A Strange And Hot Evening With Teacher

Hello friends, I am Mithun. This is my first story on this Indian sex stories website. I hope you enjoy it.

It took place seven years back when I was in 12th. I was never this great in English if it were not for my English tutor Minaxi. She had just completed her MA in English and took a job as a Professor in an Arts college. She lived in the next building.

I joined her classes after I saw the ad outside my building about English coaching. I had to clear my exams and I was desperate. She had two batches, one in the morning and other in evening. I joined the latter one as I was lazy enough to wake up at 6 and go to coaching. She was a good teacher and helped me a lot with my English. I never thought of her in any kind of wrong ways.

My board exams were almost near. So Minaxi Mam asked me to stay for another hour more so that I could perform better in exams. One evening it was 7 and all the other students had lest and I was asked to stay for another hour so I stayed and was reading. Mam asked me to take out the grammar book and do some exercise.

I started doing what she asked. In the meantime, she said she was going to take a bath and also I had to finish my assignment before she came back. But there was something else going in my mind. I didn’t know whether she did it on purpose or not.

But I had seen her hairy pussy when she was trying to fold her legs inside the loose gown that she was wearing. It was the first time when I saw a women’s private part with my own eyes. Yes I had watched a lot of porn and jacked myself after but never I saw a real pussy. It was hairy and looked messy.

She lived alone. Her parents died when she was 18 in a car accident when they were returning from a marriage. She was devastated by the incident, but her Mamaji helped her to get her on her feet. She never trusted anyone then. I had become a good friend of her as she knew I didn’t have any bad intentions.

We texted a lot mostly about my studies but sometimes also about our personal lives. She always used to ask me to make a girlfriend but I was more focused on clearing my board exams.

I was doing my assignment when I heard a bam noise that came from Mam’s bathroom. I got up and went to the door. The door was locked from the inside.

So I knocked and asked what happened. She said she slipped on the bathroom floor and now her back and lower body hurts. She tried to get up but was unable to do so.

I got worried. I asked whether I could bring any help. She refused to call anyone. Instead, she asked me to help her. I was shocked. Suddenly that image of her pussy came live to my mind and I had a large erection. My dick which looked like it had lost all hope was now suddenly ready to swim the Atlantic.

This made dirty intentions in my mind. I got sweaty. I asked ‘Will it be okay with you if I helped Mam?’ She didn’t reply instantly but she said she will be okay. Now I heard the door being opened slowly. It was unlocked but still not fully open. I was a little ashamed that I didn’t wear any underwear that day and I was wearing a nylon track which looked like a tent when my dick got hard. I couldn’t control it. So I just went in.

The first thing I saw was my Minaxi Mam sitting naked on the bathroom floor. And what she saw was my erect dick.We both silently looked at each other. She politely asked me to stop staring and help her get up. I tried to help her get up but she was not able to. She asked me to lift her in my arms to the living room.

By this time my water just came out and I felt relaxed. She saw the stain on my track pant and laughed a little. I brought her to her bedroom. I was just leaving and then she asked me to bring her towel.

She asked me to help clean her. So I just took the towel and started to clean her. I started from her legs and reached the thigh. Man I was feeling a current driving me crazy inside my body. Then I cleaned her arms.

She directed me to rub the back. Now she was lying on her back. She asked me to clean the area under her breasts.Now this again made my dick go hard. I firmly lifted her 36c breasts and pressed them parallel while cleaning the area under it.

Now she asked me to clean her pussy. This was getting hotter by the minute. She purposely was trying to rub my dick with her arm. I was cleaning her pussy when I felt that the towel was wetter than it should be. I realized she had come out.

Embarrassed, I asked to leave but she asked me to help her wear her gown. I had just turned around and from nowhere she hugged me from behind and grabbed my cock. I was all sweaty and turned around. She was perfectly normal. She was just acting. I pushed her and asked why all this drama. Instead of replying she pulled down my track and started sucking my long dick. I felt like I was in heaven. She made me cum again.

Now I was totally aroused so my dick again grew back, somehow. She took me to her bed and made me eat her pussy.She was all wet and that hairy pussy was so great that bit her more that once and she made weird noises like “Aaaaahhhh and Uuuuuhhh”. “Eat your teacher’s pussy you horny bastard.” It was my first time so I didn’t know what to do exactly. I kept on eating her pussy until she cummed again.

Then we both got tired and just slept on her bed. We looked at each other and without further wasting another minute, I got on top of her and started kissing her wildly. She made nail marks on my shoulder which now I will have to hide conveniently.

Then slowly moving downward I started sucking her breasts and with my free hand, I pressed the other. I was soooo soooo feeling the most amazing adventure that had ever happened to me. Without further due, I just put my dick inside her vagina. “Ohhhh Owwww” was my response. But Mam was feeling terrible pain. It was her first time.

She kept pushing me and asked me to stop, but I had become unstoppable now. I again ejaculated quickly inside her vagina. And when I lied down on the bed I saw blood on my penis and got startled. She said it was hers and not mine, as she was a virgin. I said, “So was I mam.” She got up feeling terrible pain, but I was like on a roll.

I grabbed her from the back and got her in a doggy position. I didn’t know which hole I was putting my tired hard dick, but I put it inside anyway. She screamed loud and I stick that towel inside her mouth. This time I felt my cock was being pushed outside. After coming again I saw that I had put inside the wrong hole.

Her expressions were of pain but she told it was amazing. Both holes penetrated within the same hour for the first time. 2 hours had gone by now. My mom called me on Mam’s phone and asked how much long will it be. She replied naughtily “Just another 30 minutes if it is okay with you.” My mom instantly agreed.

We did it once again and then cleaned up. I had to wash the stain, which I did and came home. I was so tired that evening I told mom that I will sleep after dinner.

We didn’t stop then. I went to the same college where she was teaching. She married a professor there. But whenever we get a chance we don’t miss it. Before I leave there is also one more thing. I am the father of her second child. Her husband has doubted it but never detected it.

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