My Swimming Lessons

Hi, this is [email protected] writing this story. This is a story of having sex in pool with the trainer. Your comments and feedbacks are welcome.

It was on 8th standard summer holidays that my parents decided to take me to a one month summer swimming camp. They had separate section for boys and girls taught by two different trainers at different timing. We paid for the classes and I even started going for the evening boys classes for one week. Then it happened. I fell sick, making it unable for me to go for the remaining classes. By the time I became well and got fully recovered, the swimming class was over. Nevertheless my parents wanted me to go and check if something could be done about the remaining classes.

I went and checked with my coaching sir. But he told his inability to conduct any more classes for me. He told that this was the last batch of class for this summer. And this is his voluntary work after which he is going back to his school duties in his hometown. Since I came all the way to seek my luck, and since I gave the full amount which don’t have a refund, I again checked with him if there is any other possibilities. He thought for some moment. Then he told that though the girls swimming class also is over, he could check with their trainer if I could be given some quick classes. He told that since that trainer is a resident teacher of the institute and also is a regular practitioner, she might be able to help me out. Saying this, he called up the trainer in his mobile. After some conversation with her in private, he hung up and came to my side and told that the teacher agreed to help me. But I have to come early morning at 6 and she will help me out only for a week. I readily agreed to it. Though I was sad by the thought of getting up early, I was still ready to adjust, just that my parents will be happy to have used the money properly.

Next day early morning I started from home in cycle and reached the institute by around 5:45. The doors to the swimming pool are not open yet and I waited by its side. At around 5:55, the teacher came walking. Though I was aware that my trainer is going to be a women, I haven’t given much thought about it. But when I saw the trainer now, my eyes widened, my senses got raised. She was a woman in her mid thirties or so. She was in sari and looked sensuous in it. I found it difficult not to glance at her visible hips or the remarkable projections of her boobs. She seamed to be bit on the heavier side which made me wonder how she manages that with her swimming lessons. I wished her morning. She opened the door of the complex and invited me inside. After getting in, she closed and locked up the door from inside. I asked her why she is locking the complex from inside. She told that officially the complex is closed from two days before, and so she don’t want any unwanted visitors to come in. Secondly if no one is at the gates, stray dogs might get inside, and then it is very difficult to drive them away.

After locking she straight away got down to business. She asked me to quickly change to swim wear and come back. Saying this she took her dress from cloak room and then went to ladies change room. I went to gents change room and got dressed up, showered and came back. The instructor was not back yet. I waited for her a few minutes. And then that wonderful moment happened. She came out from the changing room. It was the first and most erotic scene I had ever seen in person. She is in her swim suite and is dripping wet. She has just come out straight from her shower bath. She was walking straight towards me. The strands of her hair as well as her face are wet. Water was dripping from it and rolling over her body. Droplets were dotting her whole body, especially her upper part of visible boobs and cleavage. A big water droplet rolled along from her neck in front of my eyes. It rolled down her neck over to her boobs and into the cleavage in between. Her skin tight suit hid it from my eyes. The suit was wet from the shower. It pushed up her boobs to show up her cleavage well above her neck line. The boobs are really huge making the cleavage look very deep.


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