When One Colleague Wasn’t Sufficient

Hello, people. This sex story is fictional.

I’m a 26-year-old lady working in an MNC in Bangalore. I’ve been in relationships for most of my adult life and so have been satisfied, sexually. About two months ago, I broke up with my 9th boyfriend and didn’t feel like getting into a relationship anytime soon. But soon the sexual needs began to take their toll on me. I maintain a 36-28-32 figure by gyming. My height is 5’7″. I am fair in complexion and beautiful enough to pull everyone’s eyes to me at least once if not multiple times.

Coming to the office I work in, in my team, there are 7 guys and only 2 girls including me. Both of us got a lot of attention. My relationship was not hidden from my team mates and even then the guys in my team used to hit on me. I’ve seen them checking my boobs and ass out when they thought I wasn’t looking. I’ve even seen my boss checking me out.

In my team, I had a particular liking towards this teammate of mine. His name is Rakesh. He is a smart guy, cracks hilarious jokes, is intelligent enough to talk on intellectual level sometimes. For all the female readers out there, he’s the kind of guy who would make you wanna have him right then. He is about 6′ tall, brownish in complexion, proper gym body and sexy as hell. I tease him a lot.

Whenever I used to go to his office, I used to intentionally drop papers around so that when I bend down to pick the papers up, my ass would be right in front of his face. Other times, I used to bend down to keep papers on his table such that he could see my cleavage properly. I didn’t want to do anything with him, but it was fun to tease him like that.

But soon after my breakup, I started feeling a little too horny. And the most viable candidate to sate my lust was Rakesh. Looked like the universe wanted to get me what I wanted because soon enough I was presented with an amazing opportunity. There was a 3 conference that had to be attended in Delhi and 4 people had to go from our office. It boiled down to the four people being two guys and two girls from our team.

So basically, it was me, Sakshi (the other girl), Rakesh and Aditya. Well, we had to leave the next day so we got the flight and hotel bookings done immediately and left home to pack and prepare for the next 3 days. Next morning, we all met up at the airport and Rakesh and me got the adjacent seats while checking in.

We talked during the flight and I found out that he is single as well and I told him that even I was single. We discussed a lot of other things as well. We had booked 2 rooms in JW Marriott. Both the girls planned on staying in one room and the guys in the other.

The conference was coming to an end and I couldn’t grab an opportunity to even talk to Rakesh again properly. There was a party on the last night of the conference. I was desperate to get my lust sated by now. I went up to the bar and had a LIIT. That made me feel a little better. Then, Rakesh and Sakshi joined me. We looked around for Aditya and found him with some girl and thought that it would be best to leave him alone.

Then, we had 3 shots of tequila each. By then I was already tipsy and horny. I flirted with Rakesh a lot. Sakshi received a call and I saw the opportunity. I took Sakshi’s key to the room and handed it to Rakesh and left the room hoping he would follow me soon. I didn’t look back till I reached my room. I got in and locked the door. I then took off my dress and got in bed just in my bra and panty. I was lying on my stomach so never saw Rakesh entering the room.

He was so quiet. He came in and spanked my ass and I shrieked in surprise. I turned around and saw him. He said, “I’m sick of all your teasing”. He pulled me up and kissed me hard while he touched my bare back with his strong hands. I being horny as hell kissed him back with even more passion and bit his lip.

He pulled my head back by my hair and started sucking on my neck. He licked all the way down to the bra and then started pressing my boobs hard. By this time I was all wet and I ripped (yes! ripped) his shirt off him and kissed his chest. In the meantime, he unhooked my bra and took it off completely and started pinching my right nipple.

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That sensation of someone else touching them after so long was heavenly. He then started licking around my nipples and slowly started closing in on them with his tongue. The feel was torturous. I wanted my nipples in his mouth so bad. He said, “This is for all the teasing you did till now”. I then pushed his head to my boobs and he sucked on my nipples hard and I moaned loudly. I took his mouth off my nipples and undid his trousers and there it was. His amazing dick that I’ve been craving for so long.

During all this, what I didn’t realize was that the door was not locked as when Rakesh came in, he never locked it. Downstairs, when Sakshi came back from her call, she didn’t find me or Rakesh there. Her keys were gone as well. She tried looking for them and tried calling us as well.

We being in such a sensuous session, never even noticed our phones vibrating. She then thought of looking in the rooms, whether there was someone there. She tried the boys’ room only to see that it was locked. Then, she tried the girls’ room and since the door was open she tried to sneak in so as to not to disturb me if I was sleeping, only to find me and Rakesh.

I had just taken Rakesh’s hard dick out of his pants and I heard a moan. I looked sideways and saw Sakshi with her hands in her panty with her dress pulled up. I motioned her to come closer. She obeyed. As soon as she was close enough, I pulled her by her hair and put her mouth around Rakesh’s cock. She took it in completely in the first go itself. (His cock must’ve been at least 7″ long with decent girth). She started sucking his dick as I took her dress off, off her.

I then pulled her head again and kissed her hard. She responded equally. Then I sucked at Rakesh’s cock while he kissed Sakshi and took her clothes off completely. Then I pushed Rakesh on the bed and got in the 69 position with him. He started licking my drenched pussy as I and Sakshi licked and sucked his balls and dick. He made me cum with just his tongue. Then I got off and got under Sakshi as she continued sucking his dick and licked her pussy and within a minute she came as well.

I then, got a condom from my purse and put it on Rakesh’s dick and got on him. I sat on his cock and started moving slowly first. In the meantime, Sakshi came up and sat on his face and he started licking her pussy. This turned me on even more and I kissed Sakshi again as I was riding his dick. I kept increasing my pace.

After about 10 minutes, Rakesh said that he was about to cum, which turned me on even more and I started moving even faster and came within 10 seconds and Rakesh came with me. I then got off his cock and took the condom off. During all this Sakshi came again as well. She came down again and we both sucked his cock again to get it up again because both of us weren’t done with it just yet.

As soon as we got it up again, I grabbed a condom again but Sakshi said she didn’t want one and pulled Rakesh up on her. Rakesh like a stallion mounted her and started fucking her hard. I started sucking her nipples and pressing her boobs while with my other hand I rubbed my clit. I then sat on Sakshi’s face and she started licking my pussy.

She got her tongue in my pussy and moved it around which made cum again. I got off and started rubbing Sakshi’s clit. Rakesh told us that he was about to cum. Hearing this, Sakshi came again and this time she moaned really loud as she came. Soon after she took Rakesh’s dick out of her pussy and started sucking it. I realized what she was trying to do and as I didn’t want any of his cum on my face, I started licking his balls and soon he came in Sakshi’s mouth.

After this, both me and Sakshi went to the bathroom to clean up. In the bathroom, we made out a little. In the meantime, Rakesh got dressed and went to his room. I and Sakshi slept naked in our bed.

Rakesh and me or Sakshi never did anything again after that and acted as if nothing ever happened. But Sakshi and I sometimes had some hot spicy sessions after office hours.

ALL THIS IS FICTIONAL. The author is a guy.
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