Oral Sex On A Train To Bangalore

Hello ISS users, this is Vlad. I would like to introduce myself as a nice conserved guy, who doesn’t flirt with girls much but still get lucky ;)
This story is about how I get lucky with my colleague in a fast moving train. Let’s get started with describing about me and my colleague. I’m a 23 year old guy, working as a lecturer in an engineering college. She is around 28 (maybe) working in computer science department.
Surely, this train travel was a lucky trip. Because I didn’t accompany her to the trip anyway. I was travelling to Bangalore with a professor (38 year old guy) for an industrial visit. The travel was like 12 hours and the first 3 hours went quite boring. Because I had to travel with this old professor, sitting next to him. I just put my earphones on and started listening to music.

Around 8 pm, I watched a lady walked across the seat we were sitting in. I only noticed her melon shaped boobs which were sticking to her tight t-shirt. Too bad, I couldn’t see her face. I was looking at that direction waiting for the lady to walk across so I could see her nice boobs again. All of a sudden the professor started screaming “Rani! Rani!”. The lady peeped backward and looks at us. It was Rani! Our colleague. I couldn’t believe it because I knew her since I started working there but she always used to wear saree which doesn’t even expose her navel. But she was wearing a tight t-shirt and track pants on that night. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just kept staring at her boobs while she walked in and sat across her.

I broke my eye contact with those pair of incredibly sexy boobs and looked at her face. She was all smiles. Her lips were so sexy that I wanted to kiss them badly. In fact, every part of her body and gesture was turning me on! I didn’t know whether she noticed me looking at her boobs or not but she gave me a cheekish smile. She enquired us where we were going and said she was too traveling to Bangalore but with her husband, for vacation. She joked about how we got stuck with the job for going to an industrial visit on vacation time. Her smile, boobs, hair and everything made me horny and I felt hard under my shorts. She kept starring at me and still I didn’t know whether she noticed my eyes on her boobs or my hard-on. But she kept giving those cheekish smiles.
She said her seat was just behind us and told us that she’d wake us up when we arrive at Bangalore. She left to her seat coz she didn’t want to wait for her husband. She swung her ass right in front of my face before leaving. I just wanted her for the night but I’ve no clue how.

I took the middle berth and laid on it. I swear I couldn’t sleep knowing she was right behind me in the middle berth but separated by metal frame. I received a text message on my phone. It was from her.
She asked me, “what are you doing?”

I replied, “Trying to sleep…”
She replied back, “No I mean what were you doing back then?”
“Back when?” I replied back.

“Don’t act smart. You were staring at my boobs”
I didn’t know what to text. But I’ve had nothing to lose so I just tried my luck by replying, “They were firm and sexy and I couldn’t keep my eyes off them”.

It was uncharacteristic of me. It took lots of guts to send that with her husband (perhaps) sleeping in a berth just below her. I didn’t get any reply back from her. I waited for a while but fell asleep eventually.
When it’s around 1 am, I felt someone tapping on my foot. I woke up and looked down and it was her, standing there with a sexy look in her eyes. I didn’t know what they meant but sure it was sexy.
I asked, “Did we reach Bangalore already?”

She said back, “No I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to get some fresh air”.
I climbed down my berth and everyone was sleeping. It was a very cold night. Soon I climbed down she started walking to the door. She washed her face on the washbasin and just stood there by the door. I followed her without knowing what to do.

The door was open and the wind blew on both of us. It was really cold. The t-shirt she was wearing raised up a little exposing her navel. I couldn’t help myself but peep at her milky skin. She didn’t mind me watching. I took some courage in me and got close to her and rested my hands on her navel. She didn’t say a word.

I started to rub my hands on her hip and raised her t-shirt further up. We both didn’t mind we were in train. She didn’t respond much. I grabbed her waist with both hands and pressed then gently. She lifted her head up. I took the chance to kiss on her neck and sucked on her throat. She just brought her lips to mine and we smashed our lips together and started kissing. She pulled back suddenly and looked in my eyes. I took her hands and walked her into the bathroom and locked the door.

Soon I locked the door, she turned me around and started sucking on my neck. My hands were already reaching for her boobs and I started to fondle them in my palm. I took my lips to hers and started sucking her lower lip. She bit my lips playfully and started sucking it hungrily. I pulled her t-shirt all the way up to expose her boobs.
I pushed my face against her boobs and started biting and sucking it over her bra. She unclasped her bra and I pushed it aside to suck on her nipples.

I really didn’t know how it started and why it started but I was making her naked inside a train toilet and sucking her nipples like a hungry baby. I pushed her against the wall and went on my knees to suck her bellybutton. I was massaging her boobs in my hands while sucking her bellybutton.

I lowered her pants slightly but she resisted and pulled me up. She kissed me harder and went on her knees. She let her hand slip into my shorts and pulled my cock out. She pushed her lips to it and started kissing the tip. I was on cloud nine.

She licked my shaft like a lollipop and made it all wet. She wrapped her lips around it and started sucking it like a pro. It was an amazing feeling to see her boobs bouncing up and down while she was sucking my cock hungrily.

She pushed my shorts down completely and rubbed my balls while sucking my cock. She was a pro at giving a blowjob. I didn’t want her to stop. Her lips were sliding over my thick cock. I was moaning in a muted way and whispered her that I was about to cum. She didn’t seem to bother.

I cummed in her mouth and she sucked every drop of it dry. Then she stood up with that same cheekish smile.

She said, “My husband never lets me do that. Your cock was beautiful and I loved sucking it”.

I tried to get close to her but she already started dressing up. And she said, “You don’t need to hurry. Soon we’ll reach Bangalore. I’m not going anywhere we’re in the same college. I’ll see you often”

She winked at me and went out. I couldn’t believe what just had happened. I had a blowjob from a beautiful lady in a moving train while her husband was sleeping. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Many interesting things followed after that travel and I’ll tell them in other stories.

This is my first story here so give me some feedbacks at [email protected]

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