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By: Prat_prat

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Hi all, All this time long I was visiting ISS and had a good time at night/day used this site as my tool for masturbation at its best, Now I felt like sharing my experience which happened with me 4 years back, first of all to tell about myself. I am a 24 year old guy, 5.8 ft tall, wheatish in colour, average body from Mumbai, Now to tell about the goddess of love who showed me the heaven in the bus, her name is Ratnamma, 28 years old, 5.5 ft tall, wheatish in colour, average a bit fat lady you can say.

She was a nurse working in some XyZ hospital in Udupi/Kundapur, Now to begin with the story the incident happened like this I was in my final year of college and just after 3 months of vacation I was travelling back from bijapur to mangalore in a red ksrtc bus, Dakota express, it’s a 3 +2 seater bus, as it was a night long journey, I was travelling alone and I was bit bored, so I kept on looking around the people entering or leaving the bus

I was bored with no gal in the bus all the way from bijapur to hubli it was around 11pm in the night and the bus was halted for a dinner, after the dinner as I entered the bus.This lady ratnamma entered the bus along with her mother, I occupied my seat and I was observing her, I was sitting on a 3 seater side and the lady and her mother occupied the 2 seated side just opposite to me, the bus started moving around 11.15 pm

I often kept on glancing at Ratnamma, she too saw me watching her, this went on for another hr, but she dint seem to respond either positively or negatively, I was getting curious and was biting my nail, all of a sudden I saw her she was making arrangements for her mother to sleep, and after her mother went to sleep, she asked me whether she can sit beside me, I was very happy and a bit nervous, but like a fool I offered her the seat and moved to the window and she was sitting on the other end of the seat.

Slowly she started talking with me asking about whr I am from? Where am I going? etc. slowly she was moving closer to me, I too got courage and removed the bag in between and started moving slowly to the middle, all the time we were talking to each other. And now we were just side by side, I felt happy talking with her, she started watching other people and was quiet for a while, I was again confused in the mean time I saw the front seat and there was a newly married couple

Busy in their romance which ignited me again and now Ratnamma was acting like sleeping, I was a bit disappointed, but didn’t wanted to backoff, so slowly I removed my sandals, and kept them apart, and moved my foot onto ratnamma’s feet, and kept it for a while, she dint respond, and slowly is started rubbing my feet on her feet and yet there was no response from my nurse rani, I started removing sandals from her leg with the help of my foot, this encouraged me, slowly.

I moved my left hand and kept it on her thighs and our thighs wer almost together now, she dint open her eyes yet, I was now confident that she is enjoying whatever I’m doing? So now I started lifting her leg and placing it between my legs, now she woke up and whispered in my ear that somebody may be watching please be careful, now I was on heaven thinking this night has lot in store for me. I was quiet for a while; she just looked around for a while to check if everyone has slept

And now she whispered ok, now slowly I lifted her leg and placed between my leg and I was massaging her leg very hardly, and slowly I moved to her thighs and she was getting hot, now I moved my elbow closer to her boobs and I was pushing my elbow on her big big boobs, she was also getting horny and enjoying it. Suddenly the conductor turned on the lights, so we were back to normal again; we waited for the conductor to turn of the lights as soon as the lights were off.

I started massaging her leg, then slowly I moved my hands onto her boobs wow it was such a big melon I still cant forget those, I was pressing the left melon, slowly I increased the pressure, she was loving it, she closed her eyes and started enjoying it, then I asked ratnamma that I want to touch her bare boobs, she was not ready for that, I tried convincing her but she was avoiding it, then slowly I started removing her sweater, she didn’t protest

I removed all the buttons of her sweater, and again now I was feeling her boobs on her chudidaar, I felt that the boobs size were increasing and getting harder, I started circling around her nipple it was becoming harder and big, all the while like a fool I was playing with only one melon she got angry and said who will play with the left melon, I was astonished at her reply and started pressing both her melons very hardly, she was making sounds aaahhhh ahhh ahhh

I was getting excited after each sound, but I still asked her to control as people may wake up and our play would be spoiled I was in no mood to leave without pressing her boobs barely, so I started removing her shalwar’s button, and this time around I was happy that she didn’t protest, so I removed top 2 buttons of her shalwar and saw around if anybody is watching us, when I confirmed that nobody is awake and pulled down her shalwar a bit to expose the beautiful

And marvellous melons she was not bothered about people now and she wanted to enjoy to the hell, I saw her mother she was still sleeping, now I pulled off her white bra buttons and for the first time in my life I touched a big boobs called so called melons of heaven. And I started pressing it even harder and I was circling around her nipple, she was getting even more excited and makes sounds like aaaah uhhh ahhh

I was very happy and as I was experiencing it for the first time. Slowly she started pulling my head close to her melons, and she whispered in my ear please eat those melons I am all yours, press my melons very hard do whatever you want. After hearing these entire how can I sit quiet I started sucking her boobs like crazy and I also licked her boobs and teased her by slowly biting her nipples, she was getting crazier and making even louder sounds, in the meantime

I saw that front seat couples were looking at us, so I tried to get back to normal, but Ratnamma pulled me again onto her melons and said, why are you afraid they are also playing with each other come on lets play without caring anyone. I was like what are you gone crazy? But inside I was feeling ohhh I’m so lucky today. Then again I sucked her boobs and played hard with her boobs.

Now she asked me to just watch front couples, what they are doing, as I was watching they were having French kiss, I remembered that I haven’t yet kissed ratnamma as I was behind her big melons so I had forgotten about her lips. Then slowly I pulled her towards me by pulling her hair, and then I placed my lips onto her lips, as this was the first time I was kissing I didn’t knew exactly how to kiss so I was bit confused.

I again watched the couples and started kissing Ratnamma like they did, we were encircling our tongues and I was licking her lips and she too was licking my lips and we continued this for 5-10 mins after kissing her I was feeling hungry of her melons so again I pulled her and made her sit on my lap and I was pressing her melons hard, she was observing the couples and giggling at their behavior she got excited and pulled me and made me sleep on her lap

I was waiting wht plan she had in mind, then all of a sudden she started kissing and biting my lips, this excited me and I too was doing the same, we were like having fun of life, she kept on kissing me and licking my entire face after kissing she offered her boobs again in my mouth and I was licking her nipple and biting it and teasing her nipple by encircling with my tongue.Now I wanted to take another step as my face was close to her pussy

I acted like I wanna see her pussy and insert my finger in it right now she was like wht the hell we will just play with upper portion I was like please please one time. She agreed as she also wanted this, I started removing the thread of her pants, it was very tight so I was finding it difficult, she said you can’t even remove my pants what will you do. Then I pulled off her thread and she started laughing saying I was just trying to irritate you honey

I was like wait baby now ill show you what I am, then slowly I inserted my hand into her pants and now I was finding her holes (love holes) as it was full bushy I was finding it difficult but as soon as I identified the hole I tried inserting my middle finger in her hole, she immediately made a very big sound I said please don’t make any sound people will wake up. She came back to senses and started asking me don’t take your finger back, this excited me

I wanted to give her more pleasure so I removed and reinserted my finger in her hole, she was enjoying it and started kissing my lips I increased my pace of inserting the finger in the love hole. She said I am your slave honey I will do whatever you say me I am your illegal gf/wife whtever u want to call me. I called her ratna darling I love you, I love your boobs than anything in the world right now she blushed and we continued.

The bus stopped for a while now, I asked her does she wants anything to eat, and she said no I’m not hungry but you come fast. I said Ratna darling we still have 3 more hours to travel, I will show you the full heaven today don’t worry. After getting down from the bus I was thinking like am I doing the right thing am I not commiting sin by playing with elders, all these thoughts came to my mind and got tensed and went and lighted a cigarette.

I was bit relieved after lighting cigarette. All my thoughts vanished I felt like wht I am doing is right as long as she is enjoying and I am also enjoying there is nothing wrong, so I came back to my seat I saw all in the bus were still sleeping except driver and conductor, as soon as the bus started and lights went off we started talking she asked, do you have girlfriend? How many times you had sex?

I said this is the first time I am doing all this. She said don’t lie, u look very expert I am sure this is not your first time, then I said no all I learnt from watching porn, this is really the first time I am trying with you honey. Then she said ok, and asked are you satisfied or what? I said no, and then she said if no then why are you waiting who has tied your hands, then I jumped on her and undressed her upper half and started sucking her boobs and pressing it hard and slowly

I started to come down and now I was licking her navel, and she was getting excited, she dressed up again her upper half and loosened her pants and said I wanted your dick inside me, but this is not possible here and I cannot tolerate so just enter your finger then I did as she said, I was rapidly moving my fingers in and out of her pussy hole she was making uhhh maaa ahhha love you honey, fucked me hard, I again increased the pace she was loving it.

Then after sometime I pulled her and made her sit on my lap facing each other and she sat straight on my risen dick, I asked her ill open my penis out and you can sit on it, but she said we will do it my home next time, then I was like ohh she has further plans aswell. I was getting excited then. I made her sleep on my lap and I started licking her from her feet till the forehead and slowly biting her flesh everywhere, she asked me why did you miss that?

I said what? My pussy you didn’t bite it, then I said wait honey ill do that also, and I started pulling her panty down she woke up and said I was just kidding, then I continued till her forehead. She was lying on my lap and slowly she started unbuttoning my shirt and started to play with my body hairs and little swollen belly she said I love it, and started kissing me everywhere, then she woke up an sat beside me and started asking me to show her my penis.

I started unbuttoning my pant, she stopped me and started unbuttoning herself, I was excited, as she pulled down the chain of my pants my excited 6 inches penis jumped out and she started caressing it and playing with it, she started moveing her hands up and down. I asked her to lick and suck my penis, she said it might not be clean so next time when you come to my home I will wash it and eat it.

After hearing this tool jumped off and became even more erect. I said I will fuck you on your parents bed only, she said I too want that I will call you wen my parents are not there and we will enjoy on their bed, then I asked her have you seen your parents having sex, she said no but she said she has seen her mother having sex with her uncle I said oh wtf, so did you inform ur father, she said no as her mother begged her much, then she said my mother know what I am doing with you

I said what? She said that she had informed her before sitting with me that she likes me, I said oh then your mother is not sleeping, no she said she has slept but she knows it. I said ok how does it matter me unless she doesn’t interfere it was 4.30 am in the morning and we had another hr or so left, she said I will sleep in your lap I’m tired do whtever you want to finally she said I satisfied her fully, I said honey where fully its not even half, many more things are left my dick is waiting for your pussy, she said yes yes

We were again playing with each other and slowly she went of to sleep, and after half an hour she woke up and started adjusting her dress and behaving like nothing happened last night, I said I love you, I will miss you, she said don’t worry I will call you as soon as my father goes out for journey so that we can have full free sex on my parents bed, I said I will be waiting for it then she adjusted her dress and she realised that her hairpin is missing but she said never mind what’s the value of hairpin before the thing I got the whole night. I was glad that I had my first experience and loved it a lot. Please reply your comments. Thanks

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