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I was 18 at the time and attending school. It was a Monday morning, the beginning of another long week at school, when I drove through the gates on my bike and made my way to the parking area next to the athletics track. As I parked my bike, I realized how late I was for class so I quickly made my way around the back towards a shortcut I sometimes made use of. When I was late I would usually sneak through the back door of Mrs. Geethanjali classroom, which at that time of the morning was generally empty.

As I stood at the door with my fingers gripping the handle I heard a shuffle of what seemed to be papers or something. I thought nothing of it, favoring myself to be on time for class rather than be late I slowly slid the door open, just enough for me to look inside. I saw the lamp on the desk was on but no one was in so I snuck in and slid the door closed behind me as gently as I could. As I made my way past her desk towards the exit,

Geethanjali came out of the storeroom holding a bunch of files. She stopped mid stride, as did I, and we looked at each other with shock surprise. “Morning Ma’am” I somehow managed to mutter. “What on earth do you think you are doing young man?”. “Sorry ma’am, I didn’t mean to intrude, but I never knew anyone would be in here so early, and I am running late for class so….” she cut me off mid-sentence, with a not so pleasant frown, ” and since when do you take short cuts through my class?”. I didn’t know what to say other than sorry, but somehow I knew that wouldn’t suffice.

“What’s your name boy? Isn’t it Mahi?” she asked me. “Yes ma’am, Mahi ” I replied, waiting for another bombardment of questions and accusations. Instead she simply opened her black diary and wrote my name down. “Well Mr.Mahi, I will be seeing you on Friday for a 2 hour detention!”. “But ma’am…..” I started, but again she cut me off, “No but ma’am, young man, you have to learn that you cannot just sneak into class rooms, so you will be here on Friday straight after school. Is that clear?”. I couldn’t believe how this had turned from a shortcut into a 2 hour detention on a Friday afternoon. “Yes ma’am”.

I quickly made my way to class, all the while thinking what a long week this is going to be if it started like that. Throughout the day my concentration waivered, shifting from a 2 hour detention ruining my Friday, to 2 hours with Mrs Geethanjali . Now everyone in an all-boys school was at that stage of heightened sexual awareness, a gorgeous female teacher did not by any means ease the sexual tension either.

Geethanjali was not that tall, but she had what we all thought must have been one hell of an athletic body under her usual business like clothing. She never really gave us much to look at other than her perfectly tanned legs when she wore a knee high skirt. I couldn’t say much for her breasts due to the fact that she never flaunted them, but her ass was as small as my 18 year old girls. Anyway, Monday drew to a close at the usual snail pace, and I made my way to my bike after my last politics class. This time I walked all the way around Geethanjali classroom, making sure that I didn’t catch her eye.

As I put my Geethanjali into the ignition I looked up and saw her through the window. I wasn’t sure if she was looking at me or at the guys on the athletics track but she was definitely looking in my direction. I tried not to make eye contact as I drove away but I couldn’t resist one last look, if anything to see if she was in fact staring at me, but she wasn’t at the window anymore. Tuesday went as painfully slow as Monday had, contemplating what I could do to get out of detention kept my mind occupied. At lunch break, on my way to my bike,

I passed by Geethanjali class and stuck my head inside. She was sitting on the corner of her desk having a bite of an apple. Her legs were crossed and her tight skirt was hiked up above her knees. I said, “Afternoon ma’am”. She turned around, only to see it was the little git who had tried to sneak through her class. “Afternoon Mahi, can I help you?”. “Uh, no not really ma’am, I just wanted to apologies again for yesterday, it was all my fault and I am sorry.” “Well thank you for the apology Mahi, but don’t think that this will get you out of Friday!”.

She had a cheeky smile on her face, like she knew she had won. I couldn’t believe how unreasonable she was being, but I found the presence of mind to just walk away. I went straight home. Before long I was bored so I went into my room and lay down. I don’t know why but my mind immediately wondered off to Geethanjali . Why was she so tough on me? Was she just pulling my leg? Or maybe she wanted to get some sort of reaction out of me? I started thinking about her body and those eyes, and I realized that she was actually fucking gorgeous and that

I would be spending 2 hours alone with her on a Friday! I had changed my mind on the whole detention saga and in fact was looking forward to it. Just thinking of what lay beneath that business like suit of hers started a reaction in my undies. What kind of underwear was she wearing? Did she wear stockings? Damn I was fantasizing over the teacher who had given me a detention!! I had to fight not to jerk off to the thought of her body against mine, instead I kept my hard on for as long as possible, then finally drifted off to sleep.

Wednesday went by without incident, apart from a conversation I had heard between senior guys. They were talking about how hot some of the senior teachers were, and who was the hottest of them all. Geethanjali . I was smiling whilst walking behind them, listening to their theories on her strict attitude. They reckoned that she was such a hard arse because she likes to be spanked and treated like a slut. I couldn’t believe my ears. Needless to say, when I got home that evening my mind was sore from all the fantasies of Geethanjali and how slutty she was.

Thursday morning was slow again, until I popped into Geethanjali class at morning break. “Morning ma’am” I said as I knocked on her door, she just looked up from her paperwork and nodded, looking me up and down. “Come in, Mahi”. I did, and I closed the door behind me. Ma’am I just wanted to ask you if I should bring anything specific to detention tomorrow afternoon.” She gave me a rather puzzled look and replied, “mahiit is a 2hour detention, bring whatever you want to, to pass the time, preferably homework.”

It was not the reaction I was looking for. I said goodbye and quickly left the room, thinking that I had created some kind of fantasy that was nothing but a dream. I woke up on Friday morning, stretched my arms and jumped out of bed like it was my birthday! I don’t think I had ever been to school that early before, but I parked my bike just around Geethanjali class, and walked to the back door again like I did on Monday, this time just to listen not go inside. I didn’t hear anything so I started towards class.

I wasn’t sure if I was disappointed or what but something inside me wanted to get caught inside her class again. Morning break came and I was walking down to class when I saw Geethanjali coming in my direction. Today she was wearing black heels, a dark blue navy looking skirt that just touched her knees and seemed to be fitting very snug around her waist, a thin looking black silk blouse and a scarf over her shoulders. Her hair was tied up as always, and as she came closer her eyes caught mine, and I felt paralyzed. “Morning Mrs Shaily” I somehow managed to blurt out, while I studied her as she came even closer.

She smiled as she said “Morning mahi”, gave me a wink and said, “See you later”. I couldn’t believe it, she just winked at me. Now talk about mixed reactions, I was totally smitten one day, shunned the next, and turned on now!! All I could do was think about that final school bell, so when it came my bag was packed and I almost jogged to her class. The classes were empty and it seemed everyone had left and gone home. I peeked inside Geethanjali class expecting her to be inside, but she wasn’t.

She must be at the admin office I thought, so I went inside and grabbed a chair at a desk directly in front of her desk. I sat down, with my hands on my lap, looking at her desk, waiting for her to come in. I realized that from where I was sitting I could quite easily see her chair from behind the desk. I imagined her sitting on her chair, marking, with her legs just slightly crossed. Every couple of minutes she would open her legs, straighten her skirt and cross them again. In that second or 2, I could catch a glimpse of a silky white patch.

My cock started twitching at the thought that I could see her panties. Just then I heard her footsteps in the doorway. “Well I see you have made yourself comfortable already then huh?” she said as she slowly made her way to her desk. I just stared at her as she walked, her hips swayed from side to side. In her tight skirt every movement was visible, every curve enhanced, and she knew exactly what she was doing. She sat down at her desk, on the chair that I had looked at just a few seconds earlier. “mahi? Are you awake?” I quickly snapped out of it, trying my best to cover my growing erect cock,

Yes, uh yes I am awake ma’am, and yes I am comfortable thank you!”. “Right,” she said, “I have lots of marking to catch up on, and I am sure you have work to do so get to it ok?”. All I could do was nod. I opened my book in front of me, all the while trying to catch a sneak peak at her legs under the desk. At first I was afraid she would see me, then I realized that maybe she wanted me to do exactly that, try and catch a glimpse of her undies. The thought of staring at her snatch hidden by silky white undies and being caught doing it just drove me crazy!!

I lazily let my pen drop off the front side of the desk, like it was by mistake. I stood up, and slowly made my way around my desk, I knelt down and looked to my right, directly under her desk. Just for a split second she opened and closed her legs, not wide open but enough to get me drooling. “Have you got your pen yet?” she asked, with an almost mocking tone. “Uh yes yeah, got it, just rolled a tad further than I thought.”. I got up and walked around and sat down again, looking up to see her looking at me with her pencil between her lips, thinking, contemplating or so it seemed.

“What exactly are you doing mahi?” she asked. “I am doing some homework ma’am, but I….” she cut me off, “you call dropping your pen under my desk homework? You know what I mean, what exactly are you doing here?”. Was she asking for me to tell her that I was here because I thought; I wished that I could kneel down between her legs and eat her out right here right now? For a split second I hesitated, then I replied “Well you see ma’am, since you gave me this detention I have been dream… uh thinking about it day and night”. ”

Oh really? I didn’t realize this was such a big thing for you?” she said with a cheeky smile on her perfect lips. “It isn’t really, but you know I have heard so many things and stories, I wasn’t sure what to expect coming here this afternoon.” She looked at me hard and long, stood up and came to the front side of her desk, leaning her ass against it, her pencil still in her mouth. “Stories huh? Like what?” I realized I had just dug myself the mother of all holes. This was either going to get me fucked or get me expelled.

“I don’t know how to explain ma’am, uh, quite a few of the lads think that you are very harsh on them and that you punish them for no reason sometimes, and….” she broke me off and replied quickly “I punish them because they are naughty, rude and old enough to get punished”, I stared into her blue eyes, searching for some kind of clue that she was indeed looking to be punished herself or that she was a slutty women who liked to be in control. Nothing but a quick look down at her skirt. ”

It’s not that they don’t like you ma’am, I mean we all, they all think you are stunning, and it’s hard for us, them to take punishment from someone as good looking as yourself.” I felt spurred on by what seemed like he vulnerability, so I continued when she didn’t say anything, “I mean, most of us dream of having a teacher like you for obvious reasons….”. There was a slight awkwardness to the silence that followed, like we were both taking in what I had just said.

“That’s enough for now, thank you, now you can get back to whatever work you were doing.” she said as she stood up, straightened her skirt and walked back to her seat. I couldn’t bloody believe it! She didn’t shout at me for saying what I said, but she didn’t seem turned on or the least bit impressed! I was getting impatient now, I wasn’t quite sure why but I knew it had to do with the fact that I was alone with a 28 year lady who was flashing me her white undies!

In all honesty I could have sat in detention for a week without a care, as long as she was sitting exposed in front of me. The seconds that passed by felt like hours, until I made my move. “Ma’am, you are a science teacher right?” She looked up at me ,”yes why?”, Now I knew I had her attention, “I am trying do understand this last section of Newton’s laws in physics but I just can’t get it, do you mind if you could give me a hand?” She knew exactly what I was doing, but nodded with a quiet but husky, “Ok mahi I will help you…”.

As she came over to my desk I looked her up and down, studying her calves as she walked and the ripples of muscle all the way to her hips. As she stood in front of my desk, I opened the text book and pointed with my pen, “You see, I know what A means and B but how do you explain it using Newton’s law?” She leaned forward, pencil still in her mouth, and turned the book so she could read it.

Her blouse was not as tight fit as her skirt and it came away from her breasts as she read. I sat as far forward as I could to sneak a peek without being too obvious. She had a skimpy lacy velvet bra on that could barely contain her breasts. Definitely a D-cup, I thought as I struggled to see more. “You see, the problem with this is….., what do you think you are doing?” I wasn’t sure whether or not I was more turned on by being caught looking at her tits, or by the chance that this might actually lead to more.

“Nothing”. I looked her in the eyes as she took a step back, straightening her skirt and blouse. “Do you think I am stupid? I know exactly what you are doing mahi!”, “If you know what I am doing, and you like what I am doing why stop?” I didn’t know where that came from but it seemed to stun Mrs geethanjali too. “Why are you so infatuated with my breasts that you have to sneakily peak down my top? Why don’t you just ask me to show you?”. For a second I almost couldn’t breathe. I was about to live every school boys fantasy. ”

Ok then as you say, Mrs Geethanjali I would love to see your beautiful firm breasts more than anything in this world!” She took a step closer to the desk again and leaned forward, allowing her blouse to fall forward. Then she cupped her tits and squeezed them together all the while looking me in the eyes. My mouth was wet, and I was pretty sure I was drooling, but my god were they every bit as lovely as I had thought they were. The bra barley covered her nipples that were trying their utmost to get a peek at the outside world. “May I touch them?”

I asked, not that I needed nor waited for an answer. I reached out with my right hand and gently cupped her left breast through her top, just ever so softly squeezing it, feeling it. You like that do you Mahi?” “Like you won’t believe Geethanjali ” I reached with my left and gently lowered her bra until her nipple popped out, hard as a rock. I took it between my thumb and forefinger and teasingly twisted and pinched at it. I could see I was getting the desired effect as her head fell back with a slight moan.

Here I was sitting at a desk, with the hottest teacher at school standing in front of me with her tits out for me to play with. I was in heaven. I stood up and reached forward, taking her nipple between my lips, sucking it and then nibbling it between my teeth while my right hand played with her other nipple. She was struggling to stand, so I directed her around my desk to my side where she could lean into me as I leaned on the desk.

My mouth was now hopping between nipples, nibbling and softly biting as my hands roamed south along her curvy body. I could feel her nipple getting harder on my tongue every time I nibbled them. My hands cupped her bum. It was so firm it was ridiculous, the perfect fit into my hands. I was spreading her cheeks against her skirt while I pulled her against me. “God that feels good” she whispered as my lips moved to her neck and my hands continued on their mission south, hiking up her skirt to her waist.

With a quick dart I turned her around and leaned her against the desk, as I slid down her body nibbling every bit of skin exposed until I got to her skirt. I slowly unzipped it at the back, so slow that she was wriggling to get it off her, and then slid it even slower down past her white thong, all the while kissing her skin, tasting her. Once I got her skirt off, she went into over drive, leaning back on the desk and taking my head in her hands, pulling me toward her silky covered snatch.

I put my tongue against the white silk that separated her pussy from me and playfully moved it over her pussy, up and down, poking into her. My hands held her ass and pulled her pussy closer to me as I teased her through her panties. I could see, feel and taste she was getting very wet by the growing patch on her panties. I was in and I knew it. She was squirming, moaning, almost begging for me to take them off.

I slid them to her knees and then dove into her ocean of endless delights. She smelled of perfume, like she had sprayed herself knowing this was going to happen, she tasted like vanilla chocolate. While I played my tongue over her clit, I thought to myself, this is unchartered territory, and then moved my entire mouth over her as my tongue dug deep inside her. As I nibbled her swollen pussy my fingers moved to her rock hard nipples, squeezing and pinching, until she was squirming and fighting the urge not too squeal or scream.

I held her tight against my mouth as she started bucking and shaking; grinding her own hips into me as I ate her pussy like it was the last supper. “Fuck, fuuuuuccckkkk I am cummminnnggg, oh uh please dont stop, shit it…..aaaaah”. I didn’t even pause, I just carried on eating her until I felt her tighten up and then a gentle stream of juices hit my waiting mouth. I didn’t give her chance to recover either as I carried on sucking and slurping at her wet pussy.

After a couple more minutes, she had stopped shaking and seemed to be getting wet all over again. I lifted her legs as high as I could on the desk and lowered my tongue to the gap between her ass and her still dripping pussy, and then licked all the way up her pussy again, shoving my tongue deep inside her. My cock was the hardest it had ever been, and I don’t know what the hell came over me, but I decided that I was not going to fuck her today.

I figured if I left her lying here wet and ready for cock, she would do anything for me to get her like that again. Usually I wouldn’t hesitate, but today I was different. I gave her one last big wet kiss and suck on her pussy, then reached up and kissed her, letting her taste herself on my tongue. I stood up held my hard cock in my pants and said, “Well that’s my 2 hours up!! Have a good weekend ma’am, see you on Monday!”

I walked out of that class a new man. Got onto my bike and looked back to her class, where I could see she was just managing to stand up. I laughed thinking about the next week at school. And sure enough, I again got detention by Mrs. Geethanjali madam…I hope u really liked the story…Waiting to hear from u all. Please mail me your response to my mail id: [email protected]

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