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Hi everyone I am new to this forum so thought of sharing my own experience…. You can give me your feedback on [email protected] any girl, women from Pune-Mumbai and Chandigarh looking for fun can mail me.


So let’s start the story, I am 25-year-old normal built working in Pune, I am basically from Chandigarh. I was new to this city Pune and it was a bit difficult for me to adjust in the beginning. I belong to a hospitality background and I am good in the selection of wines, alcohol, booze and I cook too.


One of my cousin bua lives in Pune… They are a family of two my bua and his son I mean my cousin brother. My bua’s husband is settled in Canada and he rarely visits them and I used to live quite far from them since Pune is a big city and me being always busy….My bua and brother always used to call me to visit them but somehow I could not manage to visit them for few early months but finally, it was my bua’s birthday she called me and told me you have to come and even my mother called me and wanted me to go. So I took a week off and went to their home

Let me tell you about my bua her name is Poonam she is around 36-37 yrs old. I don know about her figure but she is fair and best thing about her is her huge milky breasts and her large swinging ass. Any man can die for such beautiful ass and boobs.


I took a bouquet of flower, a red wine, few chocolates and went their home. As soon as I entered she welcomed me with a hug I too hugged her tightly her boobs crushing on my chest, she was wearing a nice saree, I had an instant hard on ( it felt very embarrassing) I somehow managed to hide it. There was a gathering of 15-16 my cousin, his girlfriend, his few friends and some hot milfs who were friends of my bua . She introduced me to her friends I was eyeing few of them as well during the party. Party went well all the guests left. There were only four people left in the house. Me, my bua, my cousin Prateek and his GF. I asked Prateek what is the scene when will her gf be leaving… He said she will be staying here only with him for the whole night…. I was a bit astonished after knowing this. Prateek and her girlfriend went to his room, so it was me and only my aunt in the living room. I thought of sipping the wine I brought along me with my bua we started drinking it was an Australian wine…


We were sipping and talking about life, then topic switched about girlfriends…. I told her I had a breakup with my longtime GF. Suddenly I asked about the uncle and she started telling me how uncle behaves with her, never call her, he avoids her, and she is even planning to lodge a complaint against him as he has not visited them since last two years and rarely calls them. We were continuously drinking and she was still telling things uncle did with her, gradually there were tears in her eye she was constantly saying you are young you will not understand my condition, she was even complaining about his son who is always into girls, he doesn’t care about her. I tried to console her I wiped off her tears….. By telling her I am here with you and will always be there with you even if her husband and her son don’t care about her. I tried to change the topic, I started appreciating her beauty, I told her to be strong but she was still saying you are young you will not understand my needs. A need for women.


I got the hint, I could see her deep cleavage, her navel belly button, there was a different silence, I could feel little high because of booze and felt very hot because of the environment. I suddenly got up and hugged her, I kissed her on her cheeks, on her neck. She was not reciprocating neither she was contradicting. I was still kissing her suddenly she pushed me and said it is wrong it is not right it is not good, but I was no mood to listen to her I caught hold of her and told her to just enjoy this moment, let’s not think more about it, you have suffered a lot none of your son or husband cares about you. She looked confused but I thought she I s convinced and continued kissing her, I started pressing her boobs. I took her to the bedroom I was energized may be because of the booze there was an adrenaline rush in my body. I started removing her clothes, I removed her bra, her boobs came out in a go I started licking them I was biting them my bua was also feeling hot, she was making pleasure noise, I smooched her it was a long kiss, I kissed her ear bite her ear lobes it was a different feeling.


Then I went to her belly button I kissed her navel, she was becoming restless I went on to her love hole, I removed her panty she had very small pubic hair…. I smelled her pussy which was already wet. I started kissing there she was becoming anguish out of pleasure she was moving up and down it was a wonderful moment. I kept licking her pussy she folded her legs and my pussy was completely inside her pussy, it was getting difficult for me to breathe but still I was enjoying, she secreted her love juice which I drank completely. I signed her to blow me, she agreed and took my dick in her mouth, she sucked my dick like anything she did it like a pro, it’s amazing to get blown by a mature lady. I caught hold of her hair and was helping her with the movement. My pre-cum started coming she drank it all, meanwhile I was playing with her boobs, afterward she was getting even more restless and guided my dick into her pussy. But I wanted to tease her a bit because joy is in teasing. I inserted my finger inside her pussy, I started with one, then two, then three fingers and continued it for five-six minutes.


Finally I was ready to come inside her…. I asked her whether she wants me to use protection. She signaled its ok I can fuck her without a condom. It was a sigh of relief me all we both wanted was an intense fucking session, then I started fucking her I injected my dick slowly in her pussy, her pussy was very warm and I started pushing inside within a minute I was inside her completely. I was in no rush I started ramming her pussy slowly and gradually I increased the speed, I could feel the pain of her nails on my back, she was scratching my back badly, there was a noise of chapp chapp and she was also moaning out of ecstasy. I kept my finger in her mouth so that my brother who’s in upper floor don’t hear and was continuously fucking her. We were in missionary after few minutes we switched the position we came into doggy style and started fucking again. We were fucking like there is no tomorrow. She was also enjoying a lot.


Finally both of us came together I secreted my cum inside her. It felt as if all my energy was drained I rested next to her and was still kissing her. We dressed each other because my cousin and his GF was still in the house. She kissed me and said it was one the best sex session she had after a long time. She was overwhelmed with the oral sex that we did. I fucked her again the very next day. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, this time we enjoyed a lot more freely I cooked pasta for her brought some beer and yaaa I got a contraceptive pill as well which was much required. We fucked all day and I developed a close relationship with her. Now, sometimes I visit her we roam around, shop around, fun around, booze together, and yes at times we do sex. After being with her I have realized its better to be with an aged women not just for sex but because they are more mature, experienced and yes I find them sexier.


So I am thankful to everyone for reading my story. I would appreciate your feedback on my mail. Any single ladies, lonely women from Mumbai, Pune, and Chandigarh can mail me for a discrete relationship, for chats, fun and much more.


Till then I am signing off

God bless everyone…. Enjoy your life. Happy sexting!!

And yes my email id is [email protected]


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