Sex with a nurse

Hi this s shiva,23yr,male from chennai , doctor in profession ,working as a duty doctor ..i like to share one of my true experience wit u ppl. I welcome ur comments to ” [email protected]” s my first story so if u found any mistake pls forgive me… All aunties,college girs,nurses r welcome to share their comments..thank u here s my experience.. Im shiva,handsome guy, 5.7 ft tall athletic,with average 5.5 inch thick cock.In my college days i used to masturbate daily ..i had many girl friends in my college but i fear to have sex with them since it ll lead to i avoid sex but i ll do smooching, n squeezing boobs…etc but no sex when i finished my internship..i started working n private hospital…there i had lot of chances to fuck nurses since i m smart. One of the girl i never forget s lakshmi .we met n one of my duty hospital.her vitals r 34-32-36 ,fair n color ..she wear very tight bra so her boobs s always pointed.everybody had an eye to fuck her she was damn hot .making ppl crazy by her assets . I started talking nicely with her .after few days of talk.we exchanged our cell phone no n started talking general matters..then we started talking abt sex.both of us r desperate to have sex so we decided to have sex in one of the hospital room itself ..because its unsafe to have sex outside..on the d day i was d night duty doctor ..when everybody slept .we gone to one of the ac room in the hospital..after closing the door .. I immediatly embraced her n started french kissing her lips.she responded well immediately..both of our tongues r probing inside.n we r exchanging the saliva.while kissing, i squeezed her boobs hardly.she left a moan.we continue smooching n squeezing for 4 to 5 min.

Then i started nibble her ear lobes n probed my tongue inside her ear hole ..she s saying..n moaned hotly.. I kissed n licked her neck, her breathing was getting hotter n hot,while i squeezing her left breast , my right hand started exploring inside her nurse dress..i touched her mound from the outside of the panty.her panty was already wet.she squirmed..i slid my hand inside her wet pussy,n nibbled her clit ..she let out a soft moan..n pressed my hand hardly.we started undoing our clothes..she was wearing white bra n pink panty inside.. I started to unrelease her bra hooks. There i saw the beautiful globes with nice brownish areola with slightly black nipple..her areola size s like a 1 ruppee coin..n her nipple s erect n pointing out like a knife. I took her right nipple in my mouth n started chewing it ..she let out a big moan…saying chew it hard.pls.i started squeezing left breast with my right hand.i circled my tongue around the nipple she pushed my head for more ..i take care of breasts for more than 7 min by shifting one breast to another .she was totally uncontrollable..she searched for my tool n started makin two n fro movements.. I m also getting hot..i started licking her cleft her breast n startd licking downwards ..while doing this i insert one of my finger n her pussy ,i kept my thumb on clitoris ..i finger fucked her while my thumb teasing her clit..she s moaning like… Nalla pannu apdithan (yes ,do,like that ) vegama pannu (do it faster)…im so hot n my tool becoming hard like steel bar i started doing it faster while i digging my tonge in her navel..she was so hot n arching her back n squirmin n bed.. Finally she let out a huge moan..n let out huge amount of juices… She was smiling at me now ..we kissed passionately for a min.. N she started shaking my rock hard tool .. I kept my tool n her mouth .. She take it immediately in her mouth..i was n heaven while she sucked me..since it was my first blowjob.she sucked me so hardly.i let out my cum n 3 min she drunk all her cum… By seeing her drinking my cum im becoming so hot.. I knelt in the side of the bed n i started lickin her cunt from her crotch to

The labium majora..spread her labia n i saw the beautiful pink area . I started sucking n licking the area , she started moaning again.. She kept the thigh pressing hard around my neck.. I do licking vertically i started chewing n biting her clitoris whenever i reached,she moans…..,i love it fast …yeah like that only…i was aroused by her words n licking her fastly, she cant withhold she stopped me there n took my cock n kept in her pussy.. I started pumping her hard n deep inside her pussy..she was crying with pain n pleasure since i was humping her hardly.. I squeezed n pinched her boobs , she told do do it fast since she was nearing her orgasm..i started fucking fastly .for 3 min then i cant control my ejaculation..i pumped her hard n i took my penis sprayed it in her belly..she was satisfied n kissed me n forehead…thereafter we did for one more time n went for our works..since then we continued fucking we get time .i l tell those experience n another story ..she was with me for three months ,now she was married , left wit her hubby to kerala..i miss her so much..if any aunties,girls,nurses who want secret n trustworthy sex, do mail me to”” [email protected] “” expecting ur mails with love shiva

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