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This is a real incident which happened in our life involving me, my wife and my MIL.

Did My Mother In Law

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She was in her blouse and short towel when i entered the room and was ready for the massage. She was standing while i was kneeling in front of her.

My MIL – My Wife – Part II

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I withdrew the hand from her panty and started cupping and squeezing both her boobs, it was firm for her age and had a lovely shape. It was a little saggy but that sag was simply too good, it only was even sexier. I removed her bra and felt the nacked boobs and started nibbling her tits, piched and turned them like radio nobs and she all the time was moaning

MIL In Daughter’s Shoe HOT!

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Prakash married to his teen secretary. Her beautiful mother who takes care of the house and man of the house after departure of her daughter falls in real love with Prakash, who was missing his beloved life. Read, how GOD make a perfect new family.

My MIL – My Wife: Part I

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I wanted to lay her badly. I waited for a while then I went into the kitchen in the pretext of getting some water and stood there staring at her, she caught me and said, what ? I said aunty you look different today. May be 10 years younger.

With Owner’s Family – Part II

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Anjali and Lavanya also tried to convince him and finally he too agreed. Finally our mission succeeded and I kissed Lavanya in excitement. She was very embarrassed as I was kissing her first time in front of her husband and daughter.

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