The Beauty I Desired For, Was In My Hands Unexpectedly

Hi, my name is Vishal(name changed).I am 25 years, good looking guy with 5’9 height, fair complexion,65kgs with a hot and thick 6inch conductor. I live in Vizag-the beautiful beach city.Here I am writing my experience which happened to me in October. This is my first story on ISS and real story with no fiction.Give your feedback me at [email protected]

I am a kind of guy who always wanted to be a virgin until I find the love of my life.For this reason, I have never crossed my limits until then.After finishing my grad I am living a life of -no girl vicinity.And all of a sudden a beauty entered my life who used to be my long time school friend.Riya , all time beauty in my school history.She is of 5’5, white complexion, beautiful eyes and in a long silky hair looks astonishing.With 34-26-34, I tell you guys to go crazy.Added to this the most attractive part, is her thighs.What a beauty she is!!

Riya used to be a good friend of mine from the childhood and after joining our higher studies we parted our ways and was never in contact with her.After finishing her studies, she is back to Vizag and was in good contact with me.She told me everything about her life in the past and in the middle she revealed that she had a boyfriend and she seriously wanted to get married to him but as every other love story her parents rejected her boyfriend.She was really upset with that and left Vizag for joining a company in Hyderabad. After getting into a job she used to call me in a choked voice and weep about the situations happening in her home and I used to make her smile all the time when she is totally upset.And all of a sudden she called me and said she is doubting her bf of cheating on her and that doubt later grew and did leave her in a breakup situation.

After that she got busy with life and was very rare in contact and in 9 months she was back in Vizag and she was absolutely normal that gave me a sigh of relief and was happy for her for recovering from the bad instincts so soon.After that she is happy and used to talk to me often.But the real story started then,

She asked to come home one day and was talking usual and then I asked the reason y she called me ,but that time she is wearing a pink patterned short skirt and a round neck t-shirt and was picking some items from the freezer revealing some sight of her beautiful thighs but I was saying no to myself and was trying to control my hormones.She caught me looking at her but I was unaware of that,later she was standing at the main door of her house and was talking to postman while I was sitting inside ,there my sight lost to the beautiful view of her inner garments (panty) by the striking sunlight as I am sitting opposite side.And then the conversation was usual and we thought of playing truth or dare.

I turned the bottle and it stopped and it stopped striking me

Riya: okay, truth or dare

Me: truth

Riya: how do I look?

Me:; hmmm, beautiful very beautiful, and the bottle stopped again pointing me

Riya: whats my panty color today?

Me: shocked!! But said pink:p,

As I am in confusion she came near and slapped me and asked, stupid!! How did u know that? I said “I’ve seen while you picking items from refrigerator” and she said I’ve seen you seeing and you will never dare to do that again in your life.I was very much ashamed and feeling awkward but she asked to continue the game.The bottle stopped pointing riya.

Me: what’s your secret desire?

Riya slid away from the bottle, came near and said I badly wanted you today, saying that she kissed on my lips.We were on the floor kissing each other very badly leaving the whole world behind.We were kissing like hell for fifteen odd minutes and she broke the kiss and said I love you if you love me kiss me back.But I was in the mood to listen to all that stuff and encountered back with a passionate kiss on her lips.I was on cloud 9 for such a romantic kiss.I have kissed many other but I have never experienced such a romantic kiss.The way she kissed is so romantic and the room was totally filled with love and lust and a desire for wanting each other.Then I stopped and asked, “Then why did you slap me”.She said just for fun and I am actually picking the items just to make you horny and winked at me.

I was like damn, what a women are you!!, I kissed her softly this time on her lips and then on her neck and was planting kisses everywhere possible.She was passionately feeling every bit of my kissing and with full of lust I am feeling every bit of her flesh.As I am kissing her, I slowly untied her bra hooks from inside and unwrapped her t-shirt.
Wow!! I was totally lost with that sight and started sucking her big melons.I have taken her to the bedroom and got hold of her right boobs and was sucking and pinching her pink nipples and was slowly moving downwards.As I started kissing on her belly button she started mourning a bit.I totally came down and kissed her toe and then towards her knee.I was at the most attractive part of her, those thighs are really making me mad and my tongue got into action and I’m sucking like a slave and she removed her panty and the real dare game has started now.Those pink lips wanted my tongue action and I first kissed one pussy lip softly which tasted sour but sweet to heart, and I’m sucking
Those pussy lips softly and crushed one lip under my teeth and then she shouted “Stupid!! Make it slowly”.I slowly restarted the action and was sucking her pussy very badly and she was like mourning slowly “Ahhh ahhh vishalllll please give me more ra,I can’t hold my heart desire anymore, ahh ahh Vishal come give me more”

Then I went back to lips and was kissing then she slowly whispered in my ears” Vishal come fuck me please”.This one line has turned on me to a great level because I have never expected this from her.I had a great lust for her but I have never expressed but this has come to me as a surprise.

I was fully turned on by that word and put my dick inside her pussy as she directed and I pushed it inside in a one goooo!! Wow, that was heaven come down feeling with her, and I slowly moved my dick inside out with slow movement and listening to her words, she was telling “Vishal I felt like having this with you from the past 9 months”.I was puzzled

But it’s no time to get puzzled and then started to stroke my action a bit more and I got wild and making it hard and hard, she is telling like “Vishal please go much harder, fuck me more hard Vishal…..” I fucked her to the full extent for 25 mins and I cummed.I was lying on her chest for some more time and dressed up.

After that, we had so many other sessions in the nights cheating her brother and sister who were just sleeping beside her.After that session, I became a sex freak.Any women wanted sex can contact me and I’m sure to keep it confidential.So, this is my first story here, please consider having a look even it contain some mistakes and please give your valuable feedback at [email protected]

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