Sex Starved Priyanka Madam

I’m Vedant. I’m a student 19 years old and this incident happened a year ago when I was in 12th. This is about my relationship between me and my beautiful biology teacher Priyanka. She had started teaching me at school since I was in 7th and her home was near to mine. So we had a good student teacher relationship. Whenever I had any doubts I would go to her to clarify it and I’m sure she liked me as her student. We were very close and friendly. Let me tell you about Priyanka miss. She was probably in her mid thirties but look far younger. Her husband was in merchant navy and won’t be with her for months. She had a son 10 years old. She lived alone with her son. She was fair skinned, quite tall and was a little bit fleshy too, which only balanced her height. She had long silky hair and she always wore sari to school. You could know from this how beautiful she was. I told u I knew her since I was in 7th but nothing dirty had I in my mind till I was in 10th.

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