Unsatisfied Sex With Sukanya

Dear ISS members, Warm Greetings. Here I am once again sharing my sexual experience with another woman named “Sukanya after my sexual encounter with my maid (search old maid great sex) I was eager for one more time but this time with another women I was in BBA when I met with this woman. She used to give us lecture in HRM and some parts of Marketing. Her age must be around 54 years.

I also came to know that she was living alone as she was a divorcee. One thing I notice that she is having high moral values. She was having one son and her son was studying B. Tech in Chennai. Well I used to ask doubts and answer her questions in my class. I will tell you she was having good assets. She is very beautiful and sexy ladies. I started having sexual feelings towards this lady.

So only two days were left for my college to close for summer holidays although we have been assigned to prepare report on any topic as per our liking. So I choose right concept marketing”. So I was busy gathering information on my topic, when I saw Sukanya standing so I immediately went towards her and showed my topic. I told her that I am having certain confusion about my topic so I would be glad if she would help me on my topic.

She told me to meet her at her house after three days along with the materials I gathered. Accordingly I went to her house after three days around 2:00 P.M. in afternoon. She open the door, and greeted me with smile, I too greeted her with smile. She asked me to come in and have my seat. I did as instructed. She then closed the door and came towards me asking about tea. I said yes. She then moved towards the kitchen telling me to put the papers on the table.

While seating I was noticing her house, she is having a marvelous house decorated with so many good thing. As she was busy making tea I was busy admiring her. She was wearing a pink cotton saree with transparent white blouse. She was wearing black petticoat and bra. She looked damn sexy and hot in that dress. She left her hair untied. She was looking like an angel and I could not take my eyes off her. Suddenly she turned back and I shifted my attention.

She offered me tea. She then sat beside me and asked me what the matter was, I told her that I am troubled by this assignment and is nervous about completing it. She told me to relax as she will help me to finish this task. So we started. She was guiding me and I was writing down all the points. After 1 hour she told me to take a break so we were talking about other things. She asked me about my family, future plans. I came to know that her son will be coming after two days. I have to make the move now but I started to sweat.

She asked what is wrong. I kept quiet, she again and again asked. I told her I want her help and also want to tell her something but she should not scold me or not to tell anyone. She was confused, I told I have a problem and I want her advice. She told I knew her and I can ask anything I want and I told her she should forgive me if I am wrong and she persuaded to tell her by sitting near to me without suspecting my intentions.

Finally I told her that I am having sexual feelings for her and I am not able to control it. Listening to this she was shell shocked. She got up from the sofa and moved away from me. I told I will not do anything to her against her wish or will not force her to do anything. I told please do not hate me but I want to have sex with her. She was angry told me how can I think like it and if anyone knows what will be our situation. I told none will know if she does not tell anyone as we are alone.

She told no and don`t think like that and I requested again and again holding her hands. I again pleaded but she removed her hand and said no. I couldn’t control myself and I suddenly knelt down and caught her feet and begged to allow once. She was opposing and requesting to go out please go out, this is not correct I was begging her to co-operate me since I lost my control. She has fantastically shaped body and beautiful fragrance of her body making me more eroatic.

I told her that it will be only our secret and no one will know. I confessed everything to her that I used to like her sexually since I saw her and I told her as she was living alone and she is a divorcee too and as since she is single and she is such a sexy women why she will not allow me to have her once? Why she is wasting her sexy body like it? I told sex is divine even though it will be incest in this situation I felt it is not wrong.

I told she also will be having sexual desire and why she wants to suppress it? She kept silent and I went on pleading but I told only if she allows with full mind I will do anything. She told she is like mother to me and how can think of it? I told honestly I feel she is very sexy and I fantasize and masturbate thinking of her. I again told if she still does not want to agree I told I just want to see her naked and

I will masturbate looking at her or else please masturbate me at least with her hand. I told I believe I am also helping her by doing so. But she gave me the look trying to say “no”. She replied that she did not want such things. She asked me to leave her house immediately. But I was in no mood for that so I moved toward her and moreover the fragrance was very attractive. She said. No, stop .This is not right.

Go away. I said,” Please Sukanya please, this time only,” I begged and again hugged. Then I tried to touch her but she resisted. She was resisting and I forced and tried to touch her ass over the saree. She pushed me and even tried slapping as well as shouting but I held her hand and pulled her towards me and hugged her tightly saying in her ears that “Please don`t make me apply force, I do not want to rape you just I want to make love to you only once please agree or else, because today I won`t let you go.

With this I released her and she tried her best to convince me but I was strong, and after a good 45 minutes of discussion, she finally told me that “really if I really wanted to do this”, for which I said yes and then she said that she is ready for it. As soon as I heard that sentence, I went close to her. She immediately went back again said if to me if I will not feel guilty afterwards? I told I don’t feel guilty. She asked me do what you want to do?

But also said do it only oral, no physical sex.” She made me promise not to tell anyone at all. I was overjoyed listening to this and said “yes”. So I told her “I want to see her naked.” And with that I wasted no time in removing her saree, blouse bra and petty coat and she was not wearing any panty. She was a marvelous sensual beauty and I caressed, kissed, licked all over her body squeezing her breast, thighs and buttocks.

I was sucking her lips and boobs hard and hard but she never responded to anything she just kept her eyes closed and was standing to vent of lust. I told I wanted her lust and not only body and I want her to remove my cloths and be passionate. She did remove my cloths but was not in her elements. Then I went down to her and then I sat and she was standing, she suddenly pushed my head away from her pussy telling it is full of hair, but I forcibly sucked it.

It was fully hairy and she had not trimmed in recent past. Hairs went in my mouth but I managed to arouse her. Wow! What experience, I was having at that time. I was kissing and sucking her cunt. I kissed her entire hairy pussy and was squeezing also. She adjusted her legs to squeeze in a better way. A flow of pussy juice is coming and I drank all. While I was licking her for 20 minutes I heard a sudden voice and so more fluid came and I understood that she got orgasm.

I drank it fully without wasting any single drop. She was now more exited. I saw juice coming out from her cunt. I started finger fucking, I licked her for 10 minutes and asked her to suck my pennies. She refused to take my pennies in her mouth but slowly she started pushing my head to her pussy and gyrated her hips. She started mourning and was telling me to stop. After sometime I stopped and suddenly she pulled me up and kissed me passionately.

I gave my cock to her hand she touched and then caught and moved up and down for some time. she was looking exhausted but now I once again told her to suck my cock and she again refused so I again started seducing her by putting my finger in her cunt and locking her lips with mine. Again she aroused and this time she allowed me but asked to stop all this after that not to go ahead, I immediately agreed and she then bent down and sucked my erection stroking with her hand.

I was mourning and was asking her to do it slowly. She started enjoying the exercise. After a good sucking of 15 minutes she removed my cock from her mouth and stood up. I haven`t cum yet. She stood up and told me looking deeply into my eyes” It’s enough for now, I gave you what you needed now no more please let stop this. I unwillingly said “Ok as you wish, Thank you for all this, I really enjoyed it and hope you too enjoyed this. I won`t go any further without your wish.

We were looking to one another when I held her waist and pulled her towards me, she too caught my lips and started sucking. She neither allowed me to talk our tongues were locked. After sometimes she told me to follow her to her bed room and have some rest. I moved to her bedroom and lay down on the bed. While she took her clothes and moved to the adjacent room. I was still was lying naked. I saw her coming to the bed room with my clothes and she was again looking hot and sexy in that dress.

She still was wearing the same dress. After putting my clothes on the chair in the room she lay besides me on the bed and told me to take rest. Seeing this I again got aroused and without any hesitation after 5 minutes I embraced her and kissed her, she told me “it is not right please stop. Control yourself please. We had it before you remembered.” I said “Please one time please” and with that I kissed her on her lips then then went down and kissed her stomach.

Then I opened her saree. She resisted. I did it forcefully and pulled and removed she was now in her black petticoat and white blouse. After 10 minutes kissing I tried to open her blouse she pushed me strongly. After 10 minutes I opened her petticoat and put my head inside her petticoat and I started to squeeze. Her resistance is weak and after sometime she started to adjust for me. I squeezed 15 minutes. I understood she is enjoying and I started to remove her blouse.

After unhooking the blouse buttons, she removed it herself. Now she was in bra and petticoat. I hugged her and she hugged me also. Then I removed the bra and sucked her nipples for 20 minutes. She got aroused and it was very interesting. A romantic smile came from her face. It aroused me highly. I pulled her petticoat, and untied the petticoat rode, and I removed. Now she and I were fully naked. I squeezed her pussy again and I told her to take my cock into her mouth.

She refused again. I compelled again and again. At last she took my cock into her mouth. We were in 69 positions for 20 minutes. She got more aroused and sucked speedily. I licked her ass hole for 5 minutes. It is so tasty. At last she too sucked my ass hole. . I started to finger fuck her in many angles while licking and sucking too. She was breathing heavily. I was in the throes of pleasure. I started finger jerks slowly for which she started responding.

I slowly increased my finger pace, due to which lot juice was coming out from cunt. She was mourning badly and I went on increasing my speed. She responded very positively and we both got orgasm at the same time. She drank my juice and I cleaned her pussy clearly and nicely. After 10 minutes we separated from the wonderful 69 position. We both were satisfied with this exercise and slept in each other’s arm for some time.

After half an hour we got up. I kissed her. I wanted to have one more session with this beautiful lady. But she didn’t allow me and put on all her clothes and said, “I wanted you leave now”. I told her “When will be our next time,” but she said no need for that and requested never try to meet her again and no one should know about this. I was surprised with her words and said I am sorry, but I really admire you since

I wasn`t satisfied with the first time so I have to do this second time again”. She didn’t say anything and told me to leave her home immediately. I left her home taking my materials thinking that still I was unsatisfied as she haven`t allowed me to use my cock for fucking her. But that is Ok because I will get her another time.

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