Delhi K Ek Hotel Me

On 2015-07-28 Category: Gay Male Tags: anal, desi, hotel

The story here by is written by me which I experienced few months back. It's all about how I had a gay sex experience in Delhi with a very handsome guy like me.

Hotel Amsterdam – Part 1

On 2015-07-23 Category: Group Tags: 69, french kiss, hotel

This is a tale fiction about a drug and sex addict Vicky whose father wants him to go out of the country because of the impending investigation upon him. See how our hero behaves here and think what he will do in hotel Amsterdam.

Hot Sex With An ISS Reader In A Hotel HOT!

On 2015-07-23 Category: Couple Tags: 69, hotel

The heroine of the story is Priya (32 yrs old) who mailed me for having secret sex in a hotel. And I, like a good friend fulfilled her desire by having a hot sex with her

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