Bubbly Bhabhi And Malai

Hi, guys and girls, I hope you liked my previous sexstory and like my previous story this is also true. As the title says this story is about how my neighbor and I started having sex with each other.

First I’ll describe my neighbor whom I call bhabhiji. Her name is bubbly and she lives in the house front of my house. She’s very busty, have two kids and her husband is a bank manager who lives in another city because of his job. He settled his wife and children in one place so that his children’s studies don’t get ruined because of his transfers. Bubbly bhabhi is like a second mother for me and my sister. Maybe that’s why I wanted to fuck her because I want to fuck my mother and I succeed in doing so. I’ll tell you about it in my next story. Bubbly bhabhi’s figure is 34-28-34 and she’s a real milf. When she wears her red saree man she looks damn hot, that blouse shows her deep cleavage and is almost backless. She looks so fucking sexy in that saree when she turns and shows her bare back and fat ass. So now I’ll tell you how it all started with her.

Today she was wearing that hot red saree again and her cleavage gave me an instant boner. On regular days I would fuck Deepika while imagining bubbly bhabhi but she’s on a week-long college trip and I haven’t fucked anyone for 4 days now. I was sexually stressed and to get some relief I needed a pussy to fuck and on the top of it bubbly bhabhi was wearing that saree today so I decided I’m going to fuck her today somehow. I went to the kitchen and started making malai kofta. After the dish was ready I garnished it with my own malai then I took it to her house. I rang the doorbell, she came out and I said “I have made malai kofta would you like to try” she agreed and asked me to come inside. She tasted it and was very happy. She said that she like my dish and especially the malai.

She asked me how I made it and I told her to close her eyes and bring one hand out palm open and I will tell her. She did so and I made my boldest move ever. I unzipped my pants took out my cock and placed it on her palm and said I made the malai with this. She opened her eyes looked at my cock got freaked out and jumped. By the look on her face, I could tell she was angry and I instantly knew I made a wrong move.

She shouted at me to get out of her house saying she would have a talk with my parents. I can’t have my parents to know about this. I needed to take control of the situation so instead of leaving I sat down with my cock still standing. she was glaring at me I took a deep breath and said I knew how lonely she was without her husband taking care of her sexual needs (which I assumed because of watching too much porn). I showed her photos of me and Deepika having sex telling her how we take care of our sexual needs.

I pointed at my dick, still raised shamelessly even in this situation and said this can take care of you and your pussy very well. I put my cock in my jeans, send a sex video of Deepika and me on her WhatsApp and told her to watch it and then decide if she wants to tell my parents about it or not. Seriously I watch too much porn and this isn’t how I expected it to go. As per my expectation by this time she should have been on her knees sucking on my cock. I was scared and I left her house.

Now I was expecting a call from my parents angry and yelling at me. It’s been half an hour now and my phone rang but to my surprise, it was a call from bubbly bhabhi. I picked up she said she wanted to talk to me and asked me to come to her house tomorrow after her children left for the school. I couldn’t sleep all night. Next day I went to her house. She told me to sit. I was scared but then she said that I was right about her husband not fucking her enough. She said she masturbated last night while watching me fucking Deepika. I was angry and happy at the same time, angry because she scared the shit out of me yesterday and while I couldn’t sleep because of her threat she was masturbating the whole night and happy because I knew where it was going.

My dick was about to get some bubbly pussy. I stood up went to her and kissed her real hard. I kissed for about 5 minutes while groping her boobs from her blouse. I ripped her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Then I groped her boobs and sucked on them, bit them. She started moaning and said to bite her harder. She wanted a hickey on her boobs so I bit harder. Her skin was smooth and soft but her nipples were hard. I stopped and removed her saree then opened her petticoat and there was no panty either. I picked her up took her to the bedroom put her on the bed and got into 69 position.

I licked her wet pussy and clit while she sucked my cock like a vacuum cleaner and it felt damn good. She told me to stop and sit on the edge of the bed then she went down on me, put my cock between her tits and gave me a boob job while licking the tip when it came up. After a few minutes, I came on her breast and mouth which she licked all up. I got up again picked her up because I wanted to fuck her in the workout position. She wrapped her legs around my waist and put arms on my shoulders, I was holding her from her waist and then lowered her onto my dick.

Then with one thrust, I was inside her completely and she moaned little louder. I slowly pulled out and again in and out, in and out. she was moaning with pleasure “ahh ahh ahh m..My ahh husband ahh ahh can ahh n..n…never do ahh this ahh ahh ahh ahh”. Damn her bouncing tits in front of my face was what I wanted. I put her down and told her that I want to fuck her from behind to get into doggy position. She did so then I spanked her milky white butts hard and she screamed. I spanked her again and told her that this is for scaring the shit out of me yesterday and spanked her again asking her to apologize. Another spank and she said sorry. Her butts were now bright red then I put my dick inside her pussy and start thrusting with a rhythm and she moaned louder. If anyone heard her moan they can tell it’s for pleasure.

I guess her husband will never be enough from now on and by hearing her moan like crazy I think I’m right. I told her I was about to cum she said don’t cum in my pussy so I pulled out and put it in her mouth now I was mouth fucking her. I told her to swallow my cum whole or I would never fuck her again and I released my malai into her mouth. She showed me my cum in her mouth and swallowed it. Then licked my dick clean.
I fucked her for next 2 days whenever her kids weren’t home after that Deepika came from her trip. My college started again but now we were fuck buddies and I would sometime take leave from college and bang her.

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