My School Teacher Part – 2

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For those who didn’t read the first part please it first. /*My school teacher-part 1*/

‘Her moaning was so high, she couldn’t resist, she scratched my back with her nails. ‘

I started moving slowly up and placed my right hand on her panties, felt her warmth. Started rubbing her pussy, moaning was so intense.

She pulled me towards her and gave a hard kiss on my lips, so kiss became so hard as my rubbing gets more intense, panties were wet a little bit. Lifted her to the bed and sat her down on the bed.

She saw my hardened dick peeping out through my boxers. She removed and held my dick in her hand and started giving me a blowjob, I was so pleased and felt the pleasure she gave me.

After a great blowjob, I laid her down and removed her panties and felt her wet pussy. I started licking her pussy and I inserted my hands into her bra and got hold of her boobs and started massaging it.

She started moaning so loud in pleasure, I can feel the heat and she wanted more. She stripped down the bra and started rubbing her boobs in pleasure. ‘oh my’ that was so sexy, I started licking her boobs all over and tickling her nipple with my tongue.

She had perfectly round shaped boobs and a erected nipples. I placed my dick over her pussy and caressed it. We both were enjoying it so much.

Slowly I started inserting my dick into her wet pussy and started riding her. She wide spread her legs and placed over my shoulders. I placed my hands on boobs and pressed it so hard. We both were moaning so hard. She weaved her fingers into my hair and pulling closer.

After few minutes she was over me and started riding, I had hands on her ass and caressed it so hard, sometimes I even slapped her ass hard as an expression of over pleasure.

We both were extremely horny, after few minutes of riding, she started sucking balls and my dick. We were in 69 positions, I licked her pussy and kissed her ass which has my finger impressions on it.

After some time I placed my dick on her navel and made it wet, her body was swearing as I played with her navel for a while.

Moved upward and placed my dick on her boobs and made it wet, she pulled me closer and had a very intense kiss.

I turned her, that was a great sight to see perfect women in a bare back. I started kissing her back of her neck. I started Caressing her back.

Moved all the way down and started kissing her feet, and slowly started to massage her back thighs, she was moaning a bit.

I caressed her thighs with my dick, grabbed her ass and started playing with it. Bit her ass gently, “aaaahh” a slightly moaning from her, made her ass wet by licking it all over.

Fucking her again in doggie style, held her hips and pressed it hard, as my riding was so hard. We both lost in pleasure with an immense moaning.

After a while I asked her for a shower sex, she said: “I am all yours”. We both went to the shower, Hugging each other tightly and kissing so hard.

We got fully wet, I drank the drops falling from her nipples, and sucking her boobs.

I turned her, kissing her neck parts. Licking the waters drops, placed my one hand on her boob and other on her pussy and my dick was Caressing her ass.

We both were enjoying that for few minutes, then I slowly went down licking her bare back and licking her wet ass.

Turned her and started licking her from the bottom. Caressed her thighs and biting it. Went to her pussy and let my tongue out and licking it.

She placed her hand back of my head and pulled towards her.. My face was placed on her pussy. She moaned hard.

Placed my hands on her curved waist. It was so sexy to see her fully wet. Kissed on her navel and let my tongue out into her navel.

She lifted me up and showed her passion with a lip lock. We were so wet, that we drank and exchanged through kissing. I bit her lip.

Inserted my dick and started fucking her, grabbed her ass, we both were so turned on, kissing aggressively.

After a great wet fucking session, she again gave me a blowjob. We had a nice bath. Wiped ourselves and lied nude on the bed hugging each other.

Had a great sleep after a long sex. Afters hours of sleep we both dressed up and went to the hall.

I was watching tv, she made a tea for me. We both sat on the couch and enjoying our evening.

She was wearing a night dress, I placed my hands oh her shoulder.

We looked at each other, smiled with love. Moved close to her, lips were so close, tempting each other. Placed a gentle kiss on her lips, we both loved it.

Started kissing her neck, she smiled and said: “not again”.

I slowly inserted my one hand into her night dress and placed in on her boob. Massaging it gently. She was not wearing a bra.

I started circling her nipple and pinching it, she moaned a bit and tapped on my lap.

She inserted her hand into my boxers and held my dick and was gentle. Both enjoyed it and started playing some sexy games.

We had a great day and enjoyed the evening with caressing and smooching.

We planned for more on that night.

It was one of the greatest days in my life.

We had much sex regularly after that, but this one stands on top as it was our first sex.

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