My Punishment For Innocent Wife

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Let me introduce myself I’m 26
years old Hindu male from Mumbai working in a reputed MNC, I have been married
for 2 years to a very good looking, obedient and intelligent wife. She is
Gaurangana 5.3, 64 kgs, 36 32 36 fair. After 1 years of good sex life with her
I was getting bored of my sex life there was nothing new to it, we stay in a small
house with my 2 brothers and theirs wife and my parents then

I started to learn more about sex
and newer styles, cuckolding and gangbangs. I never told about all this to her
as she is conservative and I didn’t want to loose her. After knowing all this
whenever we went out I used to look at males watching her and used to get a
hard on and jerked fantasizing it. I was completely falling for it and wanted
to see her fuck other males.

Problem was how I should take it
forward as it could ruin my life and career. While I was going through all this
we bought a small house next to us and took a home loanAnd my wife started
taking tuitions at home. One day I was going through paper and an idea clicked
my head. The idea was “Recession. I started making stories to her that my
company is in great mess and people are losing job.

While this was a reality as well
and whomever she enquired would say it’s a truth and she was worried herself. I
started to take it further making more stories and make her think more about
them. Soon I was struck in head myself suddenly I came to know that my company
was been outsourced we work as a team of 15 employees and because of
outsourcing 5 of us were been removed from my team.

After an anxious 2 week I came to
know who this people were they were all my colleagues n because of my good
performance I was held back and to add to it was promoted and my package was
increased as well. My happiness had no bounds now and I got back to my plan on
which I was working for so long. I told my wife about all this and she was
shocked but didn’t mention my promotion to her.

To make all this more real I
invited my laid off friends for dinner just for condolence and make my wife
feel Recession. All the while through dinner friends told about their problems
and how their life is been ruined some also said because of recession they were
finding it difficult to find other jobs. My wife chatted with me on this topic
after they left and asked about my situation

I told her nothing was confirmed
and things can go wrong if my boss wanted it. She was scared and said why would
he do that? I said he has all controls and will keep people who keep him happy.
I started to believe that I could move with my plan now. My plan was as you all
know that we come from Indian mentality were sex with others is a taboo and

I love my wife and didn’t want a
lover for her so I wanted to trick her into fucking other males whom I decide
and she would never know this. I would start this with may be 1-1 and then take
it to gangbangs and cuckold myself. I believed that she was convinced so I put
an ad in several sites but I decided not to select any young male as you know I
don’t want competition to me n wanted that she must treat it as just sex and
nothing more.

After I put ad I got several
replies and soon I had to shortlist some. After 2-3days I received 1 more mail
and was happy going through his mail. He was a US return 43yrs working for MNC
staying close by and had a spare house for this activity, his wife was dead my
daughter was in US for studies and family in Delhi. He was alone here and was
looking for such stuff.


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