Seducing The Tutor Part 1

Hi! I am 20 years old and currently in the second year of graduation. I have never been on the skinny side but always a little curvy with little fat at all the rights places. My dimensions are 38-30-36 and have often got me a lot of unasked male attention. I am 5’8″ with fair complexion and elbow length hair for which my tutor always complimented me. This sex story is about my real life experience.

So talking about my tutor, he was 25 years old and the son of my mom’s friend. He was a really good-looking guy, tall and dusky with a chiseled physique, all bearded and doing his MBA. My mom is working and my dad stays out of Delhi so it often happened that whenever Aman, my teacher, came to teach me accounts, I was alone at home. He was pretty decent and generally stuck to the studies.

We would take a break for 5-10 mins and discuss other general things but that was the only conversations we ever had. I had my semester exams approaching and so, he had started giving me extra classes which lasted for 2-3 hours at times. It was during this time that I started noticing how handsome yet rugged he looked. While he would explain the concepts in the book, I often stared at his jawline, his stubble, his collar bones and made scenes in my head. I started finding myself getting horny for him. He would catch me staring at him, give a smirk and look back into the book.

This continued for a few days where I would constantly keep touching his hands as an excuse to borrow a pen or would pat him on the shoulder while laughing when he made a joke. I always wore shorts at home but they were of a decent length, ended right 2 inches above my knee and I would often keep my legs on the table, yawning and asking for a break. I saw him checking me out a lot of times and I couldn’t control any longer. I stopped wearing a bra whenever he came. My nipples would often get hard and poke through my top and he would keep staring at them, while I could see his pants bulging. I enjoyed teasing him so much.

It was 2 days before the exam when I finally got my reward to seduction! I had been fucking him a lot in my mind every day and I just wanted him deep inside me now for real. So that day, before he came, I changed into shorts that were hardly any longer than a handspan and if I bent, my butts got completely exposed through the shorts. I removed my bra as always and just wore a thin white, deep neck spaghetti which were almost transparent and the brown area around my nipples were faded visibly from the thin sheer cloth while my cleavage bulged out from the neckline.

As the doorbell rang, I went and opened the door and I could immediately see his eyes pop out and the bulge grows in his pants. He somehow managed to say hi and came in. I was already getting wet seeing him lose his mind. We went into my room where I intentionally dropped a pen and bent down to pick it up, hoping he must have seen my butt cheeks. I could tell he had because he has no words to say to start the class. I just smiled at him and came and sat next to him on the chair placed next to the study table. He kept stealing glances at my cleavage while writing down the practice questions for me. I decided to take it a step further and put my hand on my as and slipped it down slowly until it touched my boobs and then scrubbed it upwards backward to the neck. He had stopped writing and was looking at me with a side glance.

He suddenly spoke out, ” You want to pass accounts, right?”
I said, ” Yes I do and I’ll do anything for it.”
He said, ” You made a few mistakes in the questions I gave you yesterday so I’ll teach you those first. Move little closer to me so we can share this notebook and I can show you.”
I had thought he would ask me to fuck him but it turned out to be a disappointment. I moved really close though, our thighs touching.
He said, “Now see, this is where you…”

And as he started explaining, he placed his hand on my back onto my shoulder. I felt like an electric current run through my body. As he kept talking, I felt his hand slowly slipping into my spaghetti and before I knew it, his hands were on my boobs inside my spaghetti. It felt warm and nice. He didn’t move his hand, just kept his hand there, not moving, not pressing, doing nothing. The feeling and warmth of his hand on my boobs were making me crave him more and more. My nipples were hard as never before and I wanted him to press my boobs just so hard. He was teasing me and I was not able to control so I told him, ” show me how you do it and I will learn.”

He smiled and suddenly pressed my boob so hard, I gave out u loud moan. He got up from the chair, pulled me by my hand and pushed me against the wall. He pushed his body onto me, his hardness rubbing right into my pussy. I was going mad with desire. I whispered in his ears, moaning, “fuck me hard today.”
He kissed me wildly, our tongues swirling and biting lips, licking each other’s mouth. He put his hand on the neck of my spaghetti and pulled it down so hard, the strap got torn and torn open the entire spaghetti and threw it on the floor. He squeezed my boobs hard while licking my neck and I was in ecstasy.

My clit pained to be touched. He put a hot hand in his mouth, got a lot of salivae and rubbed it on my nipples which had become hot red with the hard sucking. He pinched and rolled my nipples around, biting then now and again so hard that it pained and I moaned and shouted but he just won’t stop. I was loving it…

He flicked my nipples with his tongue as I grabbed his dick over his pants. He said I know you’re a slut so come on, get down on your knees and let me fuck your mouth before I get into the tight hairy pussy of yours. I did as he said and took his thick, hard erection into my mouth. He held my head with both hands and started pushing in and out my mouth. He kept pushing it soo deep in, I gagged and moaned and he just kept getting faster and then he came, flooded my mouth with his cum which I drank hungrily.

He asked me to stand and he got down on his knees and pulled my pants down. As he removed my wet panties, my juices started flowing down my thighs. He slapped lightly on my vagina, laughing how turned on I was. I grabbed his head and pushed him into my dripping wet pussy. He quickly started licking my juices while his one hand pulled my nipples and the other hand fingered me, fast and deep. I moaned loudly and he kept increasing his pace when I suddenly reached an orgasm, squirted out loud and my entire body shivered as my knees became weak. He laughed, got up, picked me in his arms and put me on the bed.

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