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Naughty Story Episode 4 : The Video

On 2018-05-24 Category: Office / Teacher Tags: boss, Editor's Picks, girlfriend

Siddarth plots to let his boss fuck his sex doll. The sex adventure saga of the colleagues trying to get to the top continues in this part. Siddarth decides to sex starve his sex doll to make her reach a point that she would hungrily crave for a third cock. Read on to find out how he executed his plan.

Anal Sex With Girlfriend

On 2018-05-23 Category: Virgin Tags: ass fuck, cum inside, girlfriend

How me and my girlfriend finally have sex but with a twist, only anal sex. After months and days of satisfying each other with sexting, we finally get a chance to meet only to realize that we do not have any condoms. Her reluctance to fuck without a condom paves the way for a hot ass fuck.

Facebook leads to unexpected fun

On 2018-05-22 Category: Couple Tags: blowjob, girlfriend, wet pussy

Friendship over facebook between two medical students leads to unexpected sexual encounters. The date at the park quickly escalated to a hot session at her friend's flat. She was very much horny and she made sure that I was not going to leave her that night without giving her what she needs.

First Cherry I Broke In College Part – 2

On 2018-05-19 Category: Virgin Tags: girlfriend, tight pussy, virginity

This story is about the time I took Deepa's virgin asshole . Breaking a girl's cherry is always special but it becomes more special when the she is a bombshell. She had many a times come close to losing it, but was never comfortable enough to give it to anyone. Our session also started similarly, but I got more than what I had hoped for.

Prom Night!

On 2018-05-19 Category: Couple Tags: cow girl, cum inside, girlfriend

Ever heard of a prom night? Well, this is something more than just that. The entire college was excited about the prospect of what might happen after the dance and to be frank, so was I. But I never imagined that I would get lucky to the extent which I did. The story is about how the ball quickly turned a sweet memory.

Bestie Isha Took My Virginity HOT!

On 2018-05-18 Category: Virgin Tags: girlfriend, tight pussy, virginity

A hot story of how a virgin guy fucked his college hottie who also happens to be his bestie in his hostel room. It all started at a dance party where I tried giving her signals and to my luck she reciprocated in the same way. Finally, we both got the chance to lose our virginities in my hostel room.

Intimate Friend Turning Fuckbuddy

On 2018-05-16 Category: Couple Tags: girlfriend, horny, tight pussy

An intimate friend is always a blessing. They will always be ready to try any sort of fun with you, even the kinky sort. This story is such an account of mine with my classmate. We tried all the positions and she was very enthusiastic about it.

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