My Tuition Teacher Leena Aunty

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Hello guys n gals..get ready to masturbate….this story is about me and my sexy Leena happened few days back only..

I am Ak from Bhubaneswar,Orissa and my aunty Leena is also from the same place(name changed)..

I am 5feet 8 inches with a 6.5inch snake and my aunty is a beauty queen with a sexy figure of 38-32-34 figure….any guy would love to have her and so was yours truly also. She had long hairs touching her hips, big doe like eyes, straight nose, fair complexion and pointed boobs. Her waist petered out at her tapering ass. When she walked her ass swayed in a frenzy manner.

She used to give home tuitions at her home. This was golden opportunity for me. I started taking tuition from her as I wanted to be closer to her. I would daily stay back for few minutes just to talk to her and discuss the subject. All this before the watchful eyes of her husband i.e my uncle. Aunty would slyly smile at me but never openly gave any indications of her liking to me. But somehow I felt she also liked me. Slowly she would tell me many things which would be called her secrets. We got very open in few weeks time. I would on many occasions touch her shoulder or stomach or waist and she never objected.

She was very comfortable with me and so was I. We would even crack adult jokes and she would laugh heartily to it and then say, “Naughty boy….” This would fill me with more energy. My obsession for her began growing day by day. I would dream about her. Any boy who passed comment about her would have to face my wrath. One such incidence was complained to her by her neighbor. When I beat up a boy who lives in her flat.

She called me and asked, “Why have you beaten Ajay?” I told, “He was telling bad words about you.” She smiled and playfully slapped me saying, “You care for me so much that you can not hear anything bad about me. What did he actually say?” My mouth was sealed………..She again insisted, “Tell me what bad things he said about me?”

I replied, “He said that Leena Aunty is a maal, has very nice boobs and ass. He said it will be very nice to suck her breast. I would die to have sex with her. He asked me to help him to have sex with you and in return he would help me to fuck you. I could not tolerate such words so I beat him up. Sorry aunty.”

Aunty had tears in her eyes and hugged me saying, “You are so nice to me my baby. You love me so much? I also love you dear. I will always care for you. I will never let you down.” She again hugged me tight and kissed me on my forehead. The above incidence changed our relation for ever. We were very close now and she always showered her love and affection for me.

The incidence which I am going to narrate took place few days after that. That day when I went for tuition to her home, I found that her husband wasn’t home, as he had gone to his office..Aunty started tuition as usual and when my tuition finished I was with my aunty all alone..She was looking very sexy that day wearing a tight top and tight leggings..

She asked me playfully, “Tell me what was Ajay saying that day?” I then went near her and started telling again. I found her eyes glowing and a definite secret brewing in her. She said, “You never think of me in that light. You never thought of my breasts and ass? Why didn’t you help him? Don’t you like me?” I said, “Ajay wanted to suck your breast and hug you. You mean can I hug you and suck your breast.” She just nodded her head in affirmation. I went behind her and I caught her from behind wrapping my hand around her tummy which is another thing to die for her..I was getting wild thinking of her. That was the day when I thought I could really fuck her, the woman of my dreams.

Seeing me silent she again asked, “Don’t you ever have such feelings for me? How do I look?” I said in her ears, “Yes, I like you aunty. You are very beautiful.” Then I slowly blew air into her ear and rubbed my cheeks on her neckline for which she let a slow sigh and asked, “Why are you doing such mischief. Leave me and go to your home. Your parents would be waiting for you. Stop your cheek tickles me.”

She felt like getting tickled and was giggling like a teenager continuously. She started struggling to get out of my hold and asked me to let her do her house hold work..My grip was very hard and she could not escape from it or maybe she was not trying hard to get out of my hug and maybe she was also enjoying my hug.. During her struggle I got opportunity to touch her breasts too. This was raising the animal in me, the sex animal who wanted to fuck her for days. My cock began to raise its head too. I bet she could feel the growing hardness of my cock on her ass. Slowly her struggle was getting weaker and weaker.

Sensing the right opportunity I pressed her breasts from behind. She gave out a loud scream. And asked, “What are you doing let me go else I will beat you and tell your parents about your misbehavior.”

Then I said “Aunty aaj aap itni khoosurat dikh rahi ho toh baas mujhe chodne ka maan kar raha hai aapko(Aunty you look so beautiful today that I could not hold myself and wish to fuck you)…” Oh my god what have I done tols her in such brazen tone. She will definitely beat me.


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