Sex Escapade With My Colleague Nikita

Nikita is my colleague. We work in the same project and are great buddies. She is around 26 and married and from a very conservative family. I was the one who had recruited her because, apart from the fact that she was competent; she was very sweet, soft spoken and with a naughty streak in her eyes.


Our friendship started slowly as she maintained distance because of my seniority. But then over period of 2 months, we were discussing everything from politics to bollywood gossip. She had opened up well and took my opinion in all matters.


And I was finding it difficult to keep my attraction towards her concealed. Though she dressed very simply; but she had a very good figure. A few times she had caught me ogling her cleavage but she ignored it. I understood that she did not mind it and I even gave her compliments couple of times about her figure


Then one day she informed me that her hubby is going to us for 6 months and she was sad. We talked for some time that day. Later on I thought this was the time to act upon. But I did not know how to go about it.


Next day I was working on my desk and she came and stood in front of me; as we were talking, my eyes wandered to her boobs and could see that her tits were making impression in the sleevless formal top she was wearing. I got lost thinking if she was really horny which made her tits stand. And she caught me!! This time she asked me

“nikhil what are you looking at??”


“nothing actually” I replied and looked down.


She didn’t say anything after that and went to her desk. I cursed myself for being such a fool. We both went back to our work.


I always chat in yahoo and have couple of girls with whom I do sex chat occasionally. One of them was online that day and messaged me.

That girl was horny and alone and wanted me to do sex chat. I obeyed and we started. Since it was friday evening, most of our colleagues had already left. Nikita was also not on her desk so I fearlessly started about our sex chat. In fact I never knew when nikita came and was standing behind me.


I was chatting, occasionally rubbing my dick in my jeans…completely lost in lust. Just when I was taking my hands off my crotch…my elbow touched her thighs.


I startled and looked back. Nikita was looking at my chat window, reading every word what I had written. I had shock of my life. I minimized the chat window and looked at her

“what are you doing here behind me?”


“reading your chat” she replied without any expression. I did not know how to react. I hoped she had not read a lot.

“I am just getting ready to leave…are you coming?” I asked trying to change the topic


“let me read it…please” she said

“no…its personal” I resisted.


“I know what it is…so let me read it” she moved my hands away and opened the chat.


I could not resist her. She was bent down on my desk and reading. I was looking down thinking that this was end of our friendship and she would never talk to me.


I looked at her face…she was reading with full concentration. Then my eyes slid from her face to her neck…her cleavage and to her tits…I think they were hard again and making an impression in her top. I continued my stare further…and could see her nice rounded ass…hmmm so tempting.

I noticed that she was moving her thighs…as if trying to control strong urge to pee.


“are you done?” I asked. I wanted to shut it down and leave.

“you possess the art of satisfying your partner, no wonder you have so many girls in your friends list”


I just smiled not knowing what to reply.

“you never showed this talent to me” she said looking at me and actually with a tinge of smile and naughty look in her eyes.

“well I make sure that my partner enjoys it to the fullest”

“really? Let me see how good you are”


“what???” I replied with shock.

Without replying to me, she went and switched off all the lights of our area. Anyway only 2 of us were there and it was a norm that whoever leaves the room last, switches off the lights.


Then she came to my desk and took my hand and lead me to a dark conference room.

“let us see your talent” she said closing the door of conference room.

I was speechless, shocked and aroused as well. Before I knew she pounced on me and pushed me to the wall and kissed me hard.

Omg!! What lovely feeling that was…her lips sucking mine and her tongue deep in my mouth. She was pressing her body against mine. My chat had aroused her beyond the point of control.


“hmm…nikita…”I moaned holding her tight. As we kissed…her thighs pressing hard against my erection and her hands reached it…stroking it and trying to gauge its size.


I unbuttoned her top…licking her neck. She was moaning as I licked around her neck down to her cleavage. Her hands were clutching my hair, forcing my head to her boobs.


I licked her cleavage and unbuttoned her bra she threw it to the ground and offered me her breasts to suck.


I bent down a bit and licked on her tits…they were so tight and erect…I was right…she was all horny since morning and the dam had exploded reading my chats. I took them in my mouth and sucked hard and she let out a cry.


“omg nikhil you are so good!!” I had read that a lot in chat and was hearing it for first time from nikita. Arousing me more…making me give her all the pleasure I could.


I kneaded her soft fair boobs together in my hands and sucked on the tits one at a time.


Looking her up in her eyes…she wanted it all. I pulled them in my lips and circled the areole with my tongue.


“so nice..You do it…please don’t stop” she was moaning and whispering…trying to control her pleasure.


I then reached for her pants with one hand and unbuttoned them and pulled the zip down. She knew what I was up to immediately let out a cry “yes….”


I licked down her breasts to her navel licking it. She had little bit of tummy which I liked. Licking it all over as if was an ice cream cone; I continued pulling her pants down.


She was wearing a blue panties with pink flowers.

“I love pink flowers…you know” I looked up at her and said. I was on my knees now.


“really…I will wear pink ones every day for you” she replied. I smiled.

I helped her get out of the trousers and gently kissed her panties.

“you are so naughty…you love to play…don’t you?” she asked with a naughty smile

“of course sweety” I was stroking her milky white thighs…kissing them…licking them appreciating her figure.


“wish ajay knew how to make love like you” she said. Ajay was her husband.


“I am glad he doesn’t; or else how would I enjoy” I replied. She slapped me playfully on my cheeks.


I separated her thighs wide and I saw there was nice big patch of wetness on her panties near her clit.


“omg…you are so wet nikita”

“reading your chats I could not help” she replied.


I rubbed her clit slowly as I licked her thighs from her knees up till her panties…slowly taking my tongue down again. I then pulled her panties down slowly exposing a small line of trimmed hair


“hmmm…such a sweet looking pussy you got..I love trimmed ones”

“really…I trimmed it just today”.


I took off her panties and grabbed her ass cheeks as I kissed her pussy. Her juices were already oozing. I slid a finger inside her pussy and she let out a small cry.


It seemed like she was starved of some good sex for a long time. I slid it deep inside her as I continued licking her pussy and the small hair all around it.


“hmmmmm..Oh…nikhil” she gasped…bending down resting her hands on my shoulder…unable to stand straight without support with all the pleasure I was giving.


“that’s how wet you are” I said showing her my wet finger.

She smiled as I put it in my mouth.

“oh nikhil…how do I taste??”


“so horny and yummy baby…” she pulled my finger and sucked on it.

I was on my knees and I made her rest one of her legs on the arm of a chair. Kissing and rubbing her clit I went back to my work.

Nikita was panting and was having difficult time keeping her moans down. I squeezed her ass cheeks hard as sucked on her clit.

“yes spank me nikhil!!! Please” she cried.


I obeyed and started spanking her ass cheeks…so soft and nice and round they were.

I was finger fucking her and slapping at the same time.

Nikita was breathing heavily and moaning I knew she was about to come. So I stopped.


“you know when to stop…don’t you?” she said as I stood up and we kissed.

She needed no instruction as she unzipped me and took out my hard dick. It was hard and wet at its tip.

“such a smart looking soldier you got” she said stroking it and taking it in her mouth.


I was amazed at the skill she showed sucking it.

“ajay is one lucky bastard” I said.

“I don’t suck him…he does not like oral” she replied.

“really? Are you serious? Does he even know what he is missing on?”

“well… someone’s loss is someone else’s gain” she replied in that familiar naughty tone


She took the entire length in her mouth like a pro and then back out. Licking the tip, taking the tongue all around, pulling the foreskin back…

“aahhhhhhh….” I was just moaning unable to control my pleasure.

Never had I thought that nikita could be such a horny animal. But here she was sucking me off. I gave a few strokes in her mouth and saw that she was choking but was also enjoying it as she did not complain or tried stopping me.


Then I had to take a pause to stop myself from coming and she realized it.

“I wouldn’t mind taking your load in my mouth…”

“really…? I would also like that…But its lucky day for your pussy today” I said helping her stand up. We kissed again…caressing her breasts again and slapping her ass cheeks.


I helped her sit on the conference room table and opened legs apart. Moving in between them, I pulled her close and kissed her as I slid the tip inside her waiting her pussy.

“ahhhhhhh….” we both moaned.

“yours is bit thicker…it stretches my pussy” nikita said.

“I have not yet slid it in completely” I said with strong jerk forward

“ahhhhhhhouuuch…omg!” she almost yelled and I put my hand on her mouth


“slowly babe…we don’t want to have the security guards here” I said smilingly.

I then started to rock back n forth slowly.


Nikita was having hard time shutting her mouth. She was biting her lips and holding my arms as I was going really slow.

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …” she moaned

I squeezed her boobs and rubbed her tits.

Then I started going faster and I could see she was enjoying it matching my rhythm she was pulling me onto her.

“spank me please baby” she said in between her moans and I obeyed.

Spanking her as increased my tempo. Going back and forth




“am gonna come baby…” she moaned

I pushed hard one last time deep inside her as both our juices gushed out together.

Panting, I let myself collapse on top of her.

“oh my god….That was so nice”

“did you enjoy it?” I asked


“every bit of it…now I think we wasted lot of time knowing each other and not doing this” she replied and we both laughed.


“I hope I don’t make you pregnant”

“no sweetheart…..Don’t worry I will take care of that”


We helped each other get clothed. The room was filled with smell of our juices and sweat. So I asked her to keep the door open.


Before going out, she gave me a long passionate kiss and whispered in my ear

“I can’t wait for the next session”


“well…in that case we will have to book this conference room for ever”


That was my colleague nikita. Hope you all liked it. Let me know your views on my email its raj from mumbai– [email protected]

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