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Sex With My Hot Mom

On 2018-05-26 Category: Incest Tags: Indian wife, lust, mom

A 15 days official tour to Mumbai and Delhi made a change in my life. My hot mom and I had been close ever since I can remember and it all changed when I accompanied her for a tour. Our lives took a turn a turn for the good.

A Mother’s Sacrifice

On 2018-05-25 Category: Incest Tags: lust, mom, wet pussy

Taking drugs at an early age made me to have my first sex. My journey from drug addiction to porn addiction. My mother decides to save me from drugs by sacrificing herself by submitting herself to me. The story of an unconditional love of mom to his son.

Sister-In-Law And Niece Fuck My Brains out! Part – 2 HOT!

On 2018-05-25 Category: Incest Tags: lust, threesome

After the last hot encounter, Anu and Vaishali was taken to a theatre for some kinky stuff. We just couldn't keep our hands off each other and our lust further increased when we were in the theatre. Read on to find out how we were totally spent by the end of the movie.

The Sexcapades At Reception Party – Part 3 HOT!

On 2018-05-24 Category: Group Tags: double penetration, horny, lust

Radhika was banged once again in a reception of a friend. Our sex journey continues with our sex doll. By now she had turned into an submissive slut willing to take any orders from us. In return, we helped her get away from the monster who was keeping her as a private slut.

Continuing The Journey In USA – Part 2

On 2018-05-23 Category: Couple Tags: blowjob, lust, passionate

After the intimate session and thinking about the experience which we had, I was ready for the next session and this time we decided to enjoy it to the fullest. The whole night was savagely passionate and he kept showing me all the heavens one after the other.

My Mom’s Desire To Have Sex- Part 3

On 2018-05-21 Category: Incest Tags: big boobs, lust, mom

In this part, Dev gets a wonderful surprise from his hot mother when he scores good marks in his examination. He and his mom were now involved in a romantic relationship and she kept his gift as a super secret surprise which made him even more horny.

My First Crush

On 2018-05-21 Category: Incest Tags: lust, mom, wet pussy

It's the story of a boy learning about his sexuality from his first crush -his Mom. The characters in the story have no connection with the author. After seeing his mom stark naked in the bathroom, he started to have feelings for her and she eventually became his first crush since he didn't have a GF at the time.

My Hot Mother Malini And Me Part – 3 HOT!

On 2018-05-19 Category: Incest Tags: horny, lust, mom

How a son enjoyed his birthday with his mother and sister. The continuation part of the hot incest saga of mother and son takes a dramatic turn when they are joined by another in their games, who is none other than his sister. Mom gives the permission for her son to drill daughter's pussy.

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