My Mom And My Friend

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How my friend enjoyed my mother in front of me (en nanban en ammavai kan munaal oothan). This is a story how my tamil mom, rosa, was enjoyed by my indian friend which in turn turned into a threesome.

My Aunt My Dream

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There was no one else there and I felt something fishy in her total behavior. She stood in front of him for the measurement. He asked her to remove the pallu of the saree.

Fucked Hot Sangeeta Aunty

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Sangeeta aunty knew that it was me. She opened the door wearing nothing but a white towel. Her hairs were wet and open. She instantly grabbed my dick and started rubbing it with my clothes on. Doing so, her towel slipped and there she was, all naked.

Seducing Mom With Kisses

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She was really trying and wanted to make me break the kiss before she would. Well, I wasn't about to break it and my heart was pounding and my head felt feverish with excitement and pleasure.

Horny Sonam Aunty

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It's a tale of passionate sex between a matured Punjabi lady and young 20 year old lad on coming back to his hometown, he encounters a beautiful 45 year old lady and falls for her magic.

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