Teacher Make The Student His Second Wife

In my high school career I got matured and my body developed to full womanhood. My breasts swell and my boobs became round melons with heavy nipples. My cunt became fully hairy and my mound was very thick and pulppy.

I was also feeling itching sensation in my cunt and my mind was going away from my books but I was the first student in our class reading very well and every teacher liked me.

I am a girl and every girl sit in the first row but one of my science teacher used to make me sit in the side of the wall near the window so that he can lounged in the window and put his feet inside my table to touch my pussy in his big toe.

I was also getting much pleasure in it and my teacher used to walk in between the rows to check the students but he usually rub his body in my arm touching his fingers on my boob.

One day at the close of school hours the bell rang and every student started going home but the peon told the science sir is calling me. I went with my school beg to go to my home but he was all alone in the teacher’s common room as almost all the teachers have also leave the school to their home.

To his good luck the head master was on leave and he was in charge of the school for the day. He told me to sit in front of him as he will teach me something new which nobody has ever taught.

I sat before him and he asked the only peon present to bring for him some purchases for his family and gave him some money and a bag. The peon also left the school. We two only remain in the room.

He asked me some questions relating to human anatomy but within a few minutes he closed the books and asked me my family affairs how we are maintaining. I told my father is poor and we are managing hand to mouth.

He then asked me to show my hand. By holding my hand he gave a very long kiss on my palm by licking in his tongue. It gave me tingling sensation. He told my palm is very soft but asked me how the sort of my inner part is.

I told nothing but observed him casually. He told he has seen my hand and I have uttered another word mouth. He asked me to open my mouth. I opened my mouth but he came nearer to me and inserts his tongue in my mouth and ponders the entire inner.

He licks my tongue and teaches with jaws. By this he became very sexy and his penis stood like an iron shaft. He rub his shaft on my face although his shaft was within his pants then he lifted me to the table and hold my legs in wide position.

I was wearing a school frock and small nylon panties. He inserted his hand inside my panties and rubs my pubic hair slowly gently but in phased manner inserted his finger in my cunt and rubs my clitoris also.

By developing his speed he rubs my clitoris vigorously for a very long time and I became very much tempted. He removed my panties and inserts his penis in my cunt though I feel pain and cried.

He did not listen me but by applying some water from the glass he pushed his penis deep inside my cunt in three to four jerks. He fucked very hard and I also get some pleasure in due course and after sometimes.

I wanted to know why it is slippery now. He pulled out his penis to show me that his penis in coated with my cunt juice but I see some blood on it and then I look a heavy quantity of blood on the table cloth.

I cried asking him why he made me like that. All my blood has been out and I will be very weak I claimed. He smiled and told me to listen carefully. He told till date my cunt was a virgin cunt but he has destroyed my hymen and made me a woman.


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