How I Fucked My Mother And My Sister HOT!

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My mother is a sexy lady. But my father failed to satisfy my mother on the bed because of which she had no other option but to take the help of my father’s friend to fulfil her sex desire. She agreed and planned to gift her daughter to me.

Sex With My Sister HOT!

On 2016-04-30 Category: Incest Tags: horny, lust, panties

She then spread & folded her legs and buried my face onto her choot. I sucked & licked and sucked & licked and pressed both her boobs.

Sister And Me – Part 1 HOT!

On 2016-04-21 Category: Incest Tags: big boobs, finger fucking, sister

This story is about how I had sex with my sister,my dream slut. In public my sister was a very nice educated and well behaved girl and I too thought that until one day when my sister turned into a complete slut for me.

Brother Sister Moment – Part 2 HOT!

On 2016-04-20 Category: Incest Tags: brother, Seductive, sister

Shivani felt like a piece of wood rubbed against her skin, they both turned at the same time and they were facing each other, they could feel the hot breathe of each other, their lips were just a few centimeters away from each others.

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