My Teacher Mythili

Hi to all. I am Anand from Tamil Nadu. I am here to share my experience with my tuition teacher. Her name is Mythili. I am doing my B.E in Tamil Nadu. I am 21. She is near my house. She is damn hot. Her figures are 36-30-34. I used to go to her tuitions in the evening between 6-7. She will be in her night dress when I go. She will not take tuitions for other students when I go. Only I will be there. Her son will be there when I go. Usually we sit in the terrace.

But on one particular day, no one was at home when I went to the tuitions. She had just came out of the bathroom after taking bath. She had a towel wrapped around her body. She went into the bedroom to change her clothes. Surprisingly she called me inside the bedroom and gave me some problems and asked me to solve those problems. She was still having the towel wrapped around her body. I started solving the problems which she gave me inside the bedroom itself.

She walked towards the door. I thought that she was going to leave the room. But she didn’t leave the room. She locked the door. She turned her ass towards me and unwrapped the towel from her body. She was still showing her ass to me. I understood her intentions and walked towards her and without making any noise, I started licking her ass. She let out a slight moan from her mouth. I licked her ass for almost 5 minutes. Then I made her lie on the bed and started licking her pussy.

She told that she wanted to lick my cock. So we got to 69 position. We were in the same position for more than 10 minutes. Then she asked, ”shall we do it”. I, without giving any reply, made her lie on her back and started fucking her in missionary position. We fucked for almost 20 minutes. She had come twice during the intercourse. After 20 minutes I shot my juice deep inside her pussy. We both were tired after the intercourse. I fell on her and we started kissing each other with my flaccid cock inside her pussy. We were kissing for about 3 minutes.

Then we got up and cleaned ourselves and started wearing our clothes. I wore my boxers and I saw her wearing panties. On seeing it I got a hard on. She noticed it and came towards me and started massaging my cock. I was pressing her boobs. Then I told that I wanted to drink her milk. She immediately removed her bra and gave both her boobs to me. I was sucking one while I was fondling the other. After 20 minutes of sucking I emptied both her cups.

Then I told that I wanted to fuck her ass. She immediately went to a doggy position and told me to be slow and gentle while fucking her ass. I agreed her and I put my cock on the opening of her asshole. I tried to enter it but it was too tight. So I took out my cock and applied Vaseline in and around her asshole. I applied it on my cock too and tried to enter her asshole. This time with a little bit of pressure I was able to enter her asshole. Initially I was a bit slow but later I gathered pace. She was moaning loudly. At last after 15 minutes of fucking I came inside her asshole. The second I took my cock out of her asshole she fell on the bed without uttering a word but gasping heavily.

As it was already late for me, I dressed myself and left to my house leaving her nude on the bed. That night I didn’t sleep even a single minute thinking about her. I masturbated thrice that night. The next day, I was not able to concentrate in the college. I was waiting for the clock to show 6. At last the clock showed 6 and I went to her house with lot of plans for that day.

But that day her son was at home. So we went to the terrace and decided to do everything there. As her son was watching TV, he will not be able to hear anything. In the terrace, we started undressing each other. We laid down on the floor hugging each other. We French kissed for 10 minutes. Then I got up but she was still lying on the floor. Then I took my cock and placed it in her mouth. She started sucking it. After 20 minutes I came inside her mouth. She drank every drop of it.

Then I started fucking her in missionary position. After 15 minutes I came inside her pussy. She told that she had a surprise for me. I asked her to show it. She immediately dressed herself up and walked downstairs into the house. I was still in the terrace. When she returned she had a dildo, Vaseline and a mobile phone in her hand. I asked “for what you have brought these things”. She didn’t answer to my question but called her friend Divya through phone. I asked for what she called her friend. She told me that it was a surprise.

Till her friend came Mythili gave me a blow job. I thought that I got an opportunity to fuck her friend too. But when Divya came after 20 minutes, I understood that her friend had not come have sex with me. She had a digital camera in her hand. I wondered what it was for. Now Mythili came towards me and took some Vaseline and applied it inside my asshole. Divya started recording everything. Now Mythili took the dildo and started entering it in my asshole. I just couldn’t do anything except moaning. She fucked my asshole with great pace for 30 minutes till I begged her to stop.

Everything was recorded in the camera. I was afraid that she would release it in the net. But she to told me that she was not going to release it in the net. She just recorded it for her personal viewing only. She would see it in the night when she goes to sleep. I was relieved. Now I moved towards Divya and touched her boobs. She immediately held my face and kissed me on my lips.

But I didn’t take my hands from her boobs. I undressed her and she was only in her bra and panty. Now Mythili came behind her and pulled down her panty and started licking her ass. I completely removed Divya’s panty and bra and made her lie on the floor. I inserted my cock inside her pussy and started fucking her. When I was fucking Divya, Mythili was sucking Divya’s boobs. Then after 20 minutes of fucking I came inside Divya’s pussy.

I thought of leaving as it was already late for me. So I dressed myself and went to my house. But they both still continued. They had a lesbian session. I told both of them to have I-pills. We wanted to fuck each other daily. But we thought that we would get caught if we do it in Mythili’s house. So we decided to do it in Divya’s house as no one would be there at her house. We are still enjoying each others bodies. Nowadays we are even doing it inside the college campus. Please comment about my story to [email protected] or [email protected] Especially women between ages 20 and 40, please mail me. Good bye, until I meet you with another experience of mine.

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