silence between us for a while . I thought I just made it too quick to say all this.


There were stars glittering above us. We had never seen so many stars above us ever in the city. I lay down on the ground in order to divert from the awkwardness and kept looking at the sky.The fire was lit and the tent was already made. She came and slept beside me and put her hand around my body and placed her head on my chest and said ” rohit I always loved you” I always wanted my first time to you. She was virgin and never had sex. I just looked at her, she eas looking at me with all the lust-the lust that would make you a hard on instantly. She came close to me and closer and closer and placed her lips onto mine. My eyes closed instantly and without any control, my lips started sucking her soft flower like lips. I could feel her body shiver as our lips met for the first time.


When you kiss a person for the first time  it is always the best feeling guys.


Believe me, I  had kissed many girls but kissing her instantly made me loose my senses. My hands went behind her head and held her tightly. She wrapped her legs around my waist in sitting position and we started kissing each other vigorously. Our skin had become warm and started rubbing against each other. Both of us had goosebumps on the skin. There were crickets cracking sound all around us. The fire was lit and we could see each other’s faces were reflecting light our eyes were glittering.


My hands slowly caught her big boobs and started squeezing them over her top. Her boobs were too soft and her erect nipples could be felt over her top. I kissed her cheeks, she shyly turned her head towards her neck.  Caught her earlobes and bit it lightly.


Her eyes were closed and she was leaving soft moans  “Mmmmmm, aahhhhhh “.

I kissed her cheeks bit her chin .

Then her neck. As I kissed her neck she tightly hugged me and whispered into my ears ” Rohit, I love you. Please make this night memorable”.


I looked back into her eyes and said ” I ll make this night memorable “.


My hands reached her from behind her top and caressed her back . Her back was too soft and silky and smooth . My got her top off and threw it away.


And wow I could see the sexiest boobs in my entire life. She had worn a sexy red coloured laced bra which mad her bigger boobs seem all the sexier I kissed her in between her cleavage and unhooked her bra in one attempt.


Her boobs bounced out of her bra like they were waiting for me to be released. I groped her naked boobs and her light pink nipples had now become red with blood filled in it. I held one of her boobs and squeezed them in upper direction as hard as possible.Her eyes were closed and her hands were digging into my neck which left red marks on my neck.

I pinched hr nipples with my fingers and pulled them lightly towards me .


I sucked her one boob as I was squeezing another. My penis had now become all the more erect.


Her hands slowly held my penis from above my pants. She started feeling my penis and said “Oh my god, its too big. Please go easy on me Rohit !!”


I smiled back at her and just gave a very intensive bite on her boob.  She shouted ” ouchhhhh!!!! ” very loudly. The voice echoed back as there was no one around. It left my teeth marks on her left boob. I slowly started going down, kissing her stomach, her belly button and then down to her jeans.


I kissed her pussy over her jeans and then in one forced attempt I removed her jeans and panty in one go. ..

And damn!!! Her pussy was heaven. It was light pinkish and the pussy lips were closely against each other. She was virgin !!!!!.  The pussy seemed just as one would find in porn. Just too fair and juicy. I spread her legs and lightly gave a lick to her pussy.


She closed her eyes and pulled my hairs, her body had now arched. I held her boobs and slightly started licking her pussy.

My tongue slowly began giving shallow thrusts to her pussy.

Slowly and steadily then later I  increased my pace and started licking her harder .


She was not more aroused and ready and heated up.  I kept sucking her pussy for 15 mins and pater she released her cum and I licked all of it.

She held my t-shirt and got it off me. And started sucking my nipples hungrily. I could see her hunger in her actions.


She licked my abdomen and then gave me a lot of love bites all over my upper body. She got my pants off and then my underwear off.

My thick and long dick was let free before her.


Her eyes popped out of shock. ” rohit how will it fit in my pussy”.

” it ll definately fit in your mouth.”  I said.  She took my dick and started licking it taking it deep all inside her mouth.


Her lips were playing with my glans penis . She was sucking at the same time stroking it up and down.


My eyes rolled back in pleasure and I left a long moan and held her head and pushed my penis deep into her throat and all of my cum had now released into her mouth.


As I got my penis out I could see her choking already.

Her mouth was filled with my white thick cum.

She was begging I want that penis in my pussy right now.


After 5 mins my penis had now regained erection .

.We now headed back into the tent .

The tent was big enough.


I spread her legs. Her pussy had now become wet for my thick cock to go into her pussy. I placed my cock on her pussy and teased her clits. Her eyes were rolling behind in pleasure. And then slowly I started putting my cock inside her pussy. It didn’t go inside in the first attempt she left out a moan.



Then I placed it and pushed it inside with all my force. She shouted very loudly  .


There were tears rolling out of her eyes. I licked her tears and then slowly started stroking my dick inside her pussy. Slowly she started enjoying the act and her pain had now turned into pleasure.

Her moans had now become louder ” aaah ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh”.


” rohit fuck me hard rohit!!!!”.

I kissed her lips kept smooching her all the while.

I increased my pace and she had wrapped her legs around my waist and her tight pussy was making my dick more  hot .


Her hotness inside the pussy was making it sexier.

I increased my pace and held her neck as I fucked her almost choking her but she said she enjoyed this being held by the neck .

I gave her love bites even on her ass.

I kept fucking her for 30 mins and later I unloaded all the cum inside her


Then she came over me and slept on me like a baby.


Later I fucked her in the cowboy position . There were sounds of “Thap thap thap thap thap ” sound echoing all around the surrounding..

We kept fucking all night for 3-4 hours and every time I came all inside her.


We fucked all night and then slept naked over each other.


Next morning we both got up our bodies aching but when we opened the tent the sunrise was too damn beautiful and the sounds of birds chirping made it all the more romantic. We got up arranged some transport for us and later joined our group


We truly had an amazing sex and that too unexpectedly.

Later we also had many such sex session as that we had said each other about  our fantasies.


I will say those new adventures in the next story.

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