Friend Turned Lovers For Lust

On 2016-09-15 Category: Group Tags: blowjob, cleavage, lust

This story is about a threesome experience of a college student with his fellow friends. Rohan, an athletic 19 years old brown boy has sex with his two female friends Priyanka and Anandita and become friends with benefits.

Aphrodites Of My Ancestral Village HOT!

On 2016-09-12 Category: Incest Tags: big cock, lust, orgasm

A city boy who was in his teenage,knew nothing about sex other than masturbation enters a different territory and get to know the boundaries of temptation and delve deep in to the ocean of pure lust.

Life Changing Moment

On 2016-09-01 Category: Couple Tags: cousin, horny, lust

How two cousins lost into feeling of lust. It was between me and my mother's elder brother's daughter who was a sex bomb.Things changed allot from one wrong miss spelled word and led to our many sexual encounters.

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