My Voluptuous Tuition Teacher

Hey, friends, it’s kk again, back with another story. I am 23 yrs old, 5 ft 9 inches tall and an adventure loving guy. I would be staying in Kochi Kerala for work. Thank you all for your feedbacks. So, this happened with a teacher of mine, a tuition teacher. She was around 39 yrs old and was teaching me chemistry. I was in 12th that time. She used to teach at her home itself. Her husband was working in a private company and used to be out of town mostly for work purpose. So, apart from tuitions, she used to be free at home. I was a bit weak in chemistry so she asked my parents to send me for tuition. I alone was her studying under her, she wasn’t actually a teacher but was qualified enough to teach someone chemistry. She was a bit on the heavier side, a healthy woman, and hot too.


Yeah, my friends, she was hot. I just loved her heavy body which was full of flesh everywhere. Oh man, this woman was really sexy and hot. It was almost 2 months she has been teaching me, and it has been 2 months since I am unable to control my eyes from looking at her hot and healthy body. So once, as usual, she was teaching, then she said, kk, tomorrow I am giving you a holiday but still you have to come to my home. Not for tuition, we have some traditional festival at our house. My husband won’t be there as you know that he is on his office trip. Only I will be there as usual. Ok ???? I said, yes mam, sure. She always used to smile at me mischievously, why ?????? Because she had caught me checking her out many times. At least she didn’t complain to my parents that’s a great relief. But one thing she had already come to know that I was seeing her in a hot way. So, next day I went to her home at the scheduled time, rang the door bell and there she was, all dressed for the festival. Her homely look in a saree was enough to raise my cock. She was looking hot in her saree. She invited me in, and I went in and looked all around the minor decorations. She said me to sit and went to the kitchen. She came back with a glass of water with some snacks. We both talked and had the eatables served on the table.


Then she asked, do you have any plans for today kk ???? I replied, no mam, nothing special. Then she said, so, do you mind spending the day with me, because I am all alone and feeling bored. I didn’t believe my ears. Because I just love to watch my hot teacher, and here she is offering me to spend the day with her. I was more than happy. I said, oh yes mam, it’s a pleasure, real pleasure for me. She smiled generously at my reply. Then she sat on my side and started talking. We kept on talking. I was enjoying her company as she was sitting very close to me. She was wearing an orange colour plain saree. I just loved her in that saree, and my cock wanted to enter her pussy as soon as possible. My cock was painfully erect. Then it was time for lunch. She went for serving, I too helped her in that even after her refusal. We had lunch together, and her sexy belly was getting exposed again and again when she was getting up for serving me food. Her navel was deep, really deep. I wanted to taste it soo much. There was fat all around her stomach, but it really added to her sex appeal.


So we finished having our lunch and then again were back to chat with each other. This time we were in her bedroom. We sat on her bed. We talked about everything. And then our talk turned to sexual matters. Her hubby used to be out of town most of the times. I also had an idea from before that she would be sexually not satisfied. And finally, she said also, that she was sexually not satisfied. The look on her face itself was saying what she wanted to say. But how to break the ice…… Still, somehow she reached to the point where she said, kk ??? What do you think about me ????? I said, sorry mam, I didn’t understand. She asked me, how do I look to you ???? I got her indication. I said you look beautiful madam. She said, really ??? I replied, yes mam, you are really good looking. you have maintained you very well. She was blushing. And I was all the way getting hard down there in my groin area. Then after some here and there talks, she finally said from her own lips, kk ??? Do you mind satisfying me sexually ???? Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t have sex with just anyone. you are my student, I believe in u, I know your parents and you are from a good family. So, what do you say kk ????


I was unable to say for some seconds. Then gathered up all my courage and said, yes mam, I definitely will, because I myself wanted to do this with u. She replied I knew this. Then we both hurriedly locked our lips together. We began kissing each other furiously. I just loved the taste of her lips. I was getting more aroused by that. As soon as possible I removed her saree, removed her blouse, petticoat, bra panty everything and threw away. She too got me naked within seconds. Then we again pounced on each other, devouring each other’s lips. Then my lips found her soft breasts, it was really so soft. I devoured those too. I licked, sucked, and tasted her entire body teasingly, enjoying the foreplay to the core. I love the foreplay part, especially kissing and pussy eating. I came down to her pussy and looked at it. The smell was awesome. I enjoyed the smell by sniffing it, then dove into it and started tasting her most intimate treasure. I ate her pussy, and then she sucked my cock and made it wet.


Then we both, unable to control anymore, got into the main thing. I plunged my cock into her hot pussy and started fucking her hard instantly because we both were too aroused. I went on fucking her for may be 20 mins. Then I fucked her in doggy style. She moaned in a horny way. By hearing her moaning itself I was getting more energy to fuck her more. Then again we were back to missionary position and I started fucking her. It was heaven for both of us. Then I couldn’t control anymore, and then removed my cock and orgasmed too hard. She had already orgasmed 2 times before this final orgasm. We both were completely satisfied and satiated. Then what, whenever we got a chance, we fucked the hell out of each other. I really loved that sex with her. She was great. So, till next time, bye, live happily.

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