cum inside

Cumming inside after the climax to attain the max possible pleasure

Anal Sex With Girlfriend

On 2018-05-23 Category: Virgin Tags: ass fuck, cum inside, girlfriend

How me and my girlfriend finally have sex but with a twist, only anal sex. After months and days of satisfying each other with sexting, we finally get a chance to meet only to realize that we do not have any condoms. Her reluctance to fuck without a condom paves the way for a hot ass fuck.

Prom Night!

On 2018-05-19 Category: Couple Tags: cow girl, cum inside, girlfriend

Ever heard of a prom night? Well, this is something more than just that. The entire college was excited about the prospect of what might happen after the dance and to be frank, so was I. But I never imagined that I would get lucky to the extent which I did. The story is about how the ball quickly turned a sweet memory.

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