Beautifully Cursed And Curved

Hi everyone, this is my 1st attempt to portray my experience with a grown up women which happened 2 years ago.

I am dany from bangalore, 22 years old with a good fit body of height 5.7ft.

This is about a woman whom I met at the moment of career choosing in my life when I was 20.

Vandy (name changed of course) her name. A hot nerd with no glasses on.

Her amazing stats were mouth watering, 34 30 36. 5.8ft and 25 years old(currently 27yrs), she was working in one of the top e-commerce company with a engineering back ground.

I had a tough time figuring out my career path and I took my dad’s advice and got in with civil exams preparation. So I joined a coaching institute, quite a place the rt Nagar was. I got an admission, with the great spirit, started focusing my time and mind on the classes. Every time I tried answering the lecture, there a lady from the front speaking my mind out, I was really amazed and intimidated by her.
Oh god! She looked damn pretty.. Fair complexion, no marks on face and a smile of an angel, I was totally into her. Started talking to her in nerd sense and got her attention somehow, made her understand that you’re not the only smart pants here.

Since it was the beginning of the course people started forming groups in the class, so did I. Formed a group of few members who were hot shots of the class. Got two good looking ass smaking personalities in my group, yes they had great cup size. Every time they come close I used to shivers man!! Ugh!.

Some what made a good relation with vandy got close to her. Then, get to know that she was in the very bad emotional state, her father had passed away and she was the eldest daughter and her mother was mentally ill. She had a very young brother to take care as well.
Economically and professionally she was sound and crisp.
We started dating, in fact, a lot. I got to know that she has a boyfriend and she was very loyal to him till she met me.

We both, started spending time at my place. She was so well connected emotionally to me. Which led to my 1st to kiss her, it turned very awkward and unsuccessful. I always admired her though, but after that day, she called my mom and told her what happened between us.
My mother was afraid, tried making me understand what I did in an informal way.

Then I told vandy that I love her in spite of the age gap between us and the awkward moment, she didn’t agree.

But I persuaded her, started spending even more time with her, helped her in a lot of possible manners.

One day at home she sat next to me watching tv. All of a sudden to my shock, she kissed me….
I was clueless and just got along, kissing made her go crazy.
She was a woman lit on fire, sweaty and restless.

She fought with me all of a sudden over a simple thing and she reached the door to out of my home.
I grabbed her, told her I love you and I carried her despite her resistance. She was quite heavy but, in that moment I don’t know I just picked her up like a peace of cake.
Kept kissing her carrying her along the hallway. Slammed her to the wall and told never leave me.

She just couldn’t stop kissing me, she got down from my clutch and slammed me back to the wall and told, I do what I want. Boy, the slam didn’t hurt a bit though it sounded too loud. Kept on kissing her again and again.
She’s spreading her arms around my chest and started licking me, that turned me on even more. My pants got so tight that it might have exploded that moment.
She just loved licking me.

That moment, I again picked her up and I was wild just like she was, she took my shirt off, I took her top of, she wasn’t minding anything that moment.
From there, I was kissing her till she lost her total control. We both were rumbling, by the time we reached the room, the tv was broken, my screen was shattered which was in my back pocket. I slammed her literally to everything that got in my way. When we arrived at my bed, I dropped her on the bed and fell on her, the bed, literally made a loud noise and it cracked. The leg of the bed was broken, we rolled down with the bed.
I quickly managed to fix the bed with near by available wooden table and books. Once the bed was stable, I was so relieved. I lost a bit of erection, but came on top of me and sat on me with pussy rubbing my dick. I snapped her bra like a pro, it was my happiest time ever.
She was amazed by my skill, but it was so natural and I never snapped a women’s bra.

Saw her melons, god! It was so big, round and firm. Started squeezing her, mouthed her nipples. She was increased the pace of her hips which was over my dick. She slip her hands in my pant and held my cock.
I quickly removed my jeans and hers too. She kept jerking my dick, oh god that was so heavenly. Her hands were so smooth and my dick got so erect. She said, you have a big one here.

I put my hand inside her panty, it was all wet and oozing. Took off her underwear and started fingering her. The 1st finger went in easy, so I put the second one too. And was even more curios if I can put in 3, I put my 3rd finger and she was gone mad. And making loud noises was shaking my dick.

I rolled her down and tried putting my dick. She said it won’t go in. I asked why? she said, it doesn’t. ” I enquiried with my gyne, he says it’s too small for sex.”

I tried putting my dick in but, it didn’t go in. She said it hurts, I was trying to be sensitive as possible. And it was really irritating, and then, started kissing her again. I kept trying and trying, but couldn’t go in.
Then she said, it was okay we can still pleasure each other well.
My eyes were filled with lust and she understood that I needed to burry my dick inside as soon as possible.

Tried getting her into a scissor position and gave a bit of thrust and she was in pain, she bared the pain.
It was half in and I was somewhat happy about it.
I gave some time gap and started pushing it in, it was enough lubricated with her juices and my precum. Yes it was unprotected.

But, to my thrust which I finally decided to give and told her I’d try one last time. She was ready and I went in with a force and I felt it.
She was a virgin, I was surprised. Buried in and making out with her, she was so much in pain.. Then when I took out my dick, I saw a bit of blood. She said it’s okay, now make love to me.

I started slow thrusting her, she was in sheer joy. Pumped her, pumped her, she’s like, bring it on.
I was so much happy that she was taking in whatever force I gave her.
She was so luslty looking at me, I kissed her, put my tounge inside her mouth. She didn’t stop, I didn’t stop.
Fucked her so much that she’d remember me for her life.
She changed the position, got on top of me and started riding my dick like a cowgirl.

She was heavy, every time she bounced on my dick, it made loud noises. Thap! Thap!

I was hoping for that all my life, and she made it true for me. We changed positions and got in missionary, she was fucking her so intensely and it was my time. I felt that rush in her pussy..
Her walls were so hot and wet, I was too about to come. I said, “I’m coming”. To which she replied” come inside”. I shot my load inside. We both were sweating like pigs then. We rested naked for a while and she played with chest hair.

And some time after.. My dick was again up, I put my hand inside her pussy and started fingering her. She was, going mad again and started shaking her hips to my fingers. My dick found her love hole again. We fucked again, till we were exhausted. She had multiple orgasms, it was 2 loads for me.

I felt like wrapping up, asked her if she isn’t late to her office. She worked a night shift and to which she replied, “I won’t go today. I’m exhausted and tired”.

I was in hurry to wrap up because my dad would come in anytime.
I told her to take and bath gets dressed. I switched on the geyser switch, and after sometime, she got in the shower and I don’t why I entered in there. She said, “I didn’t know you had such a good stamina.” to which I was happy hearing her, but I was starting at her boobs which I fell in love madly with. Joined the shower with her, she said, “Hygiene is very important for sex. You should take shower too.”

I was like wondering if that isn’t a dream. Taking bath with her and pouring the lotion on me and I playing with her boobs. My dick hard again, she was surprised by my dick standing tall poking her. That’s the moment she called me ” you’re an animal”. God! I still remember the way she said it. We finished the bath, started getting dry, my dick wouldn’t sleep. It was all time standing up and saluting her beauty.
I kissed her again, she was turned on. We had another steamy session and finally wrapped up. She didn’t want to go to the office that day, but I dropped her to her office and then started thinking what all happened and what excuse to give my dad about the tv and my phone. By the time I reached backed home, my dog was inside home and my dad was sitting watching the tv broken down.

I simply blamed my dog????. I know that was evil on my poor ceasor. It was a great escape by me.

Now it has been two years since this happened and a lot of things has changed, I and vandy are no longer in touch. And I moved out of bangaloring and I am in mumbai doing the dream job. I now reside at navi mumbai(vashi), I’d be very happy to receive your feedback and questions.

And women, who would like to explore like me or maybe have some fun with me, I’d be happy to get in touch with you.
My email id is [email protected]
Mail me, we’ll plan out something which you think is possible.

What did you think of this story??


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